The Daily Blog Open Mic – Thursday 17th May 2018

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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Mike the Lefty says:

    You know we often read financial pundits moaning about how low is our productivity and why it never seems to grow.
    I suggest a couple of reasons why.
    New Zealand businesses are ensconced in the old “bosses know everything, workers know nothing” attitude.
    When I have looked back over my working life, there is only one job I can recall when I was treated anything other than a ignoramus – a rat on a treadmill. Your job is to keep running, nothing else. That job was a cadet reporter on a newspaper which I won’t name for privacy reasons.
    Many times I have tried, over various jobs, to talk to management about how we could improve things, make the jobs better and work more smartly.
    But management never want to know if it comes from their workers. They do not trust them – They will not trust any information that doesn’t come from a consultant and have paid a million dollars for it.
    And now that so many of our companies are owned by overseas based multi-nationals, who think of us as work units rather than people, it has gradually become worse.
    As I have tried to point out to my boss on many occasions, I do not suggest things because I am lazy or trying to be difficult (which is what they automatically assume), I suggest them because I have a direct financial interest in the implementation of these suggestions. If I make the job more successful my employment is more secure – I keep keep getting paid and THEY keep earning money.
    When New Zealand management start taking their workers seriously perhaps our productivity will rise.
    I won’t be holding my breath.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Business convenience surveys know fuck all. The budget architecture these days has shifted from an approach that focused on short term outputs to a time frame, and approach which is encompassing a lot of different policy. Once you look over a certain time horizon it stops being incremental and starts being investing. Once you focus on the time horizon that still encompasses policy there’s many different strategies and set ups you can deploy. So the first step is to get a broader understanding which makes reviews and working groups inevitable, the next step is finding that sweet spot with policy that are being discussed by working groups that are investments, not incrementalism. Finding that sweet spot that suits New Zealand’s Clean Green Image. This is something we have to push. It’s like you have to have a systematic process, you have to understand that we need a broader perspective.

      But if you understand the fiscal responsibility rules and broader reviews first. You can always adapt and always be flexible if somethings not working. That’s how a systematic process works and shifts over time to adapt to market conditions. This budget is a foundation document and I get its importance.

  2. Marc says:


    Get your Budget Day cigars out, get the sherry or fortified wine cask out, get your glasses and snacks ready, perhaps, those that prefer it, get a few ales or other beers out.

    So we will see, whether Grant Robertson will ‘convince’ the wider public, the MSM and especially the powerful business sector, whether he is up to it, whether this government will deliver or not.

    The people themselves, they will want to know, are our needs going to be met, am I as an individual, are we as a family and community, are our workers, small business operators and also the less fortunate get what they need, what they desperately need.

    The moment of truth is nearing fast, I would have expected TDB to open up a live stream or live blog of sorts, to cover this, to offer feed back and comments.

    Perhaps this will yet come.

    I will watch it and judge this government, which has already disappointed me somewhat, so if this goes well, they may have a chance to get voted in again in 2020, if this will only be mediocre, or less than that, they can start packing.

    Budget Day, it is Budget Day!!!

    • Marc says:

      Bitter and angry faces on National MP’s faces all over, angry speeches, as they realise, they could not have delivered a better budget than Grant Robertson, to balance the demands and costs within NZ Inc..

      Now Judith Collins talks angrily, dismissing the budget as just serving two Maori, Winston Peters and Shane Jones, more anger from her, as the budget is not as bad as they had hoped.

      National will not get an early election after this budget, and will have to fight the 2020 election harder than expected, as Labour and NZ First with weak Greens in tow are actually doing a relatively good job in the view of the business and other sectors.

      Nevertheless, what happens globally in a year or two may be more important than what we see, hear and read today.

  3. Marc says:

    The Budget is ok, not what I had hoped for, it lacked some courage, but there is at least some action on addressing the massive neglect that the last government was responsible for.

    Here is just one such example of people not coping, the social realities for many, not only in South Auckland:

    But generally the reports are not bad, some extra for health, education, too little for housing, that is a disappointment, for sure:

    Near free or free doctor’s visits for Community Services Card holders will be a plus for some, as more people will be getting such cards, but those getting Disability Allowance from WINZ will NOT be better off, as the cheaper doctor’s visit will be taken out of the Disability Allowance calculation, thus there will just be a shift of the subsidy from the client to the doctor.

    • Marc says:

      Extra social housing expenditure, on so called ‘extra houses’, is misleading. We will NOT be talking about free standing HOUSES, they will mostly be units or apartments in blocks, I am absolutely sure. It is time NZ politicians and ‘experts’ get more honest, when they talk about ‘housing’, and not give the impression every built or bought residence is an actual ‘house’, it will simply be a DWELLING OF WHATEVER SORT.

  4. Marc says:

    After all, it is almost a budget that a Bill English could have delivered, in all honesty. More courage was needed, especially to address the housing crisis, much extra spending will be spread over three to four years, so the figures per year are just going to maintain the status quo of services in health, education and more.

    Perhaps Labour and NZ First want to keep some of the dosh for spending promises in the budget before the 2020 election, same as National used to do? That is what I presume, also keeping some reserves for extraordinary situations, e.g. natural disasters and unexpected new costs.

  5. Marc says:

    Join the club or not:

    Why waste more time, the revolution is inevitable, most are ignorant, want to continue the status quo of lies and deceit and manipulation, hoping they may strike it rich also, to become a capitalist boss of sorts. FFS, wake up, it is NOT going to happen, you are all peasants of sorts, and will NEVER win Lotto.

  6. Marc says:

    In the consumerist IDIOT world the essentials are so often forgotten, and the essentials is the realisation that nothing comes easy and for free, unless you wish to prostitute your mind and body to the likes of Facebook, Google and their other service likes.

    Most behave like modern day idiots, one day will be slaves, perhaps read up and study history, here is one that led to the liberation of enslaved Cuba, just a country, we have now generations and populations enslaved, they often do not even realise it, or even buy into the lies, they are ‘free’ and have power to participate and contribute, so much BS:

    I know, I hammer on with this, but most do not get it, it seems, so I hammer on, as the thick heads may finally open up, at least when the shit will hit the fan.

  7. Marc says:

    Hasta Siempre, nothing else goes, hasta siempre Commandante Che:

    Much more available, we want to acknowledge, dance and celebrate el pueblo unido.

    • Marc says:

      See the baby faces, of people that never ever fought for anything, and just watch in disbelief, oh this ‘revolutionario’ woman. That is symptomatic of our modern day society, we have many insulated and isolated individualist persons, knowing fuck all about REAL life and NATURE and making decisions about other people’s lives, having NO clue.

      So we have what we have, it will get worse, ignorance, division, hatred, and so forth, I know what I am talking about, we need fucking action, real revolutionary action but people are AFRAID.

  8. Marc says:

    Never forget: This is US style ‘welfare’ that may face many KIWIs if they got no alternative:

    You would be out on the cold street.

  9. Marc says:

    Interesting clip with Michael Jackson, telling the bloody truth:

  10. Marc says:

    This is too ‘intelligent’ for most here, it is excelente cantar:

  11. Marc says:

    Are we a safer place?

    Sheikh OsAMA WILL WIN.

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