Calm down David Farrar – Hayley Holt was barely a candidate (and why John Campbell might leave RNZ)


Right wing spin dr and pollster to the failed National Party, David Farrar, is incredulous that former Green Party candidate Hayley Holt has been given the new presenting job on Breakfast…

…not as incredible as Paul Henry (former National Party candidate), Mike Hosking (unofficial John Key cheerleader), John Roughan (Key’s biographer) or Rodney Hide (Former leader of ACT) all having media gigs.

Outrageous right wing double standards aside, it’s not like Hayley Holt was a serious contender for the Greens, she was at number 17 on the party list and after their self implosion, being number 17 was about as politically relevant as being number 2 on the United Future Party list.

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She was barely a candidate anymore than she’s barely a broadcaster, (she was pointless on BackBenchers). She’s been appointed as part of TVNZs recognition that a change of Government is here, and it’s their prerogative to do that.

Whining about her appointment is what losers do when they’ve run out of things to whine about.

Holt’s replacement of Hillary Barry on Breakfast lifts the bar as to who will join her at 7pm.

If TVNZ were smart they would offer John Campbell the role leaving The Project to be the unfulfilling lite weight diet version of current affairs that it is.

Why would you ever watch The Project if John Campbell and Hillary Barry are the alternative?

Then again, why the fuck would you watch The Project to start with right? If the revolution was ever televised, Jessie would fawn all over it, Kanoa would giggle and Josh would still be wearing a jacket that doesn’t fit him.

Would John ever leave Radio NZ? What a lot of RNZ devotees always choose to forget about Campbell joining RNZ was how RNZ initially responded to his appointment.

People always forget the Wellington faction of RNZ – it’s least attractive faction – threw a wobbly when Campbell was announced as the replacement to Scary Mary on Checkpoint.

That’s right, the Wellington union faction of RNZ actually  protested that John Campbell and his ‘tabloid’ ways were coming to Radio NZ – never mind Campbell saving RNZ from disappearing up its own arsehole and generating huge audience numbers – oh no, they threw  a Wellington tantrum instead.

I don’t think John ever forgot that. If his contract is lose enough for him to walk, I think he’ll go back to 7pm.



  1. Oh sorry for that David Farrar for copying your past active policies of “stacking National stool pigeons in positions of broadcasting positioning now also” as you did very frequently so we copied your style.

    We are on to your past propaganda policies of “influencing the public through Public funded media” – dont you see this?

  2. The mainstream media’s primary roles are indoctrination of the masses and keeping them distracted, uninformed and misinformed; that includes Radio NZ.

    The continued existence of political parties is dependent on the masses remaining indoctrinated, distracted, uninformed and misinformed; that is particularly true of the National Party.

    The Internet can be used to monitor what is actually happening in the world, and to acquire relevant commentary if required. Few people bother.

    Oil up (Brent now over $70).
    Gold up. (possibly breaking out of its ‘cage’.)
    US dollar down, and collapse of the petro-dollar underway.
    Many share markets severely overbought -especially the US- and on the brink of a massive ‘correction’ that has the potential to annihilate the financial system.
    Arctic and Antarctic ice covers at record lows, and the predicament rapidly worsening.
    Atmospheric CO2 at a record high, and the predicament rapidly worsening……leading to the prospect of a human-induced re-enactment of the Permian Mass Extinction Event in a matter of decades.

    • All true there Afewknowthetruth and the public are still oblivious to this!!!!

      What a ship full of fools we have now as we sail towards that big iceberg that is waiting for us.

    • Your thoughts must be ‘VERBOTEN’, AFKTT, you are being watched by GCSB, SIS and others. This is NOT what should be ‘allowed’ in Big Brother territory NZ Aotearoa, the rebranded NZ Inc of the former New Zealand Company and other vested interests that came and took hold since those days.

      The day will come where they will visit us in early dawn, and talk to us, and take us away, and lock us away, be under no illusion.

  3. Tell Farrar to chill out and go back to planning his next Jimmy Saville themed BDSM party.

    He does realise that if you go back 15 years, Holt was endorsing the ACT party in one of their newspaper ad campaigns, right? She’s not exactly a lifelong hard leftist or anything.

  4. It’s still true that Mary Wilson ran a much better show than John Campbell. You can’t deny it. Maybe she’ll come back if he goes to TVNZ.

    • I totally disagree. The new format helps immensely, Campbell’s absolutely thoroughness about the Dunedin hospital was a series of winning interviews. I sincerely hope he doesn’t leave RNZ this is what I listen to and very very rarely do I see anything on tv it is so much crap, the news is pathetic!

  5. We need a radical pubic media not this trollop of sitcom gags.

    we need public investigative journalism with spots for our best environmental eagles like Joy, Salinger, and same overseas powerful environmental activists to educate this dumbed down public here in sleepy hollow NZ.

    Claire Curran get this new channel up and running with real active environmental knowledge.

    Give the government some help here.

  6. Personally I like these changes on TVNZ but it says everything you need to know about the “crusading” media that they feel the need to suck up to whoever is in power by installing journalists who match the government’s general viewpoint

  7. the whole media landscape needs a major shake up i don’t even think TV is relevant any longer the ceo of RNZ is on the right track with a milti platform strategy TV one should become Rnz+ and john Campbell arguable NZ finest journalist should be running the new room

  8. Criticism of the Project is way over the top. It doesn’t pretend to be current affairs or anything remotely like it. Not like the fuckwit Hosking did. They are what they appear, light weight entertainment. Lighten up a bit!

    • Ditto Frank.

      Farrar’s leap into hypocrisy should be a real BURN for him!! It seems to be ok for Henry and Hosking but not for the Greens or Labour?

      Hypocrisy rules on the Right.

  9. Are there still people out there with TVs?!?! Killed mine 25 years ago…I must live in a different world – NONE of my mates have tellys either…

  10. Engels said it best; A newspaper is just a propaganda pamphlet sold by a man rich enough to produce one to a man poor enough only to buy one ( paraphrasing from memory).

  11. The Shallows

    David Farrar, he of the juicy Princess Parties, wasted so much of his time and talent by promoting the welfare of the wealthy including that of John Key and Billy English. Both of whom let him down badly.

    His persuasive lugubrious voice offered nothing to the Welfare of New Zealand as whole. Just slavish adoration of Key and English, who produced nine years of the worst Government ever mounted in the history of New Zealand.

    It will take a while and a lot of work to get New Zealand back on track. Decent wages; decent jobs; decent housing; reliable Health Delivery; decent education; decent opportunities; the lowering of our massive crime rates.

    Nine years of incredible pollution of our rivers (and numerous hectares of our land.) But none of that an issue for Mr David Farrar and the children of NZ. Oh No. Just shallow crap.

    A China Military man in our Parliament – Farrar’s political Party. Not a problem to the shallow men.

    It was not long ago possible for a New Zealander to own a home. But that same New Zealander is now in the merciless cage of the Landlord. Who imposes ever higher rents. To the glee of Key and English – and their followers.

  12. David Farrar always picks topics and ‘issues’ that will of course make National look great, as an alternative, supposedly ‘more responsible’ party in government.

    He is a master of spin and always ensuring the coin drops with the one side up, that serves his and National’s interests.

    Expect no challenges to him and his spin on Kiwiblog, he has loyal followers, and most that do not so much agree with him, they are even far worse, far on the right, thinking Farrar is far too liberal on many matters.

    It takes courage to go onto Kiwiblog and challenge them, but some do, they deserve a medal, in my view, there are some very determined critics there, always down voted by the rest.

    So whatever Farrar says and writes, I do not take it as anything too serious, it is just more spin and manipulation, nothing else.

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