If MPI put in as much energy attacking Mycoplasma bovis as they do Rachel Stewart and Duncan Garner we wouldn’t have a problem


Latest MPI media release 

I don’t believe this!

Fresh from trying to turn Farmers against Rachel Stewart’s criticism of the utter incompetence of MPI, they have lashed out now at Duncan Garner’s righteous criticism,

Duncan Garner’s recent opinion piece about MPI’s response to Mycoplasma bovis is factually incorrect in places, and unintelligible in others.

At the start of the piece Mr Garner suggests that MPI let the disease into the country. New Zealand has a robust biosecurity system, and there are a raft of success stories that demonstrate how effective it has been.

But to suggest, as Mr Garner has done, that New Zealand can be totally water-tight and any incursions are due to MPI “letting” it into the country are untrue and unfair.

…no, it wasn’t untrue and it wasn’t unfair!

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MPI are there to barely regulate anyone operating in our Primary Industries, they are more concerned with Industry rights than the wider economy or environment.

Their obscene decision to not prosecute appalling abuses inside the fishing industry shows how deep their devotion to Industry truly is.

This is a public service that does the public a disservice. they have been so run down and underfunded they are a toothless watchdog that has become a lapdog to those they are supposed to guard against.

Watching their desperate attempts to attack critics while their incompetence continues to go unabated should be a walk up call to us all. We have allowed neoliberal Governments to offer these shallow safeguards and lacklustre oversight, we must all collectively take responsibility for the pitiful public service we have been left with.

Our Government Agencies are as useless at looking after cows as they are beneficiaries and miners.


  1. Absolutely true martymn,

    MPI are blooody useless as they have allowed everything to slip therough our ‘bioio-security screen in the years past.

    We got angintine ant invasion and then god knows what else but never recieved any complaints from the national Government then did they just.

    National are so fucking slack they engineered the situation where they leave a “shell” called MPI and nothing to fight with it.

    Just as they stripped employment/assets/costs out of every agency from the Ministry of transport, kiwirail, and on and on it goes.

    So they are truly responsible for the destruxction, we now face the fucking ass-holes.

    These agrncies excecutives should be taken to court and sued for massive destruction of our health wellbeing and loss of industrial profit.

    “crimes against the people is what they did.”

  2. The MB crisis caught National asleep at the wheel – nothing less.
    The National government just assumed that MPI could cope because it was led largely by their own handpicked cronies, but as we have seen National cronies can’t cope well under pressure.
    If National had acted straight away and enacted extraordinary powers as they presumably would have done if it had been Foot and Mouth, they might have had a chance.
    But they bullsarsed around until it was too late and it seems like a lot of people are going to pay the price.
    And what is National doing now to help?
    They are secretly smirking behind their hands because they have delivered the Labour-led government into a shit pond and that is more important to them than to stop playing politics for the country’s sake and help rather than hinder any planned restorative measures.
    People who do things like this should be called by what they really are – traitors.

  3. Seems to me that we can’t blame MPI for the original entry. It was only a matter of time. But the slack oversight of cattle trading between farmers trying to dodge the taxman is another matter.

    From Rural Life:

    “MPI is looking at seven possible means of entry: Imported live cattle, imported frozen semen, imported embryos, imported veterinary medicines and biological products, imported feed, imported used farm equipment and other imported live animals. MPI warns it may never be able to identify how it got into the country.”

  4. It’s fair enough to attack MPI for a variety of reasons. To suggest that MPI “let the disease into the country” and “allowed everything to slip through our bio-security screen in the years past” begs other questions though.

    Parallel; Through good luck more than anything else a $448m haul of methamphetamine was picked up on 90 Mile Beach. The circumstances around that suggest that other big hauls are most likely to have made it through.

    So do we say police or border control officials ‘allow’ or ‘let’ those in?

    If someone was determined to import semen (or whatever) which turned out to be contaminated, and their wiles and ways and circumstances were ahead of anything MPI could possibly do, should MPI be blamed?

    Someone last week said the only to be sure everything problematic stops getting into the country is to stop everything coming into the country. And then the wind will get you with something like myrtle rust.

  5. That image of the cow shitting? Really? Is that necessary to get TDB’s point of view across? The poor animal needs to shit. As do most wee beasties but do we humans really need to denigrate the animal on top of the fact that they’re kept in appalling, freezing cold conditions while up to their tits in mud for your latte’s and cheeses dahlings?
    What I really wanted to point out was… Where is the ministry managing a peer to peer lending institution for just this very thing? Mycoplasma Bovis is just one of many diseases and parasites heading this way due, in part, to climate change. I would also be wary of any unscrupulous off-shore competitor bringing in diseases to hobble our primary industry.
    To see a farmer saying that if they take his cows, he’s out of farming? That should scare the be-jesus out of everybody!
    A well experienced farmer, the people who supply you with your three times daily essential foods is out because he’s financially ruined. How can the government allow that to happen to a member of our primary industry, the industry we all rely upon entirely. Particularly after the various side shows that have been our governments were flat out selling our farmers into foreign owned bankster debt to struggle with ON TOP OF domestic demonisation and ridicule. And it’s not a crisis of Smartphones or the internet or whether you can get the gizmo to keep the idiot kids from discovering that the world outside their traffic-coned-off, fluro vest world has trees to climb and beaches to explore. We’re talking food. Yes. F.O.O.D. Food. We eat it. It is good. It has electrolytes AND vitamins and minerals and everything. And once we eat it and digest it, it comes out your butt-hole, just like that cow hole above! I know! Amazing! ( Is that a cow hole or has big Jizz brownlee grown a tail?
    The problem I have with seeming to know what most people don’t is that it makes me feel like a smart arsed wanker. That’s because I’m missing the gene that should make me feel smug and superior. Where can I buy that gene?
    In a time of crisis like the one farmers are facing? There should be a vast, fighting fund available to our farmers, similar to the one in orbit around Planet Greedy Fuck that is ACC? ( ACC? $30 billion? Farmers ? Nothing but foreign debt, and they’re our primary industry? ) What. The. Fuck. People?
    You’ve been suckered by right wing pirates to hate on the hand that feeds you.
    P.S. I did hear Jacinda Adern saying positive things re farmers on RNZ yesterday. Right on Sister!
    NB. For the sake of an argument, I’m not, at this point, making a distinction between Cowsploiters and actual farmers, of which there are very few left anyway.

  6. MBovis is a Bogus Scam! Its another South Canterbury Finance hit job on the taxpayers purse! Too Big to Fail BS! Suckers! Farmers are having to reduce their herds anyway,but hey, why not get paid for it!

  7. Hey I’d just like to ask, why they killed all the potentially resistant and immune cows. Those cows were bred for generations to be excellent and our mug noob politurds have exterminated the potential for an immune breed by wasting all the cows! Idiotic. Negligence. Ignorance. GTFO noob politurds

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