Open Letter to WOMAD 2018 to remove controversial Israeli performer

By   /   January 15, 2018  /   52 Comments

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We see from the programme that Israeli singer Victoria Hanna is scheduled to perform at the March 2018 WOMAD festival.

We see from the programme that Israeli singer Victoria Hanna is scheduled to perform at

the March 2018 WOMAD festival.


Our concern is that Victoria Hanna’s attendance at the festival would be a breach of the

international boycott of apartheid Israel. This is referred to internationally as the BDS

(Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement which was launched by 170 Palestinian

organisations in 2005 as a way to bring non-violent pressure on the Israeli regime to

abandon its racist policies, end its military occupation of Palestinian land and allow the

return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and land.. see


Victoria Hanna is currently based at the University of California as part of the Visiting

Israeli Artist Programme of The Israel Institute who describe their role in these terms –


“By presenting Israeli art, music, film, dance and literature to an international audience, the Israel Institute showcases an important aspect of modern Israel that few people get to see firsthand, and fosters the deeper understanding of Israel that the Institute is committed to inspiring”.


The “deeper understanding of Israel” is code for Israeli propaganda. In other words

Hanna’s visit is part of a propaganda tour for the Israeli state.


This letter is therefore a formal request from PSN that you withdraw the invitation for

Victoria Hanna to perform at WOMAD 2018.


Just as most New Zealanders stood with black South Africans in the fight against apartheid

in South Africa we must also stand in solidarity with the Palestinian victims of Israeli



We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely

John Minto 

Debbie Abbas 

Roger Fowler 

Janfrie Wakim 

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  1. peter h says:

    Its an interesting spin to attack Israel under the old apartheid banner but it really just spin. I believe that Israel should return to its original borders but can see that while it feels its existence is threatened, and Iran is increasing that feeling along its Syrian borders, then there will be no change. The Jews walked onto the trains once and will never do so again. Six million dead ancestors remind them that only strength will ensure their survival. Leave the singer alone and stop demonizing one group in a region that, to paraphrase the mighty tRump, is a real shithole

    • Annie says:

      I would make the point that it was not the Palestinians who forced the Jewish people onto trains. It was the Germans and their allies.
      The Palestinians do not deserve to be treated with such contempt by Israel. One could say that Israel is behaving in a similar way towards the Palestinian people as the Hitler regime behaved towards the Jews.

      • peter h says:

        Not just Hitler, virtually all of Europe seized the opportunity to rid themselves of the ‘filthy jew’. Read up on how well Lorde’s ancestors cleared the jews out of Croatia.
        So maybe it is pay back time and the Palestinians are copping it now. Pretty standard operating procedure for all the middle east tribes who worship that little desert god.

      • Christine Grove says:

        Well said

      • Andy says:

        Really? When Palestinian terrorists blow up Jewish children and pregnant women, the Palestinians dance in the street and they get streets named after them

        It is not Israel that is behaving like Nazis.

        • At the risk of indulging in a spot of “whataboutism”, Andy, you appear to have forgotten some acts of terror that were part of Israel’s formation. Namely, I refer you to the Irgun and Haganah.

          Here is a list of Irgun terror “operations” for you to consider:

          When it comes to violence in the Middle East, no one’s hands are clean.

          The real question is; what will be done to stop it.

          • Andy says:

            What will be done to stop it? I would suggest a complete removal of all funding for UNRWA for starters.

            • You want the UN to cease helping refugees, Andy?

              Can you possibly get any more miserable toward the victims of Israeli aggression?

              What next? Close down the hospitals?

              • Andy says:

                UNRWA is funding hatred and multi-generational victimhood. I don’t support stopping aid

                Two separate issues

          • By the way, Andy, my preference is for non-violent political action to force Israel to comply with U.N. resolutions and the international rule of law. If non-violence such as BDS can achieve these goals as well as save the life of one Israeli soldier or Palestinian youth – then it will have been worth it.

    • I believe that Israel should return to its original borders but can see that while it feels its existence is threatened

      Oh really? Is that the current excuse, Peter? So because Israel happens to “feel threatened”, that gives it the right to behave like a thug? To blockade Gaza? Build illegal “settlements” (aka colonising) in the West Bank? Annex the Golan Heights? Build a Wall when The Wall in Eastern Europe was coming down?

      Gee… I wonder why they should “feel threatened”?

      The rest of your comment does your pro-Israel cause no favours.

      • peter h says:

        In Israels eyes it does ‘give them the right to act like a thug’. They will preserve their country at all costs and in the final act will release their nuclear weapons on their enemies. I neither support nor condemn them. I have zero empathy for the people of the middle east. Three major religions who all believe in the same jumped up little god of the desert and this is how they behave. Neatly sums up the stupidity of humankind.
        My main point is that this whole support for palestine thing smacks of middle class radicals spouting off this apartheid stuff over their lattes on a sunday

        • Riiiiight… So, in the name of your own jaded cynicism, Peter, you have no compassion for anyone else because of the ” the stupidity of humankind”.

          So. Why are you here on this Forum?

          What possible benefits are there from you to help resolve the ongoing violence in the Middle East?

          Because your cynicism offers us nothing; no solutions whatsoever.

          • peter h says:

            ‘jaded cynicism’ an insult too far my friend. I like to think my cynicism is fresh and healthy.
            I have offered solutions. I stated that Israel should return to its original borders. I believe that the arab states should end the threat to Israels existence by recognizing its right to exist within those borders. And in recognizing their shared god i hope that the sunni and the shiite the jew and the christian will end their interminidable(never ending) conflict and break bread together.
            Calling on a festival of world wide music and dance to ban a performer from one of the countries involved is not a solution its just silly

            • Shona says:

              Your knowledge of Israel and it’s right to existence Peter H is woeful in the extreme. Do some reading mate.Starting with the Balfour Declaration and then Fisk’s Great War for Civilization. Follow that up with the archaeological records of The University of Tel Aviv of the dubious length of actual Jewish settlement in the Middle East then get back to us. Lot of outright bullshit perpetrated by the master race of Public Relations. An industry which was started by one Edward Bernays nephew of Freud.

            • Priss says:

              The only threat to peace in the Middle East is the US with it’s insatiable thirst for oil, and Israel with it’s zionist expansionism and nuclear weapons.

              Calling on a Dance & Music festival to ban one of Israel’s citizens is not “silly”, Peter. It is a peaceful, non-violent way to make our point known. Simply “hoping” that “the sunni and the shiite the jew and the christian will end their interminidable(never ending) conflict and break bread together” is naive nonsense.


            • Calling on a festival of world wide music and dance to ban a performer from one of the countries involved is not a solution its just silly

              And just as apartheid in Sth Africa did not end simply because well-meaning individuals like you, Peter, “wished it would”, Israel’s aggression against it’s Palestinian neighbours will not end without the world’s actions.

              The difference between us and you is that you would do nothing to achieve the aims you stated. Simply hoping it will happen is not enough.

              It requires protest to bring about meaningful change.

        • Andrea says:

          Hehehehe “not all Israelis” hold by the view that Palestinians need to be oppressed. Just some. The decent ones speak out about the savagery.

          Yet there are far too many ultra-orthodox, plus power hungry Israelis who love to scratch the itch of their own making (plus covet their neighbours’ lands, orchards, flocks…).

          ‘Feel threatened’ – People! Please!! In all the years of this miserable dispute when has it ever been fair? All the weight is on the side of Israel: superior arms, incessant military, savage treatment of kids, stop women getting to a birthing clinic, cut off the water supply, cut the power that runs the sewage system, stops fishers from putting to sea, puts mines!!! in pastures and other places where harm can be given?

          Thieving invaders using idealistic imports from America (oh dear…) to squat on land and evict the rightful holders. The ongoing stone in the shoe to ensure failte and understanding have no chance at all to form.

          I hope Netenyahu and his appalling compadres are forever insomniac. If they had more conscience and less justifying of their totally human cruelty they would be – totally insomniac and hoping to clear their consciences before departing for Sheol. They’ll be quite at home there.

          Meanwhile, the decent folk of both sides are interested in giving peace a chance. Just as Jewish people and Muslims do when transplanted to other countries and live in proximity.

          Think about that for a while…

    • Nick says:

      I would mention that the majority of Israel’s population is from Muslim majority Arab countries. They fled for their lives with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and many of them did not make it. They are a core factor in regards to how Israel reacts toward the 22 Arab countries surrounding it. Most of them do not want to create a 23 Arab state, or even worse become a persecuted minority once again.

  2. Alex says:

    Muslims seem to want one thing, the death of all Jews. Muslim antisemitism predates Israel (Herbon massacres, Farhud, Algeria, Egypt 1940, Yemen 1947 etc, Muslim SS division) Israel protects us. Your boycotts do nothing but show your support for groups like Hamaas.
    Where are the 100,000s of Jews who lived in countries like Egypt now? 150,000 in 1947, 6 today. It’s illegal for a jew to even be in most Arab countries. Israel protects Jews from certain death at the hands of Arab Muslims. Yet Jews are the ones creating an apartheid? There are 2 MILLION ARAB MUSLIMS IN ISRAEL. THEY HAVE THE EXACT SAME RIGHTS AT JEWS.

    Palestinians left English mandate Palestine because their Muslim leaders told them a religious war was coming and to leave for neighboring Muslim states, since Arab Palestinians only were able to communicate with spoken word they left, the vast majority before even seeing a soldier. They went to Jordan where the population today is 70 percent Palestinian heritage. Jordan lost two wars and then made a peace deal. Palestine areas had 20 years to make their own country between 1947 and 1967 but they did nothing. Gaza elects Hamas and Hamaas wants one thing, the death of all Jews and destruction of Israel (see their Charter, read interviews as recent as DECEMBER with their leaders) they launch rockets from schools and hospitals and housing areas and then use human shields to engage international attention when Israel strikes back without knowing children have been stationed in the rocket launch sites. We have proof of these actions.

    Palestine will only know peace when Hamas is removed, Bibi is gone (he won’t ever recognize a Palestinian state the same way current PLO won’t recognize Israel) and the PLO engages in negotiations with Israel. Don’t forget also Yasser Arafat at one point was worth 6 billion, how did he make his money? How many peace deals did he reject? Palestine leaders have always fucked over their people, yet because they shout death to Israel death to jews Palestinians love them. And the world loves Palestinians because they are the underdogs. They are the oppressed, but their story of oppression involves Egypt, Lebanon, their own actions, their culture as well as Israel asserting itself in an area where everyone else wants them destroyed.

    • …they launch rockets from schools and hospitals and housing areas and then use human shields to engage international attention when Israel strikes back without knowing children have been stationed in the rocket launch sites. We have proof of these actions.

      Who is “we”, Alex?

      Care to disclose which Zionist organisation you speak on behalf?

      • Alex says:

        Oh, so the united nations, you tube and Wikipedia are now all Zionist shills?

        Are the Palestinians Zionist shills? Listen to this Palestinian woman at the end of the clip
        Are Hamas leaders opening encouraging the use of human shields Zionist shills?

        There are dozens of videos on youtube showing this method.

        • Who is the “we” that you slipped with, Alex? What organisation do you represent?

          • Alex says:

            Slipped? I’m not connected to any org? I am secular NZ citizen. Wanna see my passport? Instead of arguing those videos you need to pretend I’m part of the IDF’s internet division visiting kiwi blogs that get 1000 hits per month. Please.

            • In your 4.16PM post above you stated;

              “…when Israel strikes back without knowing children have been stationed in the rocket launch sites. “we” have proof of these actions. “

              Who is “we” ? Who is the plural you’ve referred to?

              Your initial pro-Israel rant above make you more than just a ” secular NZ citizen”. That’s bollocks.

              You’re part of a group and it doesn’t take my guesswork to figure out who you are shilling for.

              • Alex says:

                HAHAHAHAH we as in people who have to debate the conspiracy theorists of the BDS movement. We as in people who understand there are two sides to this story. You can’t argue my points so you have to create a world in which I’m some sort of paid shill. Again, wanna see my passport?

                • Sam Sam says:

                  We’re seeing a resurgence in Israeli counter air strikes because the Iron dome missile defence system is broke. So they had to bring back counter rocket sorties.

                  And it’s easier if you replace “we” with “I.” So really you were saying, “I have prof.”

                  Sadly. The you still have zero arguments.

                • I don’t know if you’re a paid shill or not, Alex. You might be doing it for free, for all I know.

                  But what is apparent is that you’re an apologist and most likely part of a group touting for the Israeli regime.

                  You’ll not get much cut-through with your rubbish here. People are only too aware of Israel’s aggression and illegal land-grabbing activities since 1948.

                  When Israel withdraws it’s illegal “settlements” from the West Bank; returns the Golan Heights to Syria; tears down The Wall; and lifts it’s illegal blockade on Gaza, is the day I’ll take you seriously.

                  Until then, yes, you’re a shill. Paid or not.

                  • Alex says:

                    Maybe I should refer to Palestine as Falastine considering Arabs can’t say Palestine, there is no P in Arabic.
                    But anyway.

                    -Golan Heights… Do we have to go back to the 6 day war… Syria’s incessant shelling or Israeli towns led to guess what, Israel fighting back. Syrian leaders vowed to “push the Jews into the see” along with the sentiments of Nassar and Jordan (we will wipe Israel and the Jews off the map). Israel for this victory against the Arab league ensured the survival of Jews in the middle east. Israel took some of the land of those who vowed to kill every Jew and held it, but no you are right, they should give land back to those who vowed to destroy then in war. Now it’s 2018, and Syria is devastated by a civil war that had nothing to do with Israel (except for Israel providing aid) and you want Israel to give its territories of Golan heights to…. who exactly? Isis? Who is there to take and govern this territory? And furthermore, should Lebanon cease to exist because it was once ‘Syrian’ as decreed under the ottoman empire? Why aren’t you boycotting Lebanon (a country I admire)

                    -West bank, I agree for the most part the west bank settlements are an illegal land grab in line with Lukid sentiment. Jews don’t have any business in places like East Jerusalem, Ramallah, Hebron (considering Arab Muslim massacres wiped the Jewish presence out twice) the same as they don’t have any business in many of these settlements. But to think Jews will give up Jerusalem… it isn’t mentioned once in the Quran anyway. It’s the home of Judaism for 3500 years.. come on.

                    Abbas rejected a peace deal that would have given Palestinians basically the entire west bank, expanded Gaza areas and established a link between Gaza and the West Bank.

                    -The wall protects Israel from Palestinian terrorists who blow up buses full of children, that is obvious. There is a culture of Terrorism in Palestinians, don’t forget the Palestinians celebrating 9/11 and the 2015 Paris attack in east Jerusalem and that fact that 65 percent of Palestinians support terror attacks in the U.S and Europe. ,

                    -The Gaza blockades. After Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital Gazans fired rockets every day for 2 weeks. They constantly attack IDF at the border. This is a video of Hamas soldiers attempting by pass the security measures to slaughter a town (Zikim) close to the border (not a military base as AL Jazeera put, there isn’t a military base close to that location)

                    Egypt as a stricker blockade than Israel, yet you don’t protest Egypt right? Israel actually allows goods and services, fuel, power water to Gaza, what does Egypt do? Their blockade is far harsher than Israel. Why won’t they open the Rarfah crossing?
                    Remember this?
                    Asking for the removal of security measures like the Gaza Blockades and the West bank wall is asking for the deaths of Israelis. I think deep down you know that.
                    And you can’t label me a shill for disagreeing with you.

                    • The Six Day War? The war that Israel started with it’s unprovoked, surprise attack on Egyptian airfields?

                      Israel profitted from that war by grabbing land in the Golan Heights, Gaza, Sinai, and West Bank. It was a war of agression, Alex, to seize territory.

                      Nothing to be proud of.




                    • Alex says:

                      The Arab league stationed it’s armies on the borders of Israel and vowed to destroy it. 8 different Arab countries mobilized their armies. Syria was already attacking Israel. And Egypt ejected the UN peacekeepers and closed the straights of Tiran after Israel declared its closure would be an act of war because of all Israels oil came through that strait. Israel striked Egypt to survive. Their generals were quoted as saying “we will be the ones to start the war this time” If they did not strike Egypt when they did there would have been a second holocaust. Something I’m sure you would have been in favor of. I mean seriously look up the quotes of Nassar and other Arab leaders. You support their words and aggression?

    • Pat O'Dea says:

      ALEX says:
      JANUARY 18, 2018 AT 4:16 PM


      Alex shouts from the Joseph Goebbels rule book on propaganda,

      ‘If you tell a lie big enough, people will believe you.’

      Unfortunately Alex, we have the internet these days, and we can find out if Palestinians “have the exact same rights as Jews.”

      The first and oldest apartheid law passed by Israel, is called the ‘Right of Return’. People of Jewish faith have the right of return to Israel, a right that is not extended to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees born there and brutally expelled from Israel during the Zionist invasion.

      Palestinians with Israeli citizenship have no right of Habeas Corpus and can be jailed indefinitely without trial.

      Even Palestinian members of the Israeli parliament are not exempt from detention without trial. The hundreds of Palestinians with Israeli citizenship detained without trial, includes 11 Palestinian MPs elected to the Knesset the Israeli parliament.

      Israel does not have the death penalty for Israeli citizens, who are tried in civilian courts which can’t impose a death penalty. Unlike Palestinians, even those with Israeli citizenship who are tried in military courts, which can impose the death penalty.

      This selective application of the death penalty (which admittedly already exists on paper, but which the government is now seeking to implement) is liable to further erode Israels international legitimacy as a country aspiring to belong to the family of democratic states. And on this issue, it wont be possible to rely on the American precedent, because capital punishment in America isnt applied selectively to a certain population group.

      This is not to mention the Palestinian population of the West Bank who have no citizenship rights at all. Whose residency can be revoked at any time for no reason.

      Then there are the Palestinian population of Gaza who don’t even have the right to life, people whose leaders are killed in targeted extrajudicial assassinations constantly, and when they retaliate, with the limited means they have, the population are slaughtered wholesale.

      • Alex says:

        Right from the start you misread what I said. I never said Palestinians living in Gaza and the west bank have the same rights as Israelis, I said Arab (Muslim) Israelis have the same legal rights as Jewish or Christian Israelis. You linked to a PLO politician not an Israeli politician.

        Why would Arabs in Gaza and the west bank have the same rights as Israelis? They aren’t Israeli citizens… How many governments in the world don’t afford the same rights to non-citizens as they do citizens?

        “Palestinians with Israeli citizenship have no right of Habeas Corpus and can be jailed indefinitely without trial.” What? you’re talking of Palestinians without Israeli citizenship. And you’re linking to an incomplete article from Haaretz.

        Aljereeza? really?

        • Alex, it’s noticeable that you can’t rebut any of Pat’s list of Israel’s anti-Palestinian policies. Because it happens to be true.

          Why does it bother you he’s referencing Al Jazeera – especially if it’s reporting the truth?

          Pat uses sources from Haaretz as well as Al Jazeera.

      • Jenny says:

        “You linked to a PLO politician not an Israeli politician.”

        ALEX says:
        JANUARY 19, 2018 AT 2:29 PM

        Of course I linked to a Palestinian politician, a Palestinian politician with Israeli citizenship, who is an MP in the Israeli Knesset. And not a Israeli politician or MP with Israeli citizenship.

        Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar an elected member of the Israeli Knesset is a citizen of Israel being held without trial, just like hundreds of others.

        As far as I know there are no Christian or Jewish MPs with Israeli citizenship being held without trial in Israel.

        You deride MP Khalida Jarrar as being “A PLO politician”

        Under the Oslo accords the PLO is claimed to be by Israel, Israel’s “negotiating partner” for a two state solution.

        The Oslo Accords are a set of agreements between the Government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO): the Oslo I Accord, signed in Washington, D.C., in 1993;[1] and the Oslo II Accord, signed in Taba, Egypt, in 1995.[2] The Oslo Accords marked the start of the Oslo process, a peace process aimed at achieving a peace treaty based on United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, and at fulfilling the “right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.” The Oslo process started after secret negotiations in Oslo, resulting in the recognition by the PLO of the State of Israel and the recognition by Israel of the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people and as a partner in negotiations.


        • Alex says:

          I don’t know much about this case but from searching she is not an Israeli citizen and has never been a member of Knesset, she is a Palestinian politician and activist who was elected in the Palestinian parliament. She is held on a combination charges which range from handing prisoners cellphones to “incitement of terror” but I agree, those charges seem dubious, but she isn’t an Israeli. So that’s not evidence that Israel discriminates Arabs or Christians citizens in the law.

          • Sam Sam says:

            Its probably more accurate to say there are politcal FACTIONS in Israel that want peace. Because there is also ample evidence of opposing political factions that don’t and indeed go out of their way to screw over any peace deals (Recall it wasn’t the Palestinians who assassinated Yitzhak Rabin, who was probably the best chance for a peace deal with Arafat and the PLO at the time)…. and one of the Palestenians biggest advantages internationally is they are much more able to highlight the actions of Israeli factions taht are trying to screw them over in PR wars.

            Make no mistake the Palestenians know how to do PR wars internationally better than Israel does.

            • Alex says:

              Arafat shook Rabins hand knowing he was going to reject anything presented. It was a sick PR stunt. Arafat was worth billions at that time, how did he make his money? He wasn’t a business man. He didn’t sell Oil. So where did his wealth come from? Conflict and international aid.

              Arafat and Abbas just kept saying ‘no’ to any peace deals.Abbas rejcted Olfert.

              Now, Lukid elected with a collation are right wing and will refuse to recognize any Palestinian state so that’s where we are today. Palestine leaders reject peace and embrace terror attacks, Israel elects right wingers. That’s where its at.

              • Arafat was worth billions at that time, how did he make his money?

                Citations please?

                Because the only one we’re hearing is up on corruption charges are your own Israeli leaders;

                The two main corruption scandals involving Netanyahu both concern allegations of illicit dealings with rich and powerful men. In the first, called “Case 1000,” Netanyahu is accused of receiving expensive gifts from billionaires and then taking action on their behalf. In the second, called “Case 2000,” he is accused of striking an illicit deal with a newspaper publisher.


                Which is why the prime minister’s fate may come down to pressure from fellow politicians and the public. A poll by Israel’s Channel 10 found that 66 percent of Israelis believe Netanyahu should resign if indicted. There is intrigue within Netanyahu’s Likud party as well, with some ministers openly backing him while another, speaking anonymously, said he should resign if indicted.


                Mr Netanyahu has called the corruption investigation “fake news,” and earlier this year tweeted a two-word response to speculation he would be forced from office: “Wont’ happen”.

                Police are investigating two corruption cases focused on the Israeli Prime Minister.

                The first involves Australian businessman James Packer, and another Israeli billionaire.

                Mr Netanyahu is alleged to have taken tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts from the two businessmen — including champagne, flights, and hotel rooms.


                Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was plagued during his years in office, 2006-09, by a string of corruption scandals, which played a major part in his eventual resignation.

                The 70-year-old will now become the first former Israeli head of government to be sent to jail, after a bribery charge in one case was upheld by Israel’s Supreme Court.


                Olmert was charged with concealing fraudulent earnings, fraud, breach of trust, fraudulent tax evasion and fraudulent registration of corporate documents in connection with claims that he over-billed the Israeli state and Jewish charities for trips abroad.

                The charge sheet said he and his aide Shula Zaken “developed a fraud system” using false documents, through which he gained $92,164.

                The sheet said this included asking each of a number of organisations to fund the same trip, and falsifying elements of itineraries.


                So perhaps you should look in your own backyard first, Alex. Aside from illegal land-seizures, annexations, wars, and the persecution of the Palestinian people, your leaders have been neck-deep mired in corruption.

                I look forward to Netanyahu bunking down with Trump in prison.

  3. garibaldi says:

    When it comes to the crunch a very large proportion of so called Christians are Zionists. which is tragic in so many ways. They seem to be hoping for end times . Unbelievable stupidity and ignorance, but that is a common theme of monotheism.

  4. Cassie says:

    SHONA : WELL DONE . Only person whose done their homework properly.
    EVERYONE ELSE : Too many distractions, misled by History Lies
    Frank : Ditto, but too well meaning, plus too naive. “the way to hell was paved with good intentions”. Double plus failure to you.(because you’ve great intelligence , but allowed yourself to be misled.)

  5. Cassie says:

    Frank : I’m being HARD on you because you have great potential
    1)good analytical skills and intellect
    1)You have not cast your nets widely enough..
    i.e You are limited by your lack of interest in/exploring OTHER side of…ie POPULAR WW2 HISTORY as taught by Academia, Hollywood etc..
    VS Historical facts . (ie NOT from “History Channel”or TV films/documentaries). Hidden FACTS.
    2) You have succumbed to ideological brainwashing eg Feminism & Liberalism (just like Martyn)…and don’t realise it yet. Therefore your intellectual efforts/endeavours will remain skewed/off the mark.
    (Despite your best intentions)

    • Cassie, your hostility to feminism is such that you’re willing to legitimise men groping/assaulting women? Do you realise how utterly insane that is?

      It’s very simple actually: don’t touch . One of the very first lessons my parents taught me: don’t touch. A, it’s assault. B, it’s wrong. C, I’m liable to get my face slapped hard!

      Did you miss the memo on this issue? Men do not have a right to grope a woman. It’s assault. If you cannot understand that simple fact then your moral compass is way off.

  6. Ben says:

    It’s funny since Victoria Hanna is a daughter of refugees kicked out of their homes and their property confiscated both by the Egyptian Gov(That refuses to hand in documentation until today) and the Iranians.

    But y’know, She’s Jewish and not a Palestinian, Mizrahi Jews are not “known” enough to actually be competitors in today’s “Oppression Olympics”, They’re even faulting her for being born in Israel while she and her parents had no choice.

    Too bad being a Jew disqualifies you from being sympathized with nowadays.

    I hope everyone here doesn’t forget that us Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews were also kicked out of our homes, We did not get a U.N agency funded by all of earth to finance us, We did not even get to take our property or sell it beforehand, We’re not even recognized as refugees although by the U.N’s logic we were kicked from countries that we lived in and we weren’t even involved in the War, We were basically ethnically cleansed 80 years ago simply for being Jewish and yet nobody recognizes and reparations are not even talked about, We do not get Western Socialists with White savior complexes to fight for us online and call for justice, We do not have European countries pressuring the Arab states that kicked us to even turn in the legal documents that prove our ownership of property.

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,