Inside the moves against Bill English


“I am not a Monster”, hissed the Monster 

The rumour mill has been running hot all month about the moves against Bill English, it’s finally spilled out to Barry Soper so it’s as close to official as it’s going to get.

Here’s the most feared outcome. Judith Collins is teaming up with Simon Bridges to take out the Leadership with Judith as Leader and Bridges as Deputy. Co-conspirators are meeting in Bridge’s electorate to plot the coming coup.

The attacks against Bill were started late last year when ‘someone’ started leaking the details of how much English knew in the Todd Barclay affair. That ‘someone’ was heavily rumoured to be someone inside National who wanted Bill weakened.

That ‘someone’ will be instrumental in the new coup now.

Bridges is the future of the Party and is incredibly smart. He played the new government horrifically by simply having a puzzled look on his face for the first day of Parliament. He is also great friends with Matthew Hooton so expect the Hoot to be eye ball deep in the coup.

The reason why Collins is likely to be Leader is because only she can truly manipulate the spite, hate and anger deep inside National voters who believe they were cheated. She can turn that ugliness into political muscle and she is a fan favourite of the Chinese ‘Blue Dragon’ faction inside the National Party who are now the most powerful faction inside the Party.

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If Judith becomes Leader with Bridges as Deputy that means Cameron Slater (Judith’s de facto son) and Matthew Hooton (Bridges’ de facto best friend) will have unprecedented influence and power.

While the new Government stumbles over itself to be inclusive, our enemy grows and is about to become vastly more powerful while some of the most venomous political thugs get welcomed back into the Leaders Office.

It will need far more rational players inside National to stop this, Paula Bennett had been groomed as the safe replacement to block Collins from becoming Leader because National Party Leadership are terrified what Collins would do with the power, but it looks like they have failed to stop Collins and Bridges building momentum.

The other rumour pushing for Bill’s replacement within National is the belief that the video footage of the SAS war crimes in Afghanistan which Bill claims he has seen and doesn’t show war crimes is actually ‘out there’ and it is only a matter of time before it is made public which will make Bill’s claim that there was no war crime look indefensible.

Watch where Maggie Barry, Mark Mitchell and Jami-Lee Ross jump to see if Judith will become the new Queen.

Jacinda’s got 99 problems, Judith Collins could be 98 of them.


  1. Surely a Collins/Bridges national lineup would be the best news possible for Jacinda’s government.
    Bill English is the only face there that doesn’t fill most people with revulsion.
    D J S

      • Me see “No ten bridges” as the biggest liability for national now as we saw he is only good for “surprise attacks” and folds up after several exchanges and gets tongue tied tripping over his words.

        Collins is another wreck.

        Most voters have had a gut full of deceptive dis-honest politicians like English, Bennett, Joyce, Bridges, so bring it on as national will not win if they cant find an honest Jacinda to show credibility.

        English is gone by next week i believe, and the east coast has had enough of his lying and wrecking of our rail system now as Bill English never liked or supported rail after the time in the press in 2009 when he was minister of Finance said; “we cant afford a roading system and a rail system in NZ” so he willfully lied conspired to wreck our HB/Gisborne rail and has lost most support here now.

        • Jacinda isn’t just honest she actually genuinely cares about people when you run a country you have to care about all your people.
          Running a country is different from ruling a country the gnats ruled the country and we all know who for

          • oh come on — do you actually believe that? evidence? I’d like to believe it, but cannot. TPPA lite for instance.

            • Yes I do believe that MJH even Winz is being nicer to people why because the poison has gone for now have you been to Winz lately MJH have you had any dealing with MSD or ACC cause I noticed a lot of gnat supporter talk about these state agencies when they have never had and dealings whatsoever with them.

          • I’d agree with that, Michelle. She sure expresses more credibility than Key ever did. If my memory serves me well, I think Key lost out to Goff and Kim Dotcom on who people trusted the most.

            I’d rather have Jacinda Ardern than the most “caring” National politician to run this country.

        • really the gnats have lost support in Gisborne so why do those people in the east coast electorate keep voting for them

      • I think Colins/Bridges is pretty much as bad. Bridges always comes across as a limy used-cars/real estate agent type. No one I know likes him. He has all the fake charisma of the least interesting member of a boy band.

        • bridges Is boring he sounds like a jk clone and he wants to rule he isn’t very popular with Maori and he has inherited the porkies syndrome

        • Someone (Jancindarella) who can stand up in front of a Socialist movement and say, “Kia kaha Comrades!” and run a neoliberal economic plan based on capitalism is a fuck’n two faced lair.

  2. The key question in all of this is how much “support” is she getting from the Chinese Communist government. These Blue Dragons look like nothing more than a front for the new Chinese empire and while I appreciate their attempt at trying to build an empire peacefully through political corruption and economic favours rather than through force of arms like the USA this still leaves us up against a monster with money and an intelligence apparatus we cannot match on the left. What a joke National has become from opposing dancing cossacks to fully embracing the “National ‘market’ Socialism” of China. Clearly the Soviets didn’t have the cash to buy off National then, but China does have the cash to do it now. In other words the only thing that ever mattered was the price and since China can cough up the gold they get to pull the strings in National and make the rules. Makes Winston look like a prophet whose hand we should all shake and the idiot Greens called him a racist and yet he could be the saviour of both the centre left and NZ. Whats the the bet the identity politics people attack this post as “racist”? All I can say is that as a Maori I can spot an empire trying to muscle into NZ from a mile away and this attempt by China is no more welcome by me than the British or the current American empire.

    • No, you’re dead right about this. The Chinese Communist Party is actively interfering in the internal politics of a number of democratic countries, including NZ, to a degree that it would never allow in China itself.

      Like most dictatorships, the CCP and its agents are very happy to cry “racism” as a means of deflecting focus away their malevolent actions. This approach was first perfected by Israel. It has been using claims of “anti-semitism” to suppress criticism of its war crimes and illegal settlement building in the West Bank and Gaza for years.

  3. I expect to the people behind National to be looking right right now for someone we haven’t even heard off to eventually lead the party.

  4. A neo-colonial wing of the Chinese dictatorship; excellent; the sooner it becomes obvious to all the Have Nots, the sooner “we” get social dosorder, and some of their heads end up on pikes.

  5. National voters are National voters no matter what.
    You could put a cut snake with an Oskar Dirlewanger fetish in charge and they will still turn out to vote.

    And as Labour found out this election, the idea that there are hordes of ‘soft National’ voters out there just waiting to be turned by ‘pragmatism’ is just fallacy.

    Personally I’d like to see Collins take the leadership.

    Collins, Hooton and Slater , ‘The Trinity’, will be great material for cartoonists, and a painfuly disappointed and embittered Bennett should provide Tom Sainsbury with some great comedic material.

    • I agree that the nat voters will stay nat voters, the critical factor will always be to give the apathetic some hope and belief so that they get to a poling booth.
      D J S

  6. Based on the gnats past performances they should never get back in.
    Judith Collins is past her used by date but she seems to have a smile on her face like something is up.
    She won’t get in too many kiwis cant stand her. She is also very greedy (think oravida & swamp kauri) and she is also very nasty not the kind of person we want to lead our country. We need our young people to step up now it is there turn we need new inclusive approaches not the same tired old dribble.

  7. I know you loath Arderns government being inclusive but that appears to be her, it’s genuine, she really does seem to want to do something REAL and lasting to reduce child poverty. And if most if not all of the parliament agrees to something, then it stands the test of time. The anti-smacking legislation attests to that.

    If National commit then they have signed up and it is all the more difficult to backtrack once in government.

    If National want to be and are being wankers about it, so be it. But for now the olive branch is out and it may well mean National park themselves in a dead end if they don’t cooperate.

    Personally, I think Nationals core DNA means they do not give a shit about child poverty. Does a poor kid improve my investment portfolio? No! Does a poor kid mean less physical possessions for me? No, probably more. Does a poor kid vote? Absolutely not. They care not about losers and if a kid is poor, well then they have made bad choices and its as much a consequence of their gene pool more than anything else.

    And I hope Judith becomes leader because she is about as loveable as a plague carrying rat!

    • Aaron, I have heard the knives are out for Paula Bennett to be replaced as deputy. I’m picking she could make a move for the leadership, if she can muster up the numbers.

      Collins, Bennett, a couple of toxin spitting reptiles, ready to make Natz the venomous snake pit officially legit! Quite scary when you come to think about it!

    • Does Bennett not know that you also have to be smart and intelligent “as well as ” being trim and attractive. Maybe surgery to the wrong part of her anatomy, if she was trying to make gains on Ardern.

  8. Judith Collins is the god to the extreme rabid right of the National Party. To nearly everyone else she is poison. She will have to work overtime to get the National doubters to trust her, let alone the electorate. For her to come across as a moderate would take the biggest lying PR spin campaign that you could ever imagine.
    And it would take money, a whole lot of spending money to do it right… (to paraphrase the late great George Harrison). No doubt Collins has plenty of corporate backers absolutely spoiling to give her whatever she wants as long as she can get those pinkos out of government.
    I remember how it was when Don Brash became National leader. Whilst he was leader National was damned near unelectable. I am hoping it will be the same here.

  9. From the Herald:

    “National MP Amy Adams said she had “absolutely zero” interest in a change of leadership.

    Adams was standing next to English as he fronted to media. She said the party was lucky to have English as its leader and hoped he would stay on for “a long time yet.”

    I think that means we can safely put Amy Adams at the top of the list for knifing Bill when the time is right. Alternatively, she could have a go at ousting Paula for deputy and installing herself there as a compromise candidate.

  10. Re NZ Politics?
    Nothing is new, nothing is different, nothing is interesting, nothing has changed.
    That’s because we’re nothing new, different, interesting or changed in the way we approach our politics.
    Einstein was quoted as saying: Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result defines madness.

    We listen to sugary words jizzimed into our eager ears, and we believe them. We must believe those words. And when nothing happens? We obscenely wallow in the rapturous joy of wailing and cursing as the previously trusted turn on us like snakes. A thought might be: ” Thank God for that! I was worried there for a moment, that I’d have to be happy with my politics. ”

    We’re so used to abuse, we’d be anxious without it.
    Adern could fix things over night.
    No more National/fascism, no more societal anxiety, homelessness, no more child poverty …

    Cut off the Banksters. Done. What are they going to do? Bomb us for not banking ? ( Probably actually. ) Write off mortgage debt. All of it.
    Ban debt pimps. Particularly in poor neighbourhoods.
    Four day working week. Re nationalise our assets i.e. free electricity but for a tax paid for maintenance schedule.
    I know ! Mad right? Crazy? I’m gonzo, that is true.
    Or am I ? What I propose ( for the sake of a discussion ) is certainly not part of the political script when thinking of good old Einstein’s observations of NOT doing the same thing each time therefore not unreasonably expecting a different result?

    Why not? Why not expect a different result if we had no scum bankster sucking on our veins? Why not renationalise our assets? We were better off with them than without them so why not? Why not free train travel through OUR beautiful Aotearoa/NZ? Instead of a tacky Tiki Tour of bleary fucking tourists with their God forsaken fucking back packs taking shit quality photographs of themselves looking like pasty dicks in the mountains.
    And to those elite money fetishists who argue that our country was in deep shit prior to neo liberal deregulation therefore the sell offs then cash asset distributions to the private sector that were argued essential? I’d ask. Say that to my face fucker. No more polite conversation out of this old coot.

  11. Pays to heed the masked moa – take over by stealth with wealth.
    …and CB I understand the anger. Bunch of theives, the lot of them.

  12. Cheers @ Kim Dandy.

    I just read this via

    Are we being vectored towards a dictatorship as we watch?
    I know that our country is being hungrily watched by terrible powers; is this NZ lunacy, as we see it, a dictatorship in the forming.
    If so, we should be shitting bricks.

    G. Willow Wilson
    What living in a dictatorship feels like, and why it may be too late by the time you notice it

    “So if you’re waiting for the grand moment when the scales tip and we are no longer a functioning democracy, you needn’t bother. It’ll be much more subtle than that. It’ll be more of the president ignoring laws passed by congress. It’ll be more demonising of the press.

    So if you’re waiting for the grand moment when the scales tip and we are no longer a functioning democracy, you needn’t bother. It’ll be much more subtle than that. It’ll be more of the president ignoring laws passed by congress. It’ll be more demonising of the press.”

    Re demonising of the Press? In our case perhaps, completely taking the Press over then have them feed us what they want us to hear. Or not to hear.

  13. … ” Bridges is the future of the Party and is incredibly smart. He played the new government horrifically by simply having a puzzled look on his face for the first day of Parliament. He is also great friends with Matthew Hooton so expect the Hoot to be eye ball deep in the coup ” …

    I knew Simon Bridges father at Te Atatu Baptist church as the senior pastor.

    How far you have fallen , Simon , to be now running with a cadre of warmongering , immoral , and corrupt privileged individuals who are only there to preserve their style of life.

    You say the Left is full of communists , gays, lesbians and those that threaten your conservative values. I say you oppose and are afraid of forces that while may threaten those conservative values , – are in fact democracy in action and the God given right to freedom of choice and self determination , – and free will .

    The very things your father spoke about from the pulpit.

    It is a fact that the price of democracy means that sometimes it will go against what you fervently believe in . The Left have had to accept that for 9 years under John Key , – the most corrupt and self serving Prime Minister this country has ever had to suffer under.

    A Captain in the Salvation Army once said in a sermon that ”when you deal with human beings , – it gets messy” …and he was right. Did you really think that you can tidy things up by running with a corp of corrupt , nominal and Godless conservatives anymore than those of a different persuasion?

    Because we all know in the end,… that arch conservatism leads to one thing and one thing only :


  14. Oh , and by the way , – just to let you know Simon, I am not lying ,… your fathers name was Heath.

    A wonderful , humorous and gentle man.

    I still remember him .

  15. …and she is a fan favourite of the Chinese ‘Blue Dragon’ faction inside the National Party who are now the most powerful faction inside the Party.

    I wonder how our American cuzzies will view growing Chinese influence in one of our two major political parties? With a trade war heating up between China and the American Empire, and with a potential hot war breaking out in the South China Sea over disputed islands, there may be some stern words spoken between Washington and the National Party hierarchy.

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