Is media coverage of Treaty payout race baiting or just ignorant?


I’m honestly trying to work out whether the recent hysteria by mainstream media over payments to Waikato-Tainui and Ngai Tahu are race baiting or just pure ignorance on behalf of the millennial social media experts running the news rooms these days.

I’m fairly certain the only reason Jim Anderton’s death received the surprising amount of attention was someone at the Herald saw his death trending on twitter.

Everyone knew about these clauses to Waikato-Tainui and Ngai Tahu. They were signed into the original deal they cut two decades ago.

These clauses have been public for 20 bloody years but all of a sudden it’s some sneaky gravy train Māori lawyer trick that’s stealing millions from the public?

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Is this hysterical race baiting ignorance or a specific tactic to dog whistle for the raw resentment felt by many rump National voters at so called Māori privilege?

Thankfully Māori are incredibly generous and patient with their selfish and hateful Pakeha neighbours, it’s not like this is the first time white people have signed a deal with Māori and then thrown a tantrum right?

We signed the deal with Waikato-Tainui and Ngai Tahu, and let’s remember it is still a pittance in terms of the actual land and economic and political sovereignty that was stolen from them in the first place.

This is a manufactured headline that plays to the worst angels of the dominant culture, we deserve better media than this.


  1. Yeah, the Model Minority myth/stereotype needs to die in a fire. I literally have a slew of Asian friends who have suffered under this style of nonsense with people forcing them into roles they were not fit. One of the worst incidents I remember my best friend in high school recount was at a part time job he was taking to help get cash for his first car. He was supposed to be a mix of the window washing guy and a greeter for the business guy but instead after his boss found out he was Asian his boss tried forcing him to do accounting work. Keep in mind this is a 15 year old who barely passed algebra who this idiot boss attempts to press-gang into accountant work for no additional pay and longer hours that would cut into study time under the reasoning that, “since he was Asian he could handle it”.

    Collective trauma over a generation of merciless algebra tests, I’m guessing it may have something to do with maori stereotypes being viewed as ok because they tend to be far less interested in algebra than the stereotypes of other minorities. So every Māori stereotype is mostly about poor education standards. And everyone already has Maori stereotypes, even Māori.

  2. True that is Martyn, that if we signed a deal we must honour it.

    Just as it is with all the assets (public owned) was sold off to privateers and we got nothing back for it but wound up with a 95 billion debt blowout!!!

    For National paying for all their mates at;
    South Canterbury finance,

    All those Insurance bailouts.

    Along with smelters.

    Warner brothers payouts

    Now we need the ACC to give us all back the $30 billion in taxes they leveled upon us.

    We do need to clear all this up before we square the slate finally.

    As under National we lost much of all we had before 2008 and are now much poorer for their criminal sellout of our assets.

  3. just thinking Martin, those you refer to probably hoped and believed that, that clause, would never be used as the treaty settlement moneys would one way or another flow to them as would eventually those parties economic base through bad management as almost happened to Tainui. but as we see they have done extremely well. No congratulations just more bashings for having a good business acumen.Not the same when the boot is on the other foot so all toys out of the cot, just a thought….

  4. The top-up payments to payments to Waikato-Tainui and Ngai Tahu was discussed on Radio NZ’s ‘Morning Report’ this morning.


    Susie Ferguson (whom I hold in the highest regard as a fair-minded, professional, and highly-capable radio interviewer) asked the question, what will Tainui do with the extra money?

    My immediate reaction was; whose business is that?

    Does the media ask Vodaphone what they will do with their profits? What about Air New Zealand? Or BNZ, Westpac, ANZ?

    Of course not.

    So what possible business is it of anyone what Iwi will spend their money on? It’s their money.

    It was most likely an unintended faux pas from Ms Ferguson, but expecting Maori to disclose their intentions of money – but not likewise for Pakeha institutions – seems a tad double-standard.

    • I’m actually guessing that there are National Party refugees floating around from the old administration, so all the staffers and speech writers ect, having to rehire in there old gigs and forgetting they’re not in a National government.

      • Wouldn’t be surprised at all, Sam. I wouldn’t lump Susie Ferguson in that category… Perhaps her line of questioning simply came out wrong? She may well have intended to know where/how the money would be invested or if Iwi had new investment plans. (Which is a legitimate line of questioning.)

        • Nothing against Susie. How ever confirmation bias does happen. Stick a bunch of white supremacist in a room full of peaceful protestors and you’ll get differing results. There’s an organic component here, people trying new or daring things they think they can get away with. My gut tells me it will pass. I should probably listen to the interview now.

        • Also Frank when I see all the nasty rhetoric written about our people they seem to forget many of us are tax payers and what are we getting for our taxes buggar all

  5. It is blatantly s…t stirring race baiting, a la Don Brash.
    The latest “revelations” aren’t even new, they are actually bits and pieces of old articles repackaged as fresh news. A lot of this happened under the previous government, although stuff makes no mention of that.
    This is what the political right do when they are starved of new ideas and have no fresh political attack strategy.
    In a sense it is actually a backhand compliment to the present government, the opposition are so devoid of ideas they have to resort to pre-Victorian methods.

  6. Who writes the stories ? ? ? WHO KEEPS THE TRUTHS FROM US ? ?
    Who keeps the real and honest truths about New Zealand’s history


    RACISM is not just limited to or solely coming from
    ” Pakeha’s ” – which IS a racist and hateful term brought to us by Maori’s.

    Yeh – who really benefits from the stories that may be based in lies ? ?

    • Ahem.

      The future of the Treaty of Waitangi is one that places New Zealand as the dominant power of the South Pacific. How could we not aspire to be number one in our areas of influence and in time the world. Destiny must be awakened by dominating the region both logistically and technologically. There are no guarantees, the chances of entrepreneurship going wrong is about 9 out of 10. So it’s theorised that about 9 entrepreneur out of ten fail, as a rule of thumb. I wouldn’t say zero because there are problems of change, systemic change, business culture change, reducing corruption and introducing new mindsets so really, so 1 in 5 or 2 out of every 10 must succeed.

      So the rough numbers are 1 in ten entrepreneurs actually make it. And we need 2 out of every ten entrepreneurs to make it if we are to dominate technologically and logistically over the South Pacific. So can we do this? I think 20% yes. And here’s why.

      Unlike generic foreign languages and culture, maori want to be Māori. Not as an honorary member of a bygone empire well past it’s time. They expect us to be more respectful of the English Culture as Iwi Māori become more influential and powerful, they tell us that all science and commerce is transmitted via the English language yet big, small or equal mainstream is not hegemonic. But when Māori does something pakeha does not like, pakeha say you have made mainstream New Zealand unhappy. So please every one know your place.

      So I see nothing out of the ordinary when the Hosk attempts to punish Māori via shock jock tactics, or institutional racism that leads to a decline in primary and service industry contributions to the GDP since the 80’s, or any other decline in relative economic distributions because macroeconomics is the whole picture and nothing but.

      The 21st century will be a contest for dominance over the pacific therefor there must not be a conflict between China and America. In the security area China understands that the U.S has built up such a military advantage that a direct challenge would be foolish. Not until China has overtaken the U.S in development and application of technology can they envisage a military confrontation. But will the rise of China upset the Māori mainstream balance and the global balance of power? And I think yes. Never before in history has a state of this size and proportion (1.3 billion people) emerged so rapidly. This will be a challenge not just to the Asia/Pacific/global balance of power but to our own South Pacific balance of power as well. And no one has figured out how to differentiate New Zealand from this transformation.

      To differentiate our selves means accepting that English is the working language and that Māori is the native tongue with Māori being taught as a special achievement along side English because that adds another layer of complexity for those wishing to reverse engineer our logistics and technological achievements.

  7. Blake does that mean Palangi is racist too that Is the Samoan word for Pakeha I think you are being over the top saying Pakeha is a racist word should we change it to colonisers

  8. So “FairFucks” journalists are slooowly getting back into the groove at work, returning from their hol’s. No need to get into anything heavy right from the get go aye? Oh! Hows this story! A bit of “Maori” Bashing! Schweet!
    Those bloody iwi corporate bludgers are at it again! A $47bn ‘Sector” and they still want a “Handout!” How fuck’n rude! Its outrageous!
    Even though if you looked at 2016/2017 Appropriations(Handouts), there was more that $10.5b in subsidies! Pte’s got $732m from MSD/WINZ, Farmers funds $1.2b, Fletchers & the ‘Wellconnected Consortium” collectively they scored well roading contracts, PPP’s ect … more than $3.6b!

    “Oh well” says the journo to himself, “I’ll not put too much effort into this, the story might grow legs and cause me more mahi! Too soon for that shit!”
    Just in time for the annual shit throwing comp up north ay?!
    kia ora ano Neeu Zeelind!

    did you know that water-powered airplanes were flown in 1944.
    Heads up to the Maori Nation …. don’t allow New Zealand’s water to be sold off shore. There’s no such thing as a “free trade agreement permitting removal of water” but there is a snatch and grab agreement by those sitting under the table in poli (many) tics (blood suckers).

    • “did you know that water-powered airplanes were flown in 1944”

      Yeah, too bad they were shot down by Nazi flying saucers piloted by Zombies financed by the Illuminatii 😀

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