Why Wendy’s workers are striking

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Wendy’s workers will be gathering outside the Te Atatu Wendy’s store at 7.30pm tonight to explain why they are striking to media and supporters. 

Wendy’s workers gathered outside the Te Atatu Wendy’s store at 7.30pm last night to explain why they are striking to media and supporters.

The Te Atatu store is next to Wendy’s head office.
We have a copy of the 96-page training manual that was shown to the bargaining team only recently.
The company offer to the union wants to make all pay rises above the minimum wage dependent on “passing” this booklet’s requirements.
This Training manual has never been used by the company before. It is a completely new and untested process.
The manual has 318 separate types of observations that need to be made and certified for both rush and non-rush periods in store – so 636 at least.
As well as that there are 297 open-ended questions, many requiring multiple part answers or detailed descriptions of procedures.  
That is not including the incredibly subjective requirements like:
  • “Greets Every Customer” with a genuine, authentic and friendly greeting; does not use the same greeting twice in a row.
  • “Demonstrates Friendliness” to both customers and co-workers.
  • Exhibits “Show Pride” with a neat appearance including a clean uniform.
  • Demonstrates a “Yes We Can!” attitude to make the customer happy.
  • Solves problems effectively and exceeds customer’s expectations to “Make ‘em Happy.”

Unite union members have no confidence that this manual will be used by management in a fair manner.

This company has failed to apply the law on alternative holidays and annual leave and even when found guilty by a court. The company has told staff they won’t be repaid what was stolen from them until next year!
Wendy’s has also tried to cheat on existing provisions in the collective agreement that protect workers rights wherever possible.
We want all legal entitlements and regular pay increases written into the contract so Wendy’s has to pay at least what is being paid elsewhere in the industry.


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Mike Treen

National Director of Unite Union


  1. XRAY says:

    They want even that tiny sample of must haves, not to mention the oblivion of other hurdles to fail and yet still pay shit wages on exploitative minimum hour contracts and crap conditions?

    You get what you pay for, miserable wages and conditions equals miserable workers equals miserable customer experience!

    At least that’s the Wendys I’ve come to know and expect and avoid!

  2. XRAY says:

    Actually, Andrew Little is looking for alternatives to jail.

    For any offence that carries 2 years or less imprisonment the court could order the convicted person to work at Wendys as a paid employee as a punishment.

    This would have substantial benefits like being cost effective, provides work training, make one reflect on how it feels to be the recipient of cruelty, but at the same time, a severe punishment and a guaranteed lower recidivism rate because the criminal would never want to repeat the experience ever again.

    I realise this would be verging on a cruel and unusual punishment but I suggest it would only cross that threshold if the prisoner were forced to eat their products!

  3. Denny Paoa says:

    96 pages. Thats useful? Toilet paper! FFS!

    • Marc says:

      Tell that a desperate servant considered ‘fit’ for work, and sent to such a job, for an interview with the nasty bosses, to get a damned job, as otherwise their benefit will be stopped.

      It is easy to rubbish it, WINZ consider such jobs ‘suitable’, ffs.

  4. Strypey says:

    Go hard Wendy’s workers! You deserve fair renumeration for work done, without it being conditional on living up to a huge manual full of subjective requirements.

  5. Marc says:

    WANKERISM rules, I guess. That is what NZ Inc employers expect of employees, endless ‘wankerism’, nothing more or less. It STINKS.

  6. Wensleydale says:

    You have to admit. Wendy’s management has exhibited a certain weasel-like cunning with this weighty tome of highly subjective nonsense. I particularly like “does not use the same greeting twice in a row.” So, theoretically, if you were to say “Good morning!” to Customer A, and then “Good morning!” to Customer B… you’d fail. Despite the fact that it’s morning… and it would probably be good if you weren’t working for Wendy’s. So, little more than a hopelessly transparent excuse to stiff their workers on wages again. At least they’re consistent. Won’t be eating at Wendy’s for as long as this festival of mean-spiritedness continues.

  7. wanafli says:

    Sadly, Wendy’s aren’t the only ones carrying out ‘dodgy’ work ethics. I wish all Wendy’s workers (except for upper management) all the very best in their fight.
    Can’t help wondering though, just how much of this carry-on was sanctioned by Wendy’s USA?

    But, this nonsense has got to stop. It’s destructive at best. It’s high time we named and shamed such employers.

  8. Andrea says:

    Did the people who wrote this ‘manual’ ever write the correct scripts to be followed?

    And did they ever ask customers whether they want to be fawned over in that horrid American way? Do we want that creepy culture taking root here?

    If the food’s worth eating and the wait is reasonable – I’ll probably go back, be glad to see familiar faces behind the counter, pass the time of day.

    If management discourages that kind of thing then it’s ALL FAKE! Forget the manual.

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