Duncan Grieve’s analysis of TVNZ vs Mediaworks seems a tad optimistic


The Spinoff’s Editor, Duncan Grieve, claims Mediaworks (the company giving him a TV show) have outfoxed TVNZ by coming back to air early with The Project and The AM Show and that this is somehow a brilliant game of Chess being played by Mediaworks.

It’s a ‘stealth attack’ cries Duncs.


Doesn’t it look like desperation as overseas investors start eyeing up selling Mediaworks off?

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The reason current affairs don’t come home early over Summer is because NZers are all outside playing at the beach in Summer. The audience numbers are greatly reduced for little reward, winning a summer audience is meaningless when the audience is so much smaller.

Mediaworks have to hit the ground running because their overseas owners are starting to weigh up their options.

Mediaworks lost $15million last year compared to TVNZs modest $1.4m profit.

The AM Show continues to hemorrhage listeners on radio and The Project at 7pm is offering the Edge Radio to Gen Xers and Boomers who don’t like the Edge Radio station.

As for TVNZ, they are doing what they always do, accomodate the new Government’s ideological tone.

Writing up Mediaworks frenzied need to gain attention early isn’t a stealth attack by chess masters, it looks far more like last ditch desperation.

If the new Government is serious about a range of opinions being expressed beyond the narrow ideological range offered now (so that there is actually a contest of ideas) and platforming of more diversity they can’t simply fund RNZ, they must open NZ on Air funding to digital broadcasters and online news as well because the large media monoliths like Mediaworks, NZME and Fairfax are simply too compromised by their corporate overlords whose focus is on profit and clickbait.



  1. “NZME and Fairfax are simply too compromised by their corporate overlords whose focus is on profit and clickbait.”

    There’s truth in that Martyn, we are tired of the big business overlord type of “we know best”

    Break up the corporate news machine and let the digital media reign now.

  2. Is it not rather like the game of ‘look my one is BIGGER than yours’, and ‘I was here before you’, so ‘bugger off’.

    What about substance and quality, poor on both channels, I admit, but watching Garner and his lot, I got sick of this shit already, only tuning into TV 3 or Newshub with their ‘the am show’ for short periods.

    NO real news, NO real info, NO substance, NO quality news and reporting, NO convincing and good presentation, just more of the same shallow, idiotic BS as we got too much off until late last year.

    I wish they would finally sack Garner, and it is a blessing to see less or nothing of Gower.

    TVNZ are all over the place, yes, I agree, they seem to be mindful always, who is in government, so not to upset the Minister, and ensure they get more of the same treatment, so they can carry on as usual, as a pretense of ‘public broadcasting’, that is mostly dead as a killed whale that rots on the beach, it has been a carcass for decades now.

  3. “Mediaworks lost $15million last year compared to TVNZs modest $1.4m profit.”

    Hardly surprising. If I want to look at shite, I’ll study the contents of my toilet bowl after a super-hot curry.

    If TV3 offers up rubbish, people will go elsewhere. It’s the #1 rule in capitalism, THE CUSTOMER (or viewer in this case) IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Rule #2, IF IN DOUBT, REFER TO RULE #1.

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