TVNZ Colmar Poll and evidence of the new Ally Party TDB warned you about months ago


More disappointing news for the Government in the form of the latest TVNZ Poll and finally the evidence of what TDB has warned about, the National Party are about to create an ally Party.

National up on 45%, Labour on 43%, the Greens sliding into irrelevance on 5% and NZ First made irrelevant by sliding under the 5% threshold with 4.2%.


TVNZ has a 50-50 landline and cell phone poll, so this methodology should benefit the Left.

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It hasn’t.

Simon Bridges has finally admitted what TDB has been warning of for several months now, that they are looking to create an ally Party.

Here is the play that TDB has been warning about –  Mark Mitchell will suddenly become the Leader of this new Ally Party, National will allow him to run in Rodney unchallenged and the MMP coat tailing will bring in the rest.

The new Government still doesn’t have the communications sorted or the agenda and vision to start paying their support base black for their faith and that is why those voters are fading.

The activist Left are too busy screaming at each other on social media while the right wing Troll farm at the NZ Herald continue to destroy and misrepresent the Government every day of every week.

This has the smell of a one term Government unless the Left wake the fuck up.

The Government needs a far better communications plan, their selling of the budget was woeful, and they need to put together a strategy to ram through public service reform so that they can actually get policy adopted rather than resisted.

They also need a far smarter game plan to go up against the Opposition.

Matt McCarten has been punished long enough by the Labour Party Wellington Mandarins, it is time to being him back into the fold to run the counter intel tactics.



  1. Hear, here! …. Chop chop! And the fuck’n sycophants need to take this advice.
    To point out the obvious, theres no diff btw Labour & the Nats. When the Nats were in govt, anything that was bad they blamed Labour. Labour are doing the same & its sounding like a broken fuck’n record. If Labour actually did something, it would stop, ay?

    • lol…maybe it is Winnie’s time to shine? ( he has thrown away his cigarettes)


  2. “Oh yup, another article about government ineptitude” he said to himself. His mind wondered at bit, “perhaps I’m not the only one getting my ducks-in-a-row to leave the country”.

    He marveled at how the knowledge of his imminent departure uplifted his mood. “The cold, rot-box rentals, low wages, high prices at the pump and overpriced petrol will be but a memory”.

  3. They need to ban foreign house buyers, ASAP, including residents (foreigners), and remove voting rights from residents (foreigners)… the Natzi Party will take a big hit without their foreign (WTF?) voter base.

    What’s going to happen is that the Natzi’s are gonna win in 2020, but after Winnie retires, there will rise a true outsider demagogue and NZ Wars II (by which time, 25% or more of No Zealand voters will be foreigners…. go figure)

  4. If it was to be a one term government, all the more reason to go all out this term

  5. Presumably a new “ally party” would draw most of its support from among National voters, so would National then be better off?

  6. I can’t see Mark Mitchell leaving National to stand for the Conservative Party somehow. He claims to be an Irish Catholic, yet he’s now onto his third marriage. How’s that for “family values”?

    Still, hypocrisy never ruled anyone out from leading the Conservative Party I guess. I’m sure everyone remembers happily married Christian and uber-dickhead, Colin Craig, writing wholly inappropriate poems of love and devotion to his secretary.

  7. What is wrong with having another center / right party? Labour has the Greens and now even NZ First.

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