Matthew Hooton is now Mongolia’s Honorary Consul in NZ?!?! This wondrous absurdity made today worth living


Words of the wonderful absurdity of this fails me.

Matthew Hooton is now Mongolia’s Honorary Consul in New Zealand?!?!

This has set off speculation that somehow this is corrupt because, you know, Hooton is the Head of Slytherin House and the architect of the Death Star and no matter how many times he tries to rub genial and jovial Ben Thomas onto everyone. he still provokes the Imperial March theme song in the same way Steve Bannon or Trump does…

… questions were immediately asked after people noted that the Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry  donated $150 000 to the National Party…


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…the problem of course is that Inner Mongolia is a separate region and is not Mongolia the actual country.

Unfortunately for conspiracy theorists, the actual truth is far weirder than fiction. Hooton has been doing consultancy in Mongolia for a very long time and visited the country as a Uni student.

He has the requisite contacts and skills and basic interest in the region to gain this, but it is also manages to muzzle him in his criticism of the current Government because as a Honorary Consul he has to at least pretend to respect the Government of the day.

I for one believe Honorary Consul’s should be forced to spend at least 50% of the year in their Consul’s country.

If Mongolia ever want to make a weapon of mass destruction or enact neoliberal social policy that would amount to corporate feudalism – Matthew Hooton is their man!

It’s absurd, it’s wonderful, it made my day.

Congratulations to him.



  1. How odd. The concerns of Matthew Hooton must be several thousand light years away from the concerns of the ordinary Mongolian worker. Or any worker, for that matter.

  2. Read this, you will understand, Mongolia is another project where neoliberalism is being experimented with:

    Matthew the Hooter sticks to his game, do not doubt one minute about it, this appointment may appear bizarre to some, to others it makes perfect sense.

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