Malcolm Evans – Bolger’s epiphany

By   /   June 7, 2018  /   3 Comments

Malcolm Evans – Bolger’s epiphany

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About the author

Malcolm Evans

Political Cartoonist

Malcolm Evans is one of NZs best political cartoonists who was sacked from the NZ Herald for daring to suggest Israel was the new apartheid state.


  1. Denny Paoa says:

    “…Oh yes I can! They’ve given me another chance!”

  2. WILD KATIPO says:

    Then put both him and Ruth Richardson on the stand.

    And let the jury decide who ‘ did it ‘ .

  3. phillip ure says:

    good cartoon..!

    but in his defence – he spurned the monarchy-honorifics offered – no ‘sir jim’ for him..(as opposed to the serial loser english..who pawed at them like a hungry baby..)

    and he has done a mea culpa on neoliberalism..

    which is a hell of a lot more than the neoliberal trouts in labour (past and present) have done..


    and richardson and shipley were the gimlet-eyed axe-wielders in that regime – and boy..!..did they relish their jobs – and wreaking the havoc they did..on the weakest/poorest/sickest – the vast majority of those hurt the most being women..

    and to this day neither of them resile from what they did – and regret they did not get to do even more – ‘to finish the job’..

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