Dear NBR – strike Matthew Hooton down and he shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine



At the NBR, Hooton was behind a paywall, because of their spinelessness in standing up to Joyce, Hooton has been dumped by the NBR and is now at the Herald with an audience 10 times bigger than he ever had at the NBR.

So Hooton will now have 100 times the influence he ever had.

Great. Just wonderful.

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  1. That was quick! But don’t worry, Hooten can promote his Bridges to Nowhere man as much as he likes, because Natz has nothing to offer.

    Natz is disunited, lacking talent, led by two clowns, who don’t know their arses from their elbows, to the extent it’s become a political farce.

    Now it’s deplete of a Mr Fixit, a Minister of propaganda and everything else, Natz will be in total disarray. So any promotion Hooten gives to Natz, will be to make a complete and utter fool of himself, as well as NZH.

  2. So a lot of normies like a lot of salt induced rants and calling out people like Hooton because we ain’t sugar coating anything. The funny thing about this is a lot of comments and reaction blogs and journalism in general, many of them are really fucken triggered, which is hilarious. But the best part about it is, unlike Martyn Bradbury they don’t offer any kind of counter arguments. So think of it this way… The argument is a tank, a really fucken durable tank, and instead of these guys attacking it head on. They do the little bitch route and try flanking around it. Or they try to attack it from other angles instead of directly confronting the argument. What they do is they make claims. They say:

    -Your lazy?
    -don’t have kids if you can’t afford
    -are you high
    -or you are just jealous and mad because they have more subscribers

    This is wrong for a lot of fucken reasons. It doesn’t matter how larger your ratings are, how many page views you have, how many subscribers you have. Or how much revenue you have. It dosnt matter… So if you say stupid shit, or chat chit and make a bunch of ridiculous claims… We will respond, we will debate and we will shut down the opinionated argument. And for example Adam Strypy was making a bunch of shifty fucking claims trying to discredited me as some sort of Chinese Jingbot. This is after falsely equivocating me to spying on Tuhoe, when that’s my fucking Iwi. Which he’s been really fucken outraged about and it makes sense Adam would be really fucken outraged about. Which is really wrong because I’v made a bunch of response to the standard and kiwi blog, and the herald who apparently have way more page views and revenue than The Daily Blog or even any one in #nzpol. And we debate or Martyn debates them and interviews them on Twitter… But they just fucking doge. But the point is these bigger political spheres that are bigger than #nzpol, we’ve debunked them, we make responses to them.

    There was also The Mother Of All Scandals that came out before election17 that turned out to be flat as, that Winston Peters had already paid back all his super overpayment and we were like hey Newsroom, that’s dirty politics. And it turned out it was dirty politics and the National Party campaign manager has resigned. GG.

    And Martyn debunked Lordes Israeli concert which resulted in the shows cancelation so it shows that, views, subscribers and revenue really doesn’t fucken matter. If you say dumb shit, we will debate it, we will refute it, no difficulty. Doesn’t matter.

    With that being said it is even more evident that Matthew Hootons justification for neoliberalism National Party style is even more pathetic than his justification for Simon Bridges. But what’s even more satisfying is a lot of the criticism against the National Party 9 years in government, Matthew Hooton now agrees with which makes him even more of a bitch for taking this route.

    And then there are standardista types that get really fucken triggered. And instead of making any counter argument they say those problems don’t actually apply to the left, you guys are misogynist, bigots. They don’t say this is wrong for this, or this, or this reason. They don’t give any fucken argument. And they all look like a generic feminine charm around lazy content blogs. All they say is every one who doesn’t agree are assholes and what have you done, shut up and listen. It’s literally like these Xbox live memes of tough kids saying – I’m going to destroy you like a John Wick meme you fucker, you don’t want this… Lolz… And people actually come at me like this to prove how little feminine charm they have.

    But I mean these people have zero counter argument or balls to even mention why there content isn’t lazy or why there opinion is damaging to the community. And my whole counter argument to lazy content is:

    -appeal to motive (question the motives of the proposers points)
    “Of course Professor proper says masculinity is toxic. She holds the chair in workforce innovation.”

    -and appeal to emotions (use emotions rather than evidence)
    “We must stop Trump or transgenders will commit sideways.”

    And people even say to me why don’t you show your face even though it’s completely irrelevant to the discussion. And yeah if I was judging people on there appearance by saying they’re fat or ugly then yeah you could say I was a bitch for not showing my face. In any of my comments I don’t say any one is fat or fucking ugly, I just don’t do that because that is going to be used to counter anything we’ve said or it used to attack us… Right?… So what I do is this:

    So for example let’s say some one claims 2+2= 3. Ok? Instead of giving counter evidence to the argument you would say NO. 2+2 isn’t 3… You fucken idiot. No, that would be ad hominem. So what you’d actually say is this:

    * 2^2=4
    * 2×2=4
    * 2+2=4

    Meaning that through squaring, multiplication and addition you would get the number 4 meaning that 3 is incorrect… You fucken idiot < so if you followed up with that it wouldn't be ad hominem because you would be giving counter evidence and that you are adding insult to injury as one would say.

    But what the normie shit post community does is they completely skip the counter evidence and counter arguments and go straight to insulting us. But as I say attacking us by calling us:

    -what new taxes

    As I say none of this is directly attacking the tank. That's just flanking around with out actually confronting the argument. That's just trying to find some little bitch route around it.

    So that's all I needed to get off my chest. Originally I had to do a lot of edits because I was getting way to savage at times but honestly this is the best I could come up with. But other than that I'll be coming at you in the comments sections if I've got something to say.

  3. And 100 times more opportunity for those of the Left to seize on every hypocrisy and discrepancy Hooton ever carelessly lets slip… or that of his chosen political stooge.

    Remember that.

    The man takes a perverse joy in dismantling others who he views as opposing his ideology, or at least try’s to , … so now turn the tables and view this as an opportunity to scrutinize and pull apart every single word he ever says henceforth with unbridled abandon. Failing that , – an oblique attack on him by attacking his chosen political prodigy will suffice. And do it again , and again , and again .

    He is not invincible nor is he not prone to being human.

    Just bide the time and the opportunity’s will arise aplenty . As sure as night follows day.

    After 9 years of National and their Dirty Politics run out of John Keys office? , – this is the least they deserve.

  4. Matthew has the dirt on so many and is causing ex National Chair (Michelle Boag) to shit her undies all the time ‘the poor scheming Muppet’.

    Many National MP’s are sitting on shifting ground now as Matthew Hooten has stated, “I want the rot cut out of the National party and make it a proud honest Party again”.

    Steven Joyce caught in a trap by Matthew hooten in Radio Live discussion with Mark Sainsbury at 27.50 minutes on discussion audio. in 31st August 2914.

    . . . hosted by Peter Aranyi

    « Sean Plunket comes around on the Watergate comparison (‘Dirty Politics’)

    Matthew Hooton’s assertions re the Prime Minister’s Office
    Posted in 31 August 2014
    Peter Aranyi
    ‘Explosive’ is one of those words that gets kicked around in politics and political reporting to the point where it’s almost lost its meaning.
    But it’s not an exaggeration to describe right wing spin doctor and self-declared National Party loyalist Matthew Hooton‘s performance on RadioLIVE this morning as incendiary. He effectively called Prime Minister John Key ‘dishonest’, said the PM’s office and chief of staff Wayne Eagleson is implicated in the Dirty Tricks scandal (viz. the SIS-Goff-OIA affair) and more, described Jason Ede’s black-ops brigade as ‘acting under orders’.
    And in a fiery exchange, he described former National Party President (and present-day apologist) Michelle Boag as ‘a hack’ with ‘no political views’ who is ‘all about is defending a government that has behaved in ways that [are] literally indefensible and you know it’ …
    Listen for yourself.

    • You are wrong, the division of society continues along those lines, those ‘connected’, those ‘able to pay’, and those NOT, who will be the refuse of society in future, we get more of the same, in the internet age, in slightly different ways, and this government is not serious about changing this.

  5. If NZ Herald have to get a paywall to pay Hooten’s wages then all the better. No one wants to pay for anything these days!

  6. Matthew is a smart guy, you get it now.

    He is the most influential political commentator in NZ Inc, without any doubt. But he is at times also the greatest spin master and manipulator, RNZ and Kathryn Ryan still have not quite got that.

    • Which is all fine and dandy if you want to be aligned with the notion that our sovereign nation is ‘NZ Inc’
      It only is that because we’ve let it become that.
      There is actually a simple ‘Off’ switch and its nothing to do with PR type ‘reset’ buttons.

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