Your visual reminder that Taika Waititi’s ‘Racist as f**k’ comment is on the money

By   /   April 11, 2018  /   4 Comments

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Two very simple visual reminders that Taika Waititi’s ‘Racist as f**k’ comment is on the money.

Two very simple visual reminders that Taika Waititi’s ‘Racist as f**k’ comment is on the money.

1: The map of how much land Māori was lost, stolen and confiscated over a century

2: The image of a Rugby franchise attempting to use the above as a sales point for their game.


Taika Waititi says NZ ‘racist as fuck’.

NZs prison, justice, education, health and inequality outcomes all highlight racism so it depends on how you are defining ‘fuck’.

People in glasshouses shouldn’t throw Taika’s

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  1. UpsideDown says:

    Offensive but not racist.

    • Mjolnir says:

      Well pointed out, Mr White Person. “There is no racism because its never affected me”, said lots of white people.

  2. john says:

    I as a Maori feel the glares and hear the of the cuff remarks on a weekly basis (Which is why I have stopped reading Facebook comments)and because I also suffer from PTSD I feel it even more and on occasion lash out at people that don’t deserve my wrath even at customer server in stores who look and talk down at me in my opinion the wrong way.
    I can also say samefully that I have fermented a hatred against white people even though my girlfriend is Pakeha and my children are both. I could be class as a racist but feel sorry for the poor white people that I help out now and then which confuses me as I really hate stuck up pakeha whom I associate with wealth.

    It not my intention to fuel a race hate debate but to clarify my position as a maori living with this BS just saying!

    • Sumsuch says:

      You sound like a human, John. Appreciate your honest comment. We all have the same amount of perfection and imperfection. Just, the kindness and unkindness seeps out in different ways. I have no delusions about myself, not least, toward Maori. The racists are always filling my ear as so it’s alright.

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