Trusting Israel on Iran is like getting Deborah Hill Cone to write a character reference for Clarke Gayford

By   /   May 2, 2018  /   10 Comments

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It looks like America will calm nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula while creating a whole new conflict in Iran.

Surely Trump can’t be this stupid?

The ridiculously over the top presentation by Israel of Iran’s old nuclear program was desperate, counter productive and most importantly, dangerous.

Timed so that Fox & Friends could carry it live (Trump is a fanatical watcher of Fox & Friends), it was simply an old rehash of information.

The truth is that Iran has kept to its side of the bargain while America has not.

The recent protests in Iran were triggered by economic hardship because America while lifting economic sanctions still place restrictions on US businesses doing any deals with Tehran which has a flow on effect to other western businesses.

Trump’s inane position is that Iran hasn’t complied with the deal (which is a lie, they have) and is threatening to pull out. This would trigger Iran building a nuclear weapon and plunge the region into crisis.

Saudi Arabia and Israel want war with Iran and they want America to join them, Trump is being manipulated and he’s getting played.

If America pulls out, there will be war as Iran immediately begin to build a nuclear weapon, Israel will strike the places they think the bomb is being built, Saudi Arabia will fund any insurgency against Iran and Trump will send in the missiles.

It looks like America will calm nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula while creating a whole new conflict in Iran.

Surely Trump can’t be this stupid?

Out of the nuclear frying pan into the nuclear fire.

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  1. David Stone says:

    Not so sure that Trump’s talks with Kim will calm things dow in the end. Kim is keen to denuclearise the Korean peninsular, but that will have to be removal of US nukes from there as well and possibly closing the 28000 personnel base. I don’t think US intends to remove their nukes from S K . Not unless they know they can put them back there next day. They are there to threaten China rather than N K.
    Kim might have done a deal with China where China promises N K nuclear cover and protection if Kim can negotiate to get rid of US nukes in S K. I can’t see Bolton thinking that was cool.
    So what happens when there’s no deal ?
    D J S

  2. Priss says:

    I call BS on Netanyahu’s melodramatic media circus.

    When Israel comes clean on it’s own nuclear weapons, then I’ll start to take him seriously.

    Hopefully Putin may stop the US or Israel from any adventurism in Iran!!

    “Putin reiterated Russia’s position that the Iranian nuclear deal made by former president Barack Obama is “of paramount importance for ensuring international stability and security” and must be “strictly observed by all parties,” the Kommersant business daily reported on Tuesday.”

  3. Aaron says:

    Even the UK and France are saying that Iran has abided by the nuclear agreement so the mainstream media has been forced to report this properly

    Netanyahu is the head of a genocidal regime so eveything he says should be treated the utmost distrust.

  4. Sam Sam says:

    Most days before I turn in I read a book. It helps me relax my mind, and go to sleep. But now that I’m less concerned with working life I read for less than 20 minutes. My own experience of working life is when I’m stressed I stop and meditate or go for a walk before I make a decision and if after 20 minutes I’m of the mind that I should proceed, then I proceed. In other words I still the mind for 20 minutes.

    In so far as I still the mind the question is still going around my own mind. After the meditation, after I get out of it, I make up my mind, giving me an emotional detachment from making a decision. And I’ll do this during the day when I’m having a problem resolving something that’s irritating me. My kids give me stuff every week to put on the fridge so depending on the stress that I’m feeling and how long I think I need to interrupt my day to still my mind I’ll just stair at my fridge. But I choose the timing but no more than 20 minutes.

    Supposing now the Adolf Hitler had taken up meditation. Would he have embarked on such a wild and dangerous course to capture Western Europe and Russia all in one go?

    I think there is a lot to be said for having great leaders of big nations before they embark on a project, to sit down, not for a few minutes, but for a few hours each day, meditating on the wisdom of it all. Best to think it over for a few weeks. And I would give this advice to any world leader before they embark on any use of force. I think Trump would find this rather when he comes to discuss serious problems, to get grievances resolved and I come along and ask him to meditate. It would be difficult to persuade him but I would advice him of the wisdom none the less. But then they would have to be convinced by there own experience of meditation.

  5. Mjolnir says:

    So , Mr Netanyahu, how many nukes and chemical weapons does Israel possess?

    Lying prick. Only a moron like Trump could take his lies seriously.

  6. simonm says:

    Trump’s biggest donor is ultra-right wing Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Adelson does Netanyahu’s bidding and Netanyahu wants regime change in Iran.

    If Netanyahu’s comical theatrics remind you of Colin Powell’s 2003 speech at the UN when he claimed Saddam had WMD’s, it’s because both had the same objective. That is, convincing the US (and maybe a few stupid hangers on) that America invading Iran to bring about regime change on behalf of Israel is essential for the security of the world (rather than because it helps Israel in its West Bank colonisation project).

    The next American military clusterfuck in the Middle East is coming very soon and it’s got Netanyahu’s fingerprints all over it.

    • If Netanyahu’s comical theatrics remind you of Colin Powell’s 2003 speech at the UN when he claimed Saddam had WMD’s, it’s because both had the same objective.

      Simon, that is precisely what Netanyahu’s circus performance reminded me of.

      An American adventure in Iran will probably send the entire Middle East into a total state of anarchy. If Netanyahu thinks this will benefit Israel, then he’s been smoking some serious ganga. A destabilised Middle East (more than it is now) will make Israel’s survival problematic as extremists fill the void after the US has toppled governments.

  7. esoteric pineapples says:

    Israel is ramping up its involvement in the Syrian conflict

    Netanyahu is given the power start conflicts without the okay from the Israeli parliamement

  8. Jerko says:

    “Surely Trump Can’t be that stupid?.” That’s a rhetorical question right?
    I live right here in California. Trump is that stupid! 65 Million Americans are even more stupid. It’s bloody obvious!

  9. stephen says:

    Iran has allies in their region stretching to Asia and is a vital geo-strategic point for energy and shares a long border with Russia and also Iran is a well armed country that possesses technology that brought down hightech American drones flying over their territory and then mimic its technology

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