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  1. Labour failed here with the budget;

    ‘Underwhelming the public was the result,’- and I am sorry to see labour miss their one chance to “capture” the hearts and minds of us all in “their nuclear moment”.

    The only result they sent us was a deeply disappointing fizzer.

    The right wing ‘Neo-liberal’ inside Labour is sadly in charge of the purse strings and this may make labour loose the vote in 2020.

    A chance missed is one never gained labour!!!!!!!

    The climate and everything else for us we wished for will fail come 2020 i fear now.

    Our rail system is about to fail, and trucks will ruin our roads and kill us in time here, see what log trucks are doing here.

    we sent government the message today.

    Protecting our environment & health.
    In association with other Community Groups, NHTCF and all Government Agencies since 2001.
    Public COMMUNITY letter;
    19th May, 2018.

    Dear Ministers;
    Subject; “The forestry industry faces a rates hike to help pay for damage to roads”.

    Will Gisborne District Council & other councils also charge forestry for the damage to our roads also as the forestry needs to use rail to move their logs, not our rural and state roads or they should pay for the extra damage they cause?

    WE ADVOCATE THEY DO SO. -The forestry industry faces a rates hike to help pay for damage to roads.

    So we request you support this initiative also, and to take the part of the Gisborne rail still damaged and help to fund the repairs to the rail line damaged by forestry slash when it blocked drains in a rain storm on 23rd march 2012, so we can run the service to complete the connection of Gisborne by rail once more for their safety, health, wealth, and wellbeing.

    We await your acceptance.
    Founding members of the Gisborne Rail Action Group since 2009.
    Warmest regards,

    Whanganui council to rate forestry for its damage to roads
    18 May, 2018 3:00pm
    3 minutes to read

    The forestry industry faces a rates hike to help pay for damage to roads. Photo/ Bevan Conley

    By: Zaryd Wilson

    Zaryd Wilson is a reporter for the Wanganui Chronicle ZarydW

    Whanganui District Council’s proposal to make the forestry industry pay a bigger share of the damage it does to roads will go ahead with councillors voting 7-6 in favour of a targeted rate.
    It means from July council will collect a further $135,000 a year from forestry properties specifically to cover the cost of repairing damage caused by harvesting.

    The rate was approved as councillors debated submissions to its long term plan.
    Council’s finance general manager Mike Fermor said the damage to roads from forestry was expected to cost $12.2 million over the next decade with the council having to pay $4.8m.

    “Those costs have to be borne by somebody,” he said.
    Because forestry properties are worth less than land used for farming, it paid a lower roading rate which wasn’t in line with the damage is caused.

    Forestry properties will now pay an average of $681 per year towards damage related to harvesting while commercial properties will chip in $31, farming $23 and residential $2.
    Without the new rate commercial properties ($77) and farms ($58) would be paying more than forestry’s $16 per year for forestry related damage.

    “Yes it’s a high rates rise, we don’t deny that, but they are being subsidised and the farm and the commercial property is paying more than the forestry property if we do nothing today,” Fermor said.

    Council has looked at a range of option including charging by time and distance but none were legal or practical.
    “Are there some inequities for some properties? Yes.
    “This is probably the best option of the bad bunch of tools local government has.”

    The forestry rate had the backing of 53 per cent of submitters including Federated Farmers while the Whanganui Rural Community Board has pushed for it for years.

    Board chairman David Matthews said forestry property produced 530 tonne per hectare as opposed to pastoral farming’s 8-12 tonne per hectare.
    “For every load that comes off a pastoral farm, 50 come off forestry. That’s a fact.”
    But some councillors, including Rob Vinsen and Charlie Anderson, agreed with industry concerns that there had not been enough consultation.

    Vinsen wanted the rate delayed by a year while Anderson said he might have supported the rate if the industry had been more involved.
    “The thing that sticks with me is that the forestry companies acknowledge that they need to pay something but you had six or seven companies all sitting there singing from the same song sheet,” Anderson said.

    “These people need to be given the benefit of the doubt.”

    But councillor Alan Taylor, a former community board chairman, disputed the industry’s claims of a lack of consultation.

    He had been working on the issue for years and council’s intention was well documented.

    “If they want further consultation what can that be about except delaying the rate?
    “We’re offering them a pretty substantial discount now in acknowledgement of their input into the Whanganui economy.

    “It’s taken 13 years to get ot this table. Let’s not make it 14.”

    The rate passed 7-6 with councillors Taylor, Joblin, Craig, Baker-Hogan, Chandulal-Mackay, Duncan and McDouall in favour.
    The council also voted unanimously to works with the forestry industry to lobby central government for additional funding streams to offset the impact of forestry harvesting and to manage the impact on the district’s roading network to minimize costs.

    • Hi CleanGreen

      I understand that you have been hoping for a revival of the Eastern Rail link. And I wish you will get one.

      But, I cannot take much more of the so called Labour Stalwarts slagging off Labour as failures.

      There is so much to be done immediately in New Zealand – as you may have noticed. Education; Health; Housing. They sorely need huge investment.

      NZ is a land of diversity built on mud, which is prone to frequent major Washouts; Earthquakes; unrestrained immigration; Corporate Greed; Outrageous Rents;High rates of Pollution; Unwillingness to Pay Income Tax. The list is endless – almost.

      It is sensible to keep a safe percentage of Income in the Bank to weather the costs brought on by the neglect of former governments, and corporate greed. Also to buffer global shake ups. For Maintenance and Repair of State Assets.

      But by all means CleanGreen, do a Minto. Become a Labour Traitor along with the many other Labour whingers and weaklings and poor your vomit on the best looking Government we have had since Norman Kirk.

      But let me ask you a question? When the next earthquake destroys Gisborne – will you have enough in the bank to pay for it’s rebuild. ?

      Because for sure – a National Government will not do much for you! Just take a look at Christchurch. & years on and they still stuffing up.!

      Remember how they laughed at You and your request for a fix for the rail line.! They shat on you mate. Didn’t they.

  2. The ‘revolution’ is supposedly happening at Windsor, of all places, so the media report. One commoner, of mixed race, is going to marry one ‘Harry’, a red-head, wow!?

    She is a divorcee also, that bride Meghan Markle, also coming from a family not that united after all.

    What ‘revolution’, wow, what ‘revolution’, royalty remains in place, corporates remain in place, imperialism remains in place, capitalism remains in place (unchanged), and here we have a ‘revolution’ of sorts, just because a royal ‘Prince’ got a bit excited and hormone and other rushes for a slightly exotic US American hot blooded woman.

    Do they even know what revolution is and means, I wonder?

    Hundreds of milliions of servant minded sycophants will sit in front of TV sets and computers and watch via mobile screens, others will be there, live. FFS, get real.

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