Waikato couple losing farm highlights how NZ Police & Politicians accidentally built the meth crisis


This story helps explain how the NZ Police and Politicians accidentally built the meth crisis…

Waikato couple to lose farm after judge rejects innocent explanations for $730k cash
A Waikato couple will lose their lifestyle block after a High Court judge rejected their innocent explanations for $730,000 in cash deposits.

Instead, Justice Christian Whata accepted that all of the cash was the profits of a commercial cannabis operation and assets seized by police will now be forfeited.

This includes the 60ha lifestyle property in Hauturu owned by Ronnie and Penelope de Wys, worth $530,000 in 2016, which will now be independently valued.

…when the Police changed laws to lower the evidential threshold from beyond reasonable doubt to balance of probabilities when pursuing assets from the proceeds of crime, they inadvertently changed the entire economic structure of the black economy in NZ.

If you could have your house seized and property taken for making money from cultivating drugs, you may as well make as much as you can and rather than spend it on assets, live on cash. Cannabis cultivation – while extremely profitable – takes at least 3 months to get a payout on.

Meth is a far more lucrative product for cash payouts. Instead of waiting 3 months to make a profit from a  cannabis crop, gangs can make the same amount from a cook up of meth in a weekend.

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Now the Police can seize and take everything, they have inadvertently changed the risk structure of the entire black market and as such you can now get meth easier in most cities than you can get cannabis.

How do we undo this madness?

The first thing to do is to legalise and regulate the entire cannabis market, medicinal and recreational with the appropriate licensing processes for growers and sellers for both markets.This would immediately end the grip of organised crime on cannabis and bring an entire industry into the light.

This would have an impact on the prison population going down while generating the revenue to help those with addictions.

In terms of meth, we need rehabilitation services to be fully funded  and the extra taxation revenue from legal cannabis could do this.  What we don’t need are more draconian legislation and powers…

Bill to toughen penalty for supplying synthetic drugs passes first reading

Suppliers of synthetic drugs would face eight years’ jail under a bill that has passed its first reading with the support of National and NZ First, the first time this term that the parties have joined forces.

…there are solutions to the counter-productive madness of our drug policy, unfortunately the counterproductively mad are still calling the shots.



  1. Removing cash makes it so much easier to catch the criminals including those that launder money.

    And don’t say But, but the government will know everything that I spend money on…

    Two things:

    1. The government isn’t interested in you. You really aren’t that interesting.
    2. The government already knows the generalities anyway and that’s all the government is interested in.
    3. Today cash is nothing more than a means to commit crime. We’re all familiar with the notion of ‘cash jobs’ that don’t get recorded and don’t have tax involved.
    4. Considering that ~70% of transactions go through the EFT-POS system the private banks most definitely DO know what you spend your money on and they sell that knowledge to advertisers. It’s another way that they can bludge off of us.
    5. The economy belongs to all of us (in a democracy we are the government) and we really do need to know what’s going on in it so that we can make informed decisions.

  2. BIG PHARMA and the medical profession do not want cannabis legalised because they have a vested interest in prescribing opioids for peoples pain…in other words they make BIG money from pain and a captive clientele

    …they do not want do- it- yourself, self-medication from a herb that has been grown freely on Mother Earth since the dawn of humanity

    …they want cannabis kept illegal for the people

    …in the USA there is a crisis in deaths by opioids prescribed by doctors




    • BIG PHARMA and the medical profession do not want cannabis legalised because they have a vested interest in prescribing opioids for peoples pain…in other words they make BIG money from pain and a captive clientele

      Oh, they want it legalised. They just want it legalised in a way that they can put an even bigger markup on it than what the criminals do.

      IMO, That’s why Chloe Swarbrick’s bill didn’t go through – it allowed grow your own which would have seriously undermined the corporation’s ability to make a profit from the same stuff.

  3. Governments worldwide are operating in tandem with Multinational pharmaceutical companies, Governments are about 3rd or 4th tier level, in the pyramid below the Bankers and the Multinationals.

    Our Government Officials are mere pawns underneath the Global Elite and the NWO ?

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