How did a far right attack troll know about the Labour Party Summer Camp scandal 24 hours after it happened?

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…how did a far right Troll know about this scandal before anyone else in the Labour Party hierarchy?

Let’s put aside the nonsense of Labour’s defence that their response to the Summer Camp was ‘victim led’ because waiting 3 weeks to offer counselling, Police and dialogue isn’t victim led at all.

Let’s put aside the fact Jacinda should never have been allowed to be left in the dark when questioned about it.

Let’s put aside telling every voting parent in NZ that Labour wouldn’t tell them if their kid was abused at an official Labour Party function.

Let’s put aside all that and simply focus on this.

How did  far Right Troll know about this 24 hours after it happened?

‘Kermy’ is a far right Twitter Troll who joined Twitter in January 2017. They are an exceptionally toxic individual and yet 24 hours after the Summer Camp event, ‘Kermy’ seemed to know everything about the Labour Camp scandal…


…how did a far right Troll know about this scandal before anyone else in the Labour Party hierarchy?


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  1. Muttonbird says:

    When it’s suggested a Nat plant might be responsible there is outrage from the rabid right.

    There’s evidence to suggest the youth wings of political parties are ripe for infiltration, teens being teens. And that they have been infiltrated in the past.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Its roast busters 2.0. All those social justice warriors who called for Willie Jacksons head should now be calling for a full investigation.

      The Kermy meme is now officially dead. It’s not funny or ironic. Rest in peace Kermy.

    • bert says:

      ” A National plant” Yes and I noticed in the Herald that a second person at the event was happy to forward more information about what took place as long as they had anonymity. Really? Why? Which young Nat was at the Labour camp?

  2. JohnW says:

    Tim Murphy broke this story on Newsroom. Is there a connection between him and the Twitter characters Ferttman or GeoffsnewsofNZ?

  3. Dirk says:

    Each side does it all the time. It’s called politics.
    Labour have had spies at many National party get togethers and recorded people and had those conversations published by a willing left wing media.
    Get real!

    • Andrea says:

      Well that brand of ‘politics’ is due a dose of Grandma’s Lysol or Medicinal Compound.

      Anyone know how much official booze there was – and if there were kegs coming over the wall?

      How many underage attendees – and how many legal age?

      And did their parents have to sign anything for their wee sweeties to attend?

      PS All these ‘outraged parents’ who want to be told – have these 30+-40+ people selective amnesia?! Would they have rushed off to ‘tell all’ to PARENTS?!

      From media reports, the same or worse happens every weekend – and to much younger kids.

      However, the answer is clear: only tea, coffee, cordial from now on. (Or skip the cordial if it’s too sugary.)

    • RosieLee says:

      Who’s that walking under my bridge?

  4. Marc says:


    And this is just the beginning. Slater et al have not gone into early retirement, as far as I am aware.

  5. Nathaniel says:

    A tauranga Labour party member apparently has made an official complaint to police about a national party plant at the camp. Or so he says on his facebook profile?

  6. Ed says:

    Same as why Salisbury had full media bombardment.
    Stories are saved for maximum impact.
    Best impact when Jacinda away in Pacific.

    • Win Kiddle says:

      Totally agree. This was a smelly as the Russian nerve gas saga. Came at the right time with the #me too campaign prominent – ensuring the incident would stick in people’s minds, Jacinda is riding high and doing well, Peters wants to trade with Russia amid the European (aka US) and US sanctions on Russia until the unfortunate and badly timed (for Winston anyhow) ongoing rush to start WW3, aka the highly toxic ‘Russian’ nerve gas that failed to kill a whole town, let alone the people who came into contact with it, occurred. Has the hallmarks of a NZ mossad trained, neo con loonies, a la Dirty Politics doing. So that’s why the fat boy went to Israhell.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Yes we now see when Jacinda is busy signing off TPP or giving money to other countries the national Party “black ops” will strike to damage her, so all her ministers must step up while she is “absent here” but Jacinda now need to get real and re-organise her cabinet soon because her ministers like Shane jones ” are now failing her sadly as Shane Jones is an arrogant man that will not meet the community groups and pushes his often right wing policies now since his Gisborne “fuck-up speech “when he said “I have not seen any support for rail”!!!!!!!!!

      Is he an idiot??????

      Our community has for a very long time been calling for Winston Peters policy to re-open our rail to be adopted by this labour NZF coalition!!!!!!
      But Shane Jones is appearing to be deaf it seems, and so far is unresponsive to our repeated requests to his office to meet us but still wont meet with us on this.

      Shane Jones needs to be ‘sorted’ by Jacinda now.

      • I'm right says:

        Do you really think Winston would allow Shane Jones (or any of his MPs to be ‘demoted’ in a reshuffle) to be replaced by Ardern?? If you do, then I have a railway upgrade to sell you!

  7. Michelle says:

    Yes I was wondering when the Labs would wake up to this why do you think the gnats picked there times when to speak on this matter.
    They will stoop low so desperate are they to be in power and they don’t give rats arse who they tramp on to get there. We see this today when NZers that signed a petition personal email details were abused basically their personal details were used as a recruiting tool to get donations and more members.

  8. Observer Tokoroa says:

    Let Hatred Prosper

    I think you have to remember that National fanned hatred against Jacinda. From the get go.

    Chief among them billy English and the his dumb Treasurer.

    The unproductive females of the National Caucus are not interested in doing anything for New Zealand. Never have been. They spit like cats. It’s all they know.

    The problem is that Jacinda wants to return some equality in living conditions, earnings, and opportunities to Mr and Mrs New Zealand.

    Nothing , but nothing upsets nationalists more than the words “equality”, “opportunity”, “high wages”, “Decent Living Conditions”.

    Crikey, “next the Labour rats will be trying to get at our stocks and shares and trusts and hidden untaxed piles.”

    National is a corrupt bunch of non democratic thieves. Their leaden boots on the throats of hundreds of thousands of good NZ Citizens.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Well said Observer Tokoroa.

      National are black ops deceitful, demented animals, and Labour must quickly come to all their promises quickly to make our lives better and not just sit and ponder, quite National keeps making fires and deflections for labour.

      If Jacinda fails at this, they will be thrown out if they fail to give the promises they gave us all.

      Jacinda must now send a clear message to her caucus to move to get the promises to their coalition finished, or suffer consequences.

  9. Rodel says:

    regret that I looked at the Kermy site. That person is sick like slater.

  10. Michelle says:

    This is the problem in our country it is the same as accepting b jones recent racist comments as satire. If we all accept his comments as being kei te pai little wonder we are such a divisive country.

  11. Marc says:

    ” Let me be clear. If you don’t like Whaleoil, for example, then find out where he lives and burn the fuckers house down. If you don’t like farrars mocking the victims of a paedophile like jimmy savile? Go and find him and beat the living shit out of the creep.”

    Dangerous comment, may get you into trouble in our otherwise rather PC world.

  12. Priss says:

    If the predator that assaulted those 16 year olds turns out to be a right-wing “plant”, all hell will break loose!!

    • Brutus Iscariot says:

      Don’t be stupid. As if someone is going to risk jail time and a permanent sex offender black mark, to put such a minor and indirect burn on the government.

      It’s not really relevant either whether there was a National “plant”, the incident still happened and the facts aren’t in dispute. This isn’t KGB vs CIA spy games, it’s a bunch of Kiwi kids and a drunk moron. People talk, and it could easily be someone’s brother/mate who got the story over dinner. So don’t worry, Slater hasn’t implanted his consciousness (Black Mirror style) into some unsuspecting Kiwi teen.

  13. Andrea says:

    About those house keys: The last jacket and pants you wore. In the bottom of your shopping bag. Beside the landline because a call came just as you were ‘getting home’. In the bathroom. Hanging out of the shed door padlock. Hanging out with the remote.

    And why isn’t the spare under the rubbish bin at the back door as usual?

    Hope you find them soon.

  14. Sonja says:

    And Jacinda did not know? Makes her look weak, and worse, the insiders of Labour do not respect her. Face of the party, but not in charge of the party. Either that, or she knew and is lying. How many votes have Labour lost because of this?? Such an amoral party.

  15. thecalidonian says:

    Not to blow a perfectly good conspiracy theory, but I’d suggest OP meant “camp” as in “side” not literally the summer camp.

  16. Draco T Bastard says:

    because waiting 3 weeks to offer counselling,

    [Citation Needed]


    In the meantime, Labour had offered to provide the victims with counselling, and support them if they decided to take further action and report the incidents to police.

    Let’s put aside telling every voting parent in NZ that Labour wouldn’t tell them if their kid was abused at an official Labour Party function.

    Which, of course, is more bollocks on your part. These were adults, not children and its really up to them if they tell the parents and/or the police.

    As the experts tell us because telling the parents can cause more harm. Telling them without the person’s say so definitely will as it teaches them that they’re of no value.

    …how did a far right Troll know about this scandal before anyone else in the Labour Party hierarchy?

    He was there watching.

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