Jacinda & the Reds not under our beds


All Jacinda’s said is (based on exact same parameters of other countries exporting Russian spies) there aren’t any unofficial spies amongst 17 embassy staff-which means Russia doesn’t care enough about us to send unofficial spies.

Can we now get to the Chinese Spy inside National?

The last time we blindly followed Britain into claims of weapons of mass destruction we invaded Iraq, I’m not saying Putin isn’t capable of using a nerve agent to kill a spy, he most certainly is, I’m saying that to date we have had no independent verification whatsoever of what has happened here and unless Britain is holding back evidence they have, it makes no sense rushing into start geopolitical fights.

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Ironically this entire Russian spy bogeyman actually strengthens China. Not only is everyone forgetting that there is a Chinese spy inside the National Party, by excluding Russia from buying excess dairy we are economically at the mercy of China. Watch to see how China starts friction using that when the Government moves to stop foreigners buying land here.



  1. 100% agreed this is nothing but a repeat of the same ‘commie bogie’ we had in the 1960’s perpetrated by the war hawks who are salesmen for the armament industries so to energise sales of weapons to countries teetering on placing false claims about russia russia russia.

    They have found what it was that poisoned the two people and that it was made by a russian company but it was smothered on door knobs by whom??????

    They have no prove other than where the poison was made.

    This could have been bought from that Russian manufacturer or even stolen, but unless they can positively prove it was the Russian Government who deliberately used it to poison them they have no proof at all.

    so do we now blame the country of origin of every weapon against the country that it was made in???

    That would make US the biggest murder of all of us.

    This is a stick-up from those who have a deep grudge on Russia that may be where they need to look for the real culprit.

    • The origin of the alleged poison has yet to be determined.

      Many expert opinions point out that if a nerve agent was used, the victims would both be dead with little delay and others would have been contaminated also.
      One victim has made a good recovery and intimates that if it was a nerve agent then most likely origin is a third party.

      False flag written all over it as one comes to expect from UK/US war hawks, corrupt swindlers and dealers in death.

      • “False flag” – that excuses a whole bunch of warcrimes. Maybe the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior was a false flag op to validate our anti-nuke stance by alienating ourselves from the Western alliance. Far-fetched? Who knows. But let’s not dismiss the most likely culprit at the same time not jumping to false conclusions. Its called keeping an open mind.

        • If the rainbow warrior bombing was a false flag to validate NZ’s anti-nuclear stance, then some French co-operation in the aftermath and prosecutions is implied.

          Unless the two “agents” prosecuted were innocent which would take the matter to a different realm.

          False flags are used widely and that does not justify anything.

          The most likely culprit means nothing more that a perception in the light of information at hand and mindset of the perceiver.

          The UK is not providing information held to Russia, but seems to prefer just accusation without independent examination of evidence. Are we to just believe them.

          The US / UK war on Iraq was instigated along with suppression in MSM about UN expert opinion that Iraq did not have nuclear weaponry.

          At least 1.4 million lives have been lost as a result and other dire consequences no one is being held accountable for.

          “Most likely suspect” False flag.

        • Mjolnir: “Maybe the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior was a false flag op….”

          Where were you at the time? OK, probably before you were born, so you have some excuse for a misapprehension of this sort. Those of us who vividly remember this case know that it most certainly was no such thing.

          I daresay the Froggies intended to blame somebody else, but that went out the window when agent Clouseau and his lady got their stupid arses caught by the local bobbies. And a bunch of nosy locals…..

          One suspects their colleagues ridiculed them mercilessly for that. When you’re deux-zero sept, Jacques Bonde, autorise a tuer, you’re not supposed to get rumbled by flatfoots.

          I’d add that our so-called allies didn’t lift a finger to help NZ when it was being egregiously bullied by France. No doubt at all that said allies knew that the Rainbow Warrior bombing was planned. Almost certainly gave France permission to carry it out, even. That’s how such things work.

          “…let’s not dismiss the most likely culprit…”

          OK. That’d be the MI6, then. And the entire incident – always assuming that it actually was a poisoning – has MI6 ineptitude written all over it. Speaking of flatfoots….

      • +100 re “Many expert opinions point out that if a nerve agent was used, the victims would both be dead with little delay and others would have been contaminated also.”

        ‘Chemical weapons experts question claims that Russia was behind Skripal attack’


        …”A former head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has questioned claims that Russia was behind the Salisbury chemical attack. …

        …The lack of publicly available evidence presented by the British government has also been raised by former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray. Court documents handed down last week in a ruling over the Skripal’s medical care also noted that the chemical used was a “military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia”– but did not conclusively confirm the origin of the weapon.

        …Leonard Rink, one of the Russian scientists who confirmed the existence of the ‘Foliant’ program that originally developed the Novichok chemicals, believes that the UK’s refusal to provide the chemical sample suggests that it is not necessarily of Russian origin.

        “For any country with weapons of mass destruction – the UK, the US, China and all developed countries –  any country with at least some chemistry would have zero problems creating this kind of weapon,” he said.

        “Why aren’t the British providing a sample to Moscow? Because no matter how hard [British] specialists try, a technology will always differ somewhat. This is its unique signature. It will be immediately clear that it is not a Russian-made technology.”..

    • Cleangreen: “They have found what it was that poisoned the two people and that it was made by a russian company…”

      The UK hasn’t even determined that. No evidence at all, thus far.

  2. ‘Assange’s internet blackout & Skripal case part of propaganda war that risks real one – John Pilger’


    …”Pilger argued that the way the Western media – instead of doing its job, blindly sided with the official narrative – framed the events in Salisbury is another instance in the same global propaganda effort. “It’s part of the propaganda war that the attack in Salisbury represents. Here we have Russian diplomats being expelled all over the world on the basis of no evidence.”…

  3. ‘Salisbury Incident Report: Hard Evidence For Soft Minds’


    “The UK government’s presentation on the Salisbury incident, which was repeatedly cited in recent days as an “ultimate proof” of Russia’s involvement into Skripal’s assassination attempt, was made public earlier today.

    This 6-paged PDF is a powerful evidence of another intellectual low of British propaganda machine. Open it and you can tell that substantially it makes only two assertions on the Skripal case, and both are false:..

    First. Novichok is a group of agents developed only by Russia and not declared under the CWC” – a false statement. Novichok was originally developed in the USSR (Nukus Lab, today in Uzbekistan, site completely decommissioned according to the US-Uzbekistan agreement by 2002). One of its key developers, Vil Mirzayanov, defected to the United States in 1990s, its chemical formula and technology were openly published in a number of chemical journals outside Russia. Former top-ranking British foreign service officer Craig Murray specifically noted this point on March 17:…

    I have now been sent the vital information that in late 2016, Iranian scientists set out to study whether novichoks really could be produced from commercially available ingredients. Iran succeeded in synthesising a number of novichoks. Iran did this in full cooperation with the OPCW and immediately reported the results to the OPCW so they could be added to the chemical weapons database.

    This makes complete nonsense of the Theresa May’s “of a type developed by Russia” line, used to parliament and the UN Security Council. This explains why Porton Down has refused to cave in to governmental pressure to say the nerve agent was Russian. If Iran can make a novichok, so can a significant number of states.

    Second. “We are without doubt that Russia is responsible. No country bar Russia has combined capability, intent and motive. There is no plausible alternative explanation” – an outstading example of self-hypnosis. None of the previous items could even remotedly lead to this conclusion. The prominent British academician from the University of Kent Prof. Richard Sakwa has elaborated on this on March 23 the following way:

    Rather than just the two possibilities outlined by Theresa May, in fact there are at least six, possibly seven…

  4. ‘Crisis Point ‘ (NOT the mainstream media Neo McCarthyism) :


    “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! For well over the last year and a half this is the message western audiences have been served up 24/7. What is behind this hysteria? What does this message aim to achieve? How is Russia supposed to react? Importantly, are we facing a possible conflict?

    CrossTalking with Lord Richard Balfe, Lee Stranahan, and John Laughland.”


  5. Winston’s words on this occassion are cautious but on what seems to be the most likely track.

    We have no fight with Russia and should not follow a bullshit trail to accusations without well established and tested evidence, which is just not there.

    We are fortunate NACT is not in power but they will be working against NZ behind the public eye with MSM showing the results.

    RNZ has been scurrilous in their reporting of this relatively minor event while ignoring the US false flags and illegal presence in Syria

      • One ‘superpower’ is there by invitation of the Syrian government and cooperates with the Syrian government to eliminate ‘terrorist’ groups and restore order.

        The other ‘superpower’, with a long history of terrorizing nations and invading them if they don’t do as required, has funded and supplied weapons to ‘terrorist’ groups and has a plan to remove the Syrian government and carve up the country so that corporations can loot the place without hindrance.

      • Mjolnir: “There are two suprrpowers with an illegal presence in the Syrian conflict.”

        This is nonsense; if you knew anything about international affairs, you’d know this. Assad asked Russia for help in fighting the jihadist head-choppers; Russia gave that help. This is legal under the provisions of international law.

        On the other hand, The US is funding said jihadist head-choppers; it has not been invited into Syria, yet it has troops there, fighting against the Assad government.

        In the terms of international law, it is the US which is acting illegally. Well: no kidding, Chester! say many of us….

  6. Russia will be interested but I doubt its diplomats are so directly involved in breaching the Vienna Convention to the extent that the previous government did with certain key collaberators all the time.

  7. We don’t even need spies to destroy out country, we have the National party, most of the main parties stuck in believing in the 1980’s neoliberalism and our overseas owned media to do it for us.

  8. ‘Moscow confronts London with 14 questions on ‘fabricated’ Skripal case’


    “Russia’s Embassy in London has sent a list of 14 questions to the UK Foreign Ministry, demanding that it reveals details of the investigation into the nerve-agent poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

    The questions, provided in full below, include a demand to clarify whether samples of the nerve agent А-234 (also known as “Novichok”) have ever been developed in the UK. The embassy’s statement calls the incident that started the recent diplomatic row a “fabricated case against Russia.”…

  9. May is probably trying to keep Russian spies in the news too, so she doesn’t face personal pressure of the pathetic deal she is negotiating with Brexit…

    Funny enough I don’t remember the expulsion of embassy with Alexander Litvinenko 12 years ago.

    It seems calls for justice is more based on burying bad news these days than actually finding and putting on trial perpetrators.

  10. Someone may have already written this.

    The Global Economic Criminal Fraternity need an excuse, any excuse, to cover up the Ponzi scheme that is our ‘ western economy’ which is peddled by the major trading banks, the same ones who reach into our lives and rape us of our time spent in this life, ( $4 Mil Ponsonby houses!? I mean? Really? ) to let them wriggle out of a very, very uncomfortable truth. Nothing like bombs and blood shed to divert attention aye boys?
    I hope to Christ the Russians are smarter than this horrible, terrible and ever unfolding sack of lies is revealing and help to shine light on what really happened.
    A mafia hit, in my view.
    What ever you see, hear and read? Think the opposite.

    • CB – just a tiny part of the scam banks use to harvest free money from Kiwis. The MSM say little about this fiasco so the NZ public live in a cloud of dreamland accepting banks lend from deposits which is far from the truth. Cullen propagates the deposit source myth as he has shown to be a bought man and dishonest.

      Bryan Gould is a very qualified and experienced economist among other lofty pursuits, and he openly lays out how NZ Govt can solve some of its catchup deficits to address social needs and infrastructure.

      Its simple. Throwing off the yoke of Private control of free money supply.


      Our Govts for the last 70+ years have allowed private bankers to strip NZ of its power to support common good.

      We do not need to accept such an injustice and should not, in spite of a Western alliance threatening any country who mentions throwing off the yoke.

      The western alliance is basically a bankers alliance or world rule tool.

      Not all countries comply and we should join them.

  11. Let us have a look at something we do know.
    In the early 1990s, Skripal was recruited as an agent for MI6 by Pablo Miller. Miller’s MI6 controller under diplomatic cover in Moscow at this time was Christopher Steele. We know they have remained in contact – Miller visits Skripal regularly and works for Orbis (Christopher Steele’s outfit).
    Smell anything?
    Steele, of course, was the author of the dodgy dossier that targeted Trump based on his Russian activities.
    Skripal, who is a bit short of the readies, wanted to go back to Russia – had made application to do so. Getting a whiff? Could it be that what Skripal knows about the dossier could fetch a price in Russia? Certain parties would consider that inconvenient.

    • Francesca: “If the Skripals………..were Irish rather than Russian, perhaps the immediate assumption would have been that they’d buggered up their wasp killing efforts.”

      Indeed:point taken. Not sure, however, whether I should be indignant on behalf of my Irish relatives…..

        • Francesca: “my father was from County Clare”

          Heh! North Kerry, and as far south as Killarney, in my family’s case.

          You probably know about all those jokes the Irish tell about Kerrymen. Sigh…

  12. SO…a case of British political porkies and of RNZ spouting British propaganda uncritically

    …time for heads to roll at RNZ ?…the reportage was appallingly uncritical and biased

    …we want reporters who can think critically …we dont want propagandists

    ‘Unidentified: Porton Down scientists CANNOT confirm nerve agent used on Skripals was made in Russia


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