The list of cowards who voted against Chloe’s medical cannabis bill


These are the petty cowards

Last night, these petty cowards in Parliament voted down medicinal cannabis reform.

These fucking base hypocrites!

So what Parliament is saying is that it’s okay to kill yourself if you are in pain, but it’s not ok to smoke a joint if you are in pain – what sort of a Circus Freak show of a Democracy is this? The double standards are sickening and outrageous!

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Want to kill yourself because you are in pain? Oh we will rush that through to select committee immediately despite the enormous question marks over that. Want to smoke a joint because you are in pain? Oh no you don’t, back to letting the cops bust you and arrest you thanks.

Those who voted against this are disgusting parasites without any spine, guts or stones. Meanwhile tens of thousands of New Zealanders suffer the fear of Police brutality and Criminal gangs to get a medicine that alleviates their pain while these gutless fucking swine sit on their fat comfy arses on the leather seats of privilege.

Last nights defeat is proof positive that the sham democracy we slave under can not adapt to the realities of our lives as citizens. It is a reminder that the only way to stick it to these pompous fuckwits is to take matters into our own hands by way of a binding referendum.

I want to target one particular scum bag, National Party wonderboy  – Chris Bishop. Listening to your bullshit excuse as to why you wouldn’t vote because it didn’t have ‘enough regulation’ was sophistry of the highest order.

Aren’t you a former tobacco lobbyist you filthy clown? Didn’t you peddle a product a thousand times more lethal than the one you just voted against?

Fuck you, you lying hypocritical maggot.

This is the National Party, the party of liberty and personal choice – what a load of corrupt sleaze bags with the ethics of vultures on meth.

Everywhere in the world where meaningful cannabis reform has occurred, it has done so because people put it to a referendum beyond the cowardice of politicians.

We will fight to get that referendum up in time for the 2020 election and on that day when we win, we will ram its results so far down the throat of these arseholes they gag themselves another set of lungs.

Respects to Chloe and the Greens for championing this and for running with it, their courage is to be saluted.

To the binding referendum Brothers & Sisters where these spineless politicians can’t stop us!

Helen Kelly would be ashamed of the entire Parliament today.


    • willie jackson is my jaw-dropper..

      the list: Peeni Henare, Willie Jackson, Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki, Stuart Nash, Greg O’Connor, Jenny Salesa, Meka Whaitiri and Poto Williams

      please do not forget who these people are – and how they denied proven help to those suffering here-now – today..

      and could i just slip from reasoned arguing for a moment to say: ‘bastards..!..all of them..!..

      (it was a short honeymoon..wasn’t it..?..)

      • I watched and heard Greg O’Connor speak on Chloe’s bill, he is the kind of person I thought he is, and I am not positively impressed of the man, now a Labour MP.

        Thanks for reminding us of who within Labour voted against the bill, they could have at least voted for it to make it to Select Committee, and pushed for changes they saw necessary, like others did. But no, they are the ‘principled’ bigots they are.

    • Nikki Kaye publicly stated that since her cancer experience she supported it! Were the Nats forced to vote against? Conscience vote; what a joke!

      • I’m pretty sure that the Nats were whipped into line to vote against it. When allowed to vote their conscience you’ll never see a political party all vote the same way.

  1. I thought that the entire argument about legalizing medical marijuana was so that it could be regulated properly, as opposed to being grown and distributed by criminal gangs who control the market.

    The only cowards are those who voted against it as a matter of principle, not because it was a deeply flawed bill that did little to address the very foundation that properly legalizing and regulating marijuana would have.

    • The members against are criminals themselves and this proves it. Either big Pharma is giving out cash or they are in with gangs. There is always a reason if they are to deny the masses.Imagine if the vote was about alchohol and prohibition.

        • Big Pharma is real but has no public face. A powerful multi billion dollar cartel who have one aim and it is not helping your health or well being.

    • Understand your confusion James but all you need to do is look at which way god fearing bill voted to work it out.

    • Names crossed out = they voted against it.
      I believe, P (Proxy), means they weren’t present but still voted off-site.

      I’d like to see this list organized by party… Several right leaning MPs voted for it, conversely several left leaning voted against it.

  2. Hypocrisy and irresponsibility and fascist state power and control and business greed

    …just look at the dangerous alternatives

    …we need some statistics on deaths from these alternative drugs

    … some of which BIG PHARMA happily supplies and bribes doctors and the medical profession happily prescribes

    * synthetic cannabis
    * Fentanyl
    * opioids

    ( the people should get together and have a class action to sue….for the sake of their loved ones who have been in pain and denied cannabis and who have been prescribed death drugs)

  3. Considering the Green’s bill failed to get over the line. And seeing as the need for urgency still remains (i.e. Labour’s medicinal cannabis bill fails to protect the majority of the suffering ill seeking to use it from prosecution). Evidently, it’s clear the cannabis referendum requires to be urgently brought forward.

  4. I think if the bill had the ‘grow your own cannabis for self use’ was taken out it may have been more acceptable? This could have been removed at the select committee stage most likely, but why was that part of the initial bill?
    Will be interesting come the Kermadec sanctuary bill and will the greens vote for it?, thus far they will have to swallow a dead rat on NZF’s waka jumping bill but seems they are getting nothing in return from NZF!
    You guys on the left have the majority, no point in blaming National for this defeat, hell even some labour MP’s didn’t vote for it by being ‘absent’.

    • I think if the bill had the ‘grow your own cannabis for self use’ was taken out it may have been more acceptable?

      Probably but what’s your reasoning for saying that?

      This could have been removed at the select committee stage most likely, but why was that part of the initial bill?

      Because it makes it cheaper for the people who need it.

      Will be interesting come the Kermadec sanctuary bill and will the greens vote for it? …

      Why are you trying to distract from the topic?

  5. So you’re allowed to kill yourself and you’re allowed to use canabis if you’re going to die. Does this therefore mean you will be allowed to use cannabis once you’ve signed up for voluntary euthanasia???

    The really bitter irony here is that there are people who will be going for voluntary euthanasia who wouldn’t need to if they good access to canabis.

    The devil himself couldn’t have come up with anything worse.

  6. Mostly to blame are National’s sycophantic brown-nosers who didn’t dare vote against Bill English for fear of losing their party’s leaders favour. Utterly embarrassing outcome for progressive NZers, especially considering that the ultra-conservative US is looking ever more liberal than we do.

    • no..the bloody tories are not ‘mostly to blame’..i am most sickened by the ‘progressive’ labour party mp’s who voted this down..willie jackson..?..w.t.f..!!!..

      and seriously..!..fuck them all..!..forever..!

  7. I assume you mean no disrespect to actual maggots.
    Isn’t it interesting? That such a bill has exposed that awful layer of $ix figure politician$ who hold our country back, stifle open minded, societal development and suffocate us in lies and frankly creepy $-Machiavellian $-wankery? I think it’s curative and positive, weirdly.
    Remember? We can’t remove the rot if we can’t see it.
    Now that we can see it. It’s up to us to snip it out, bag it up and drop it off at the rubbish dump.
    We, all of us, need to target every single one of those expensive and/or ignorant MP’s at their homes and our offices and convince them of the error of their ways.

  8. it’s getting hard to keep score of all the dead rats the Greens are eating but I think the scorecard is something like this.

    So the Greens got fucked over the Kermadec Sanctuary.

    Got fucked over the TPP.

    Got fucked over the waka jumping bill.

    Got fucked over medicinal cannabis.

    But get to support Whinnie’s all weather race track?

    Shaw has been an absolute catastrophe for the Greens. Bring back Russell Norman.

    • And another RWNJ trying to distract from the fact that their entire political party voted against the wishes of the people of NZ.

  9. The kids have crashed the car again! FFS! When will they learn? With the their majority party in government,Labour having a HellenKellyMedcanBill in the pipe … doh! You wouldn’t expect them to vote for your bill ShittaBrick ay? Or, duh! “We” didnt think of that ay? FFS! No leverage, no deal. Politics 101. Watch the Nats do some horse trading to allow Labours bill to get across the line…kids huh, who needs them, in parliament.

  10. Holy Smoke Batman

    as Cloe Swarbrick Medicinal cannabis bill is voted down by the conservative dinosaurs who only trust anything that comes in a pill bottle from uncle Pharmac who grease’s the path with its lobbying ways
    like the Alcohol & Tobacco industries

    The realm of middle earth aka lil ol Aotearoa NZ
    is under attack by the sudden angry change of our mother Earth herself
    after a sweltering record breaking heat of January 2018
    She is heaving & bellowing with her hurricane winds & rains intensifying as I write this, bang on High Tide which coincides with a king tide just hours after the trifecta of a super blood blue moon.
    With the earths rape & pillage, oil & mining industries promote, of un sustainable practices depleting the earth’s resources & full on pollution & its effects produce are clearly visible on our damaged earth,
    intensified farming & pure greedy selfish practices slowly killing our beloved earth mother’s whenua, rivers, estuary’s & oceans.
    It is the Marijuana Industry that as an alternative credible resource would depose the plastic bag polluting big oil & big pharma products which are a curse on this generation.

    So, with a bit of foresight we can see clearly who are the drivers against a natural products created by the creator of creation that can cure & sustain both the Earth itself & its inhabitants of its ailments

    in another earth-shattering event
    just days ago, the son of world famous Music Maestro Bob Marley also famous for advocating the use of medicinal herbs his son Damian has followed in his father’s footsteps & received a Grammy Award for best Reggae Album 2018 –

    Damien Jnr Gong Marley hit record Stoney Hill advocates the use of medicinal Marijuana with a Green Cross logo like the international red cross.
    with his Hit Track “Medication”

    as an unofficial Icon for the burgeoning medical marijuana industry

    meanwhile Lil ol NZ down vote throws out the baby with the bathwater

    there are also other political symbols of discontent influencing the outcome of our medical stance this week
    with the speaker of the house removing Jesus Christ for the NZ parliaments opening prayer

    this could be considered
    an act of anti-Christ
    if you’re not for us you are against us

    what’s that got to do with Medicinal Marijuana you might say?

    well listen up

    Jesus Christ healed the sick using medical marijuana, researchers claim

    “The ‘Holy Anointing oil” mentioned in Exodus contained over six pounds of kaneh-bosem, a substance identified by respected etymologists, linguists, anthropologists, botanists and other researchers as cannabis. According to the bible the recipe was handed down by God.
    Many people believe that this oil, restricted to be used by priests and later extended to kings, was what Jesus and his disciples brought to the people and was responsible for many of the cures attributed to early Christians. The bible states that Jesus never baptized with water but always anointed with oil and in fact the word Christ is a Greek translation of the Hebrew messiah, meaning “the anointed one.”
    Although Kaneh-Bosem was translated in the bible to Calamus in 300AD, this plant does not have the healing properties associated with the “Holy Chrism”.
    Cannabis residue has also been detected in old temple sites were the incense used in religious ceremonies was prepared.”

    Quoting the New Testament, Mr Bennett argues that Jesus anointed his disciples with the oil and encouraged them to do the same with other followers. This could have been responsible for healing eye and skin diseases referred to in the Gospels.

    “If cannabis was one of the main ingredients of the ancient anointing oil _ [sic] and receiving this oil is what made Jesus the Christ and his followers Christians, then persecuting those who use cannabis could be considered anti-Christ,” Mr Bennett concludes.


  11. Selfish, unpassionate, inhumane, vindictive vermin would only vote NO to the bill! And it seems this is the case here

    These MP’s day will come. Karma will visit them in some form or another. And when it does, I sincerely hope they are haunted by the way in which they voted for this bill, to the extent their inconsiderate actions will be much regretted!

  12. This is just awful.This parliament is beholden to the justice industry, cops, lawyers, judges, screws etc and the fake christians, faux moralists, deballed kiwi capons on skwakbak radio. Time for New Zealand to grow up. They think life life is saving up for a bigger house, teevee, overseas trip etc. They are spendthrift when it comes to exploiting and using up natural resources and dead stupid when it comes to doing the right thing. Parliament has turned into a reptile house.

  13. It would be great if a template letter was out there that could be sent by email to people’s local MPs expressing their disgust.

  14. Those who already grow cannabis for pain relief know how to ‘play the game’ – mostly.

    They know where to get the right seeds for the results they want. They have a private-enough area to set up watering systems and grow-baggies and the big grow lights.

    When the plant is grown and ready for harvest – they know what to do.


    And for all the many others who have absolutely no clue whatsoever?

    This bill caters for a few. That’s all it does. It falls short of the start line.

    I am no fan of Willie Jackson. However, I’m prepared to let the idea that he might see a few loopholes stay in my mind. And these folk, too: Peeni Henare, Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki, Stuart Nash, Greg O’Connor, Jenny Salesa, Meka Whaitiri and Poto Williams.

    Religious, social, cultural? Who knows? They might even be working for a comprehensive bill instead of a clump of ‘ideas’ corralled by a committee and poured forth as members’ bills.

    It’s nice of the Greens to protect the DIY gang from the attentions of the police. However, I cannot yet see how such a bill will protect those grow-your-owners from the malice of their ‘friends’ and sticky beak neighbours with the righteous urge to ‘dob them in’. Does it? Can it? Well, no.

    There’s a LOT more work to go into this reformation and it will need more than 100 days to do so, despite the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of Ms Swarbrick.

    Government is not a business…

  15. Welcome to NZ Inc 2018, New Zealand still lacks true progress in many areas, and is years behind some other countries. Hypocrisy and double standards and bigotry still rule, I see it around me in suburbia every day. Alcohol is a legal drug, causing much harm, but cannabis, oh now, you are not allowed to get high on that.

  16. I felt watching the speeches the Seymor made some good points without emotion just pointing out the simple logic, coleman was like a sentencing judge you know its going to turn out bad when they begin sounding positive. And the breast cancer survivor has seen family members ruined by drugs, yea we all have but mostly alcohol or something other than pot. And those useless shit nzf now want support , tax payer money , into house racing, no one knows any one who has seen family members lives ruined gambling , really ? and who gives a shit what they do to the horses for entertainment Polys out of touch, no their just corrupt arseholes who can’t admit they were conned by a bunch of criminals just a pity we will all cop the results as the planet is smothered.

  17. Good grief…bring on a referendum.
    Does NZ “really” have to be last in the world to legalize cannabis? This debate has been going on so long it has cobwebs on it. Yawn.
    Legalize it already!

  18. Don’t know why you are hating on Chris Bishop. He’s just fallen into line like all the other National Party stooges. Willie Jackson has some explaining to do though.

  19. Proud to say I voted for TOP and ALC. The Green’s have failed for years concerning cannabis advocacy. Legalisation should have been their price for supporting the Government, like usual they get nothing.

    Labour is just as bad. All their policies contain loop holes or don’t come into effect for 5 plus years. Granted the PM past paid parental leave, but really that benefits her and her partner … clap clap for doing something advantageous, NOT.

    As for NZF, let’s not even bother. The problem with you bleeting sheep is you keep voting for these stupid parties and expecting a different result. If you want cannabis legalized vote for ALC.

    • did you know that post-election yr leader morgan said that had top got over the line – that he would have offered to prop up the tories..?

      y’know..!..those ones who unanimously voted down the bill..?

      you ok with all that..?

      and voting for alc is an exercise in pissing yr vote

      so you had a twofer vote pissing away exercise with top and alc..?

      chin up..!.better luck next

  20. Those suffering from medical conditions which can be relieved with Cannabis, whether or not they are terminally ill, do not need the right to grow or smoke marijuana (which is toxic to the lungs and the psyche). What they need is properly regulated, and tested for safety, cannaboid medical products, which is what the government bill will allow. As James Shaw has publicly stated, marijuana is a dangerous drug which is harmful to people.

    I have a great deal of time and respect for Chloe, who is a great MP, but her bill was poorly drafted and would have dangerous unintended consequences.

    • Absolute bullshit . Read the guest post re toxic , with citations the writer comes to the opposite conclusion. And you need a citation for Shaw’s comment.

    • Those suffering from medical conditions which can be relieved with Cannabis, whether or not they are terminally ill, do not need the right to grow or smoke marijuana (which is toxic to the lungs and the psyche).

      [citation needed]

      Never mind:

      There is no doubt that smoking is a bad habit that can be irritating to the respiratory tract and damaging to the skin. But, what does smoking weed do to your lungs? Surprisingly, the average cannabis consumer appears to have little risk of lung damage or cancer. Several large-scale, epidemiological studies have found that cannabis may be easier on the lungs than you might expect. Though, there are still concerns about heavy, protracted consumption.

      BTW, marijuana can be eaten and have the same effect.

      Long Term Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

      Zalesky’s study, like much of the human work, compared people who already smoke to those who never smoked, so it doesn’t show that brains changed after the person started smoking. Smokers’ brains may have been different to begin with. The earlier someone started smoking, however, the more pronounced the impairments were, suggesting marijuana may cause changes.

      Zalesky’s study is hardly unassailable proof, but the suggestion is powerful. Especially considering a study in New Zealand that followed over a thousand individuals from birth to age 38, showed (link is external) that people who started smoking marijuana in their teens had lower IQs in their thirties compared to their childhood.

      A mild concern but still only correlation rather than causation.

      I’d also like to point out that people with extreme pain probably have seriously reduced capability due to the pain and that relieving the pain will probably increase capability.

      What they need is properly regulated, and tested for safety, cannaboid medical products, which is what the government bill will allow.

      No they don’t.

      The government bill is there simply to protect the profits of businesses.

      As James Shaw has publicly stated, marijuana is a dangerous drug which is harmful to people.

      All drugs are dangerous in some ways. Even Vitamin C and coffee can kill you if you take enough of it. I suspect that marijuana isn’t much more dangerous than Vity C and coffee.

  21. Cops are NZs biggest gang and probably know where they can get the best dope. Naturally O’Connor wants to look after the status quo.

    I remember the days when at election time voters also had the choice of voting for prohibition, state control and continuation as far as alcohol went, then that vote was taken away from us as it was always a forgone conclusion that continuation would always win.
    Perhaps a similar poll could be given for marijuana legalization?

    NZ used to be one of the most progressive countries in the world but alas we have slipped way down the list. And will fall further while we have such spineless morons given the power to decide NZs future.

  22. Last night, these petty cowards in Parliament voted down medicinal cannabis reform.

    I’m not sure if I’d call them cowards. I think owned is a better descriptor.

    You can be sure that they voted the way business wanted them to vote. Labour’s bill, which will pass, protects the profits of business by ensuring that people couldn’t grow their own medication whereas the Genter/Swarbrick bill threatened those same profits.

  23. If you want the weed, ya’ll just have to wait for Monsanto to GMO the plants. It’s all about the money…
    Our politicians bend in the wind. After all, they’ve got families to feed.

  24. I’m so bored with debating this issue. The same handful of already debunked prohibitionist arguments get trotted out every time.

    “But cannabis is a harmful drug” – yes, so is alcohol, and morphine, and even coffee, and yet the sky doesn’t fall because we have legal supply chains for these. The possibility of harm is not a good reason for arresting and imprisoning people for driving cars, an activity that kills people every year, while *nobody* has ever died from using real cannabis. So why, oh why, can any sane person think it’s a good reason for arresting and imprisoning someone for growing a plant as a herbal medicine?!?

    Roll on the referendum (thanks to the Greens who made this a bottom line and unlike NZ First will actually stick to their bottom lines), and it better include grow-your-own as well as possession, and remove all the stupid, counter-productive laws against having water pipes etc.

  25. I never knew cannabis oil was indeed wonderful and very effective in the treatment of cancer “if not by the government and there so called rules to regulate cannabis my dad would still have been alive. Thanks to the new policy of legalizing cannabis in my state and have even lost my son kidney, and it was really shocked and surprised when I see a lot of documentary on how the cannabis oil had helped many people to whom His family thought they never could do next undergoing several “Chemo” from the department of my heart, and I have to say a word of appreciation to Mr Rick Simpson for timely intervention in the lives of my son suffering from kidney cancer. As I write this testimony in this blog my son is so strong and healthy even though he have not completed the total dosage “for cannabis and medical consultation opportunity and get in touch with him if you are a cancer patient through their email: ( so you can get more details.

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