Pay the full Working for Families package to all low-income families on April 1

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The government has announced goals to halve child poverty in three critical measures over the next decade. These are realistic and achievable targets that will be welcomed. However, it is wrong for the government to delay the introduction of their boost to working for families for a further five months until July. 

The government has announced goals to halve child poverty in three critical measures over the next decade. These are realistic and achievable targets that will be welcomed.
However, it is wrong for the government to delay the introduction of their boost to working for families for a further five months until July.
WFF is being underfunded by an estimated $700 million a year as a consequence of the steady decline in real value that occurred under the National government. The planned boost in July only restores $500 million of the cuts.
The government also plans to increase the abatement rates from 20 to 25% after earning $42,700. A family earning $5000 above the threshold could lose up to 84% of the additional income in taxes and abatements! At the very least, the increase in the abatement rate should be stopped.
The full entitlement of the WFF package should also be extended to all low-income families. This would boost the incomes of 200,000 children in the worst poverty at a cost of another $500 million.
The government’s goals of halving child poverty can’t actually be achieved without this change happening sooner or later.
Discriminating against low-income families not in work has been a festering sore that needs to be lanced. It was a product of the previous Labour government maintaining the “Third Way” ideology associated with Tony Blair and Bill Clinton that differentiated between the deserving and undeserving poor. It has no place under this government and the commitments that have been made to halve child poverty in a decade.
We can afford it now without any increased taxes as I explained last week.
The system is broken. We need a return to universal entitlements that is recouped with taxes on high incomes and accumulated wealth.
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Mike Treen

National Director of Unite Union


  1. esoteric pineapples says:

    “Discriminating against low-income families not in work has been a festering sore that needs to be lanced.”

    I agree totally. It’s a totally subjective decision not to include them.

  2. Siobhan says:

    “the lowest 20 percent of earners spent 54 percent of their income on housing in 2015, compared with just 29 percent in the late 1980s.”..and I hate to think what the figure is now.

    If the Government would like to make a pledge guaranteeing that the lowest 20% of earners will not need to pay more than 35% of their income on housing, and will be able to achieve that by means other than overcrowding, then maybe I could believe that all these policies will actually reduce Poverty.

    Otherwise I suspect it will be a case of charities handing out cheap shoes from The Warehouse so some more families can be officially counted as no longer being ‘in poverty’.

    • Bridget says:

      Accommodation cost are now almost 75% of most peoples income…well, I know it is with ours.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Ok so I’m just going to destroy all charlatan educators and fake news and fake pundants and educators in one post so let’s roll.

      It costs over a million dollars to set up a political party. So if you don’t need it you want do it because it’s vanity over sanity. What about manufactured stories and deception???<< and an arrow pointing <-there and saying vote here or there, congrats. Well any one can do that. Any one can pull up a chart and say X number of people should have voted here not there. It's just bullshit.

      So that was hindsight story telling well what about predicted story telling?

      Predicted story telling is very disingenuous because people who don't understand constitutional powers can fall for it very easily. So posting a chart before an event with arrows on it saying prepare for the big move and then you get a screen shot of the actual result with a narrative next to it that's different from the original one saying, wow is the world because no one listened. This why I like I told you so's so much more. This is the oldest trick in the book and it's being going on since the 1920's. They've got 2 narratives/stories and they post the one that generates the most interest. And it's the oldest trick in the book because it actual comes from financial brokers. Back in the 1920's brokers would tell half there clients to go long on a Ne and the other half to go long on another and the side that loses, the broker would help them on the next one so the broker can grow his business from a hundred clients, to 200, to 400 and so on. All that's happened is that's been modernised on the Internet. And this is why any professional with any respect will never post there research because they will lose all of there respect in the professional community because every professional knows that they're probably bullshitting. Because they know all the dirty tricks. So there is a side to politics that's totally different to everything you experience as a citizen.

      But it also breeds a dependency culture as well because it's exactly the opposite of how professionals are taught in the real world by having shrewdness. So people singing up to NZHerald subscriptions saying here's the potential news with arrows pointing to where to get on and get off the bandwagon<<< what's there is the educator pushing the inverted narrative because they're working for a political ideology indirectly. And what the client/subscriber is doing is depending on those lists or ideas every day to try and generate an identity for yourself and generate a profit for yourself. AND it's actually the total opposite of the way you need to be taught. You need to be coming up with your own ideas and generating your own ideas.

      And again manufactured stories and deception is the way the MSM online world works, who have a false narrative. They know everything they say is bullshit but they have to give the impression that other people believe it so your u get sucked in. So there is 2 things you need to look out for.

      1. sock puppets
      2. Meat puppets

      What's a sock puppet? Stick a sock on your hand and start talking. You open 400 social media accounts with different email addresses and they pretend to be people commenting on your posts and your logging into 80 of them per day and commenting on your posts. There's a huge huge amount of this online everyday and it's complete nonsense and people get sucked in by it.

      What's a meat puppet? A a meat puppet is a sock puppet but it's a human. They cooped people in America, Russia, China, left, right, where ever. To log in and up vote there stories and comments to get them to the top so it looks like there's a narrative occurring that believe there buckshot so people get sucked in. They build fake profiles and comment on MP's and comment on themselves that's a sock puppet fake website. Fake reviews and they'll give r views on themselves, obviously that are favourable and then reviews on there competitors that are not favourable. THIS IS LITERALLY HOW THEY ALL DO IT.

      Or they can literally engage in actual criminal activity. Which is creating paper trails of privileged information of things they claim people have done on a spread sheet or in the back end of a website. And all they've done is copy and past and it just updates there bullshit original narrative. And it's not audited by OIA, it's not audited by accountants, they don't have administrators. It's self administered and it's actually criminal activity. Because what your actually doing is miss selling political performance.

      Lifestyle and social media posts is the stuff that's supposed to distract you. So drastically overemphasis and conflating the difference between voting and lifestyle. So of course if you know what you are doing then ticking a ballot paper is less than 1% of what you need to be doing. It's the other 99% that's important. You can't be sitting on social media coming up with ideas… You actually do need to work. You can vote online while you're on social media BUT you have to do the other 99% of the work. And you can always tell the educator that has zero professional experience because they constantly push the lifestyle narrative and creating the hopes and dreams and how do they do it?

      – They do MTV style tours of houses, it's not there's they're just renting or minding. Collect 3 months of content and then drip it out over 3 months. So they build archives of content to drip out the inverted narrative.
      – they interview and ask questions and then change the question/narrative after or before the question is answered. So post truth.
      – Possibly my favourite is hiding cash and telling every one you don't have any.

      And when you wrap all this together of course the cherry on top of the cake is the reason why they're attempting to turn New Zealand into a factory for producing propaganda is because they want to inspire you so you can one day be like them. So you tick a few ballot boxes and for 99% of the time you're gone. But there are other areas of voting infrastructure where citizens are important. Trust me when I say this citizens are everything to a capitalist democracy they just work in slightly different ways. So they are in

      – Public programmes
      – Private programmes
      – Social programmes
      – Online forums / information vendors

      So let's start with private programmes and sophisticated investors. Sophisticated investors trade in accounts under $500k and professional investors trade in accounts over $500k so there is a gap because to do any meaningful programmes or start a political movement you need over a million dollars an so you first have to qualify as a sophisticated investor. Citizens can't invest in any of this. So what citizens invest in is (oh this???) infrastructure programme that is supposed to look like a programmes called 'managed programmes'. So you got these guys who give you ideas so they can manage money. And they've all got privacy clauses in there contracts, every single one of them. So there is conflict of interest and what tends to happen is 90% of the population run out of money by the end of the week and don't save anything… WHY??? Because when the minimum wage goes up in value they churn like crazy. They spend, they spend, they spend, they spend on lifestyle choices so they can keep up with the Kardashians. And then the commission and prestige goes in there back pocket and Matthew Hooton gets a rebate and when they are down they just churn less.

      So it's a churning mechanism. So what about if we automate that mechanism? So we take away the human values and out in a campaign slogan or advertisement and every time this particular pundant pontificates you repeat it. So it's automated and there is very little original content. So there's no human managing the narrative and you're just copy and pasting some one else's ideas. And what about if we automate that. So what you have at the top is a master account with a communications manager who want to outsource there narrative but take the company logo off and put your Matthew Hooton types on it so they can publish the inverted narrative. Or to somebody who is supposed to be good. What's happening here? Well the guy with the master account has a privacy agreement. So every time the master account spits or Hooton spits nonsense, you spit nonsense. It's just 2 separate accounts instead of one so its false advertising and fraud<<< so what's happened there is the broker has outsourced pick pocketing to a machine.

      So what about social media platforms. You've seen them, they go around with fake names. Draco T Basturd, WEKA, AD, Waikato Girl, Slater, Farrar, Master19489 and so on and every one agrees with them because they only up vote what the master account story is. And what have they done? They've got 20-30 daily followers and your about to devote 5 minutes, 10 minits, then it turns into days and by the time you realise you've turned into a social media addict following these guys around who produce bullshit all day for master accounts. They're never going to be able to manage that message, they just get lucky. Because they never tell any one how much money and time they've got invested or very rarely. But something that's very very very Farley advertised and no one knows the real truth about it unless you are inside the industry is 80% of there members and commentariats are dormant because citizen only exist to tick a box 1% of the time. They create fake profiles on website is or if they don't own it they sign privacy agreements.

      So what are you doing? So you can I've been automated. So the master account set up a website and you've set up a sub account under a master account and you just copy and past some one else's ideas of a person that doesn't exist. And all these guys get away with it because they're not turning a profit off the website or social media platform because master accounts pay for dinner and so on. So they end of with privacy law regulations when they really shouldn't. And regulators have had to investigate breaches of privacy into social trading platforms and they actually find that 80% of them are fake profiles. So every now and then I go onto this political websites and do a bit of due diligence to see if any has has any ideas of there own and I'd say about 80% of it is the inverted narrative and they struggle to come up with content of there own.

      So does any think that online forums were built for your benefit so you can go to social media and chat about politics with sock and meat puppets? They're not built for your benefit. And the platform owners are actually incentivised by master accounts via privacy agreements. Click on the ads on the right hand side and then check the URL, it's an affiliate program, they all have it. And they have a privacy agreement with every one that posts or advertises on there platform. I go on to these sites all the time and check the URL links to see if they're fake or being payed a commission. So if you go out to any company website and download there accounts and how do they make they're money is through marketing and advertising. And what is master accounts paying platform owners??? They are rebates for privacy agreements. You need to understand what goes on behind the scenes.

      So when ever you go onto online forums they are in direct competition with professional educators. So there native is all eduction and politics is crap. And of course most of it is crap because most professionals have privacy agreements where they get a percentage rebated or there salary assured but they are real players in the vast MINORITY and The Daily Blog is one of them. But what do charlatans push on there platforms, they are going to dis everything except for the master accounts story and dis the things that are not advertising with them. And they are going to push you to the inverted narrative and promote the inverted narrative and send you and push you towards master account holders. They'll even set up fake profiles of themselves and they'll call themselves veterans as having been on a social media platform for 10 years and added lots of content that other fake profiles respect so they are basically sock puppets and they'll push you towards master accounts. So if you think you're talking to a guy that's got a reputation that's good it isn't, it's a guy working for a forums privacy agreement. You need to be very very suspicious of the way these guys work because there is huge conflict of interest everywhere.

      So consider what you've been shown today and consider everything and how everything works. And how the perimeters of the nation is literally set up for citizens to fail. The infrastructure was built for citizens to fail, not for any ones benefit.

      -how corporate donors are the biggest political donors because they need there political narrative/story to survive.

      -how investors absolutely require idiots to exist and enabling the idiot by financing fake stories.

      -How politics continuously need there big donors to survive so they can continually get paid. How social.

      -how meat and sock puppets and charlatan educators constantly push the inverted narrative so they can part you with your money.

      -how the average citizen learns all this when they have no choice but to get there news and ideas from an environment full of charlatans.

      -And how regulators will never actually prevent a problem. They will only ever react to casualties of past problems.

      And now we've stated all this I want you to ask yourselves is it even possible for citizens to reform the system???

      And if you believe that Aotearoa-New Zealand citizens can make money sustainably then you are right. So go back to the beginning and the most important thing is to understand how all this works and find the guys who make money and try an emulate them. It's pretty straight forward it's like walking into any industry. If you make friends with the idiots then you won't last long but if you I usage the successful guys then chances are you will share in some success aswell. So find the players who win and do what they do. So go onto the electoral commissions expense returns and look up who the biggest donors were, they are literally signalling to every one where all the churn is and where you should be getting involved and it will be skewed to the right. And why do you think it's skewed to the right? Because they get the big situations right when the population moves around the country, and when the populace loses mobility then they lose. So all this talk of the Jacinda effect is complete bullshit, they got lucky because it was there turn in the electoral cycle, it had nothing to do with strategy at all. But I'm telling y'all you strategy can play apart in the next election because they churn in different ways and they just make money in different ways. So they just let the population work and they just let the money roll on and they don't stand in the way of any of it. So all MP's go to sleep with huge overnight risk. So election17 wasn't a fluke, you can go back to 1999 and see the donor lists show up skewed left or right.


      So shouldn't we be doing a actor what these guys are doing in there own master accounts and become the most annoying clients on any donor list in the world and become guys that make money…

      Everything you've got to do has to be the same way as the guys with master accounts do it. So you've got access to social media platforms and you have to use them, and donor lists. But you do everything the opposite way to how they want you to use them and do things and you'll learn how to make money properly. And there is no short cuts to sustainability you've just got to do it.

      So be warned. My campaign and I suspect that of The Daily Blog is to educate you on how everything actually works so you don't make the stupid mistakes that every one else makes. That's what you've gotten today and the next stage is how you actually come up with an idea for who to vote for and emulate professionals who are REAL professionals who have got the experience, been there done it and have made money and continue to make money.

      So you've got to go straight to the source and be woke and I hope this has woken you up. Because the reality is if you don't go down this path then you will live hand to mouth and that's unsustainable. And we don't mind. We'll still be around the next year or the year after. You'll just come back but it will have cost you a lot of time and money to learn the lesson or learnt it already. I guarantee there are people how've read this and learnt it already. Most citizens bank balance reads zero at the end of the week before they learn voting is not for them. But they never get woke. They never find out the real reason. And the real reason is the stuff you've read today. You've got to go straight to the source. So just don't want years of your life. It's no skin off my nose if you do I'll still be here.

      So GTFOH and DFIU.