Lorde’s apology & ignorance, unfair hard left criticism, claims of hypocrisy and the power of Israeli propaganda (cough-cough plus Brian Edwards)



There has been an enormous amount said about Lorde’s decision to not play Apartheid Israel. There have been hypercritical claims from some on the hard left that her stance is empty and self interested and there have been claims from pro-Israel critics she is being hypocritical.

Neither criticisms hold up to much scrutiny and both miss the far bigger picture that Lorde’s ignorance actually highlights for us.

First, let’s just admire Lorde’s apology…

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..in a year where men couldn’t find the vocabulary to apologise, here is a young woman who admits a mistake, publicly acknowledges that she made a mistake and reverses her decision.

Lorde has shown more humility and courage in one apology than almost every male accused of inappropriate behaviour this year.

What is the most important part of Lorde’s apology and decision however is her acknowledged ignorance, but before looking at that, let’s just throw some of the criticisms used against her under a bus.

Some on the hard left have accused Lorde of merely being opportunistic in backing down from an Israeli tour…

as the first Blog to come out and publicly call on Lorde to reverse her stance and publicise that she was actually playing Israel and as the only political Blog in NZ that gives weekly coverage to the brutal and horrific occupation of the Palestinian people, I reject those criticisms.

Lorde’s ignorance highlights a far deeper problem the BDS movement faces. I noted this at Gideon Levy’s brilliant lecture earlier this month that the cultural genocide of the Palestinian people has become a boomer movement without deeper awareness within Millennials. The reason for that is a point I’ll make later, but let’s also combat the pro-Israel criticisms.

Israel’s de facto ambassador in NZ, David Farrar,  has run the Israeli propaganda line that Lorde is a hypocrite for playing in Russia and America because Russia is an authoritarian regime and America is run by Trump.

What this bullshit criticism utterly misses is the context here. Neither Russia or America are currently occupying a people to create a cultural genocide and bitterly punish them. Attempts to paint Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the 50 year illegal seizure and occupation of Palestinian land as the same thing is something only the truly desperate like Farrar and Israeli apologists would attempt.

It’s a bullshit comparison that is nonsense.

There is a hypocrisy, but it’s not the one Israel’s apologists are making.

The real hypocrisy here is that many of Lorde’s feminist activist base who are currently all swooning over her decision to not play Tel Aviv are the same who breathlessly lined up to buy Wonder Woman tickets despite the lead actress being a former member of the IDF and a pro-settler cheerleader because white middle class tertiary feminists wanting a kick arse action hero was more important than Palestinian human rights.

I digress.

Israel’s brutal 50 year occupation and theft of Palestinian lands is one of the great global  human rights abuses on par with the atrocity of Apartheid South Africa and Israel with their apologists are always keen to paint any criticism of their cultural genocide as anti-semitism.

Which brings us to the real issue that Lorde’s ignorance highlights, the power of Israeli propaganda.

The ongoing violence used against the Palestinian people is hidden from the mainstream media. Too many news editors know the danger of ever discussing the illegal settlements and the injustice of Israel’s occupation because the claims of anti-semitism flow effortlessly from Israel’s rabid defenders.

Israel works hard to paint themselves out as progressive…


…the truth is the total opposite.

Israeli’s live in a cognitive dissonance when it comes to their occupation and refuse point blank to work for peace. It is only by applying enormous pressure upon Israel to do the right thing that any change can occur.

Gideon Levy himself noted that the only way to force Israelis from their denial was to boycott Israel on every possible level be it art, culture or sports.

Lorde’s decision to not play Israel is brave and legitimate, and her initial ignorance is a reminder of the power of pro-Israel propaganda.

If we were to seize this moment, we would start questioning the huge number of IDF members who are allowed to holiday in NZ and look to start applying travel bans as part of a concerted BDS effort.

Israel must never be allowed to believe that their brutal occupation of Palestine will be accepted or forgotten by people of conscience.

Talking of forgetting, let’s end on this…

…I think it’s always sad when a former great broadcaster ends up being irrelevant to the present debate. Brian sounds bitter that a young woman has made an ethical stance and all he’s left with are ‘but what about’  styled arguments that sound more like the nakedly self-conscious defensiveness of a man ignored.

Brian is better than this, we should remember him for what he did in broadcasting, not sorry brainfarts like this.

This image…

…should always impress upon us that Israel’s true desire is a cultural genocide and expulsion of the Palestinian people. That Israeli’s know first hand the Holocaust horror of the mass punishment they are now inflicting is merely an ironic symptom of how damaged they have become, it is no longer an excuse for their occupation.

Lorde showed real courage by rethinking her decision and refusing to play Apartheid Israel, we should show the same degree of courage, especially after our vote in the UN, to take this much further and apply more pressure like reviewing Israeli Defence Force members holidaying in NZ.

The Palestinian people have waited long enough.


    • Totally agree.

      “Brian is better than this, we should remember him for what he did in broadcasting, not sorry brainfarts like this.”

      It’s almost like Brian and Judy might be planning his retirement spectacular – probably over a latte in Ponsonby Rd.
      Maybe it’ll be a guest appearance on ‘Shorty Street’ where he’ll be singing “I did it my way”.

      It never ceases to amaze me how many of my boomer contemporaries have succumbed to the comfy lifestyle and who show little regard for the mess they’ve left for following generations. (Not all by the way).

  1. What this bullshit criticism utterly misses is the context here. Neither Russia or America are currently occupying a people to create a cultural genocide and bitterly punish them.
    The Yemeni people at the receiving end of the US backed Saudi invasion would beg to differ!

      • Dave, you obviously get your information from TV1 TV3 or RadioNZ. All purveyors of Pro American propaganda. The Russians are legally in Syria and have done much of the donkey work to rid that country of ISIS. The Americans are there illegally and claim to be fighting ISIS but are actually, along with Israel training and arming them. Their goal has always been to install a US puppet in Syria so a pipeline through Syria from Qatar can supply gas to Europe.
        The city they did assist the Iraqi’s to liberate, Mosul, is a burnt out wasteland. The Syrian city The Russians assisted in the liberation of is rapidly returning to normality

        • “The Americans are there illegally and claim to be fighting ISIS but are actually, along with Israel training and arming them. “

          Yeah right, where’s your proof for that?

          ISIS getting arms through third parties, through raids and so, that does not mean the US supplies and supports them, as bad as US policy in the ME is.

          More conspiracy stuff, I note, as some here still adhere to.

        • And because the USA may be bad, that does not mean all their adversaries, i.e. Russia under its present government is or are all good. I am sick of this blinkered view of some, whether left, alternative or whatsoever.

          We cannot trust USA, Russia, China, any large power, history has told us, and the present confirms it.

              • “Tracking ISIS Weapons Supply Chain- Back to U.S”-https://www.wired.com/story/terror-industrial-complex-isis-munitions-supply-chain/

                It’s actually way more difficult proving that the U.S train and materially support ISIS. Although the Washington consensus would never admit to it. It is possible to prove they do. Very hard to prove but the U.S does support ISIS.

                • Hah, you found the perfect answer for yourself, where it leaves you without any need to prove anything.

                  That means nothing to me.

                  US units work with Kurdish fighters in Syria, and have previously supported the FSA.

                  There have been many alliances and so in Syria, over the years of the war, and Nusra and FSA did at one time also fight together against Assad.

                  So they managed to get some TOW missiles through the FSA allies.

                  There is NO proof of the US supporting ISIS, it would be totally counter productive to their own strategic agenda.

    • Those coming out against Lordes decision not to perform in Tel Iviv is really only a minority. Her decision not to perform really only came about because she has the backing of a country namely New Zealand which means Lorde is the A side in all this. The decisions she makes effects her image in the eyes of New Zealanders. So you’ve decided once again to come up with some amazing arguments that America is an empire… Servicing there fandom. In a recent UN vote against Trumps move to recognise the U.S embassy move to Jerusalem only 10 3rd world nations dependant on American aid voted with. Most notably Americas strongest allies U.K voted against and Australia abstained while New Zealand voted against.

      Ok so memes aside. So the veterans for Israel really tried to come out and say Lorde will lose a whole bunch of money and support. And I’m like excuse me Israelis might take out ticket sales for a brief time but they’re definitely not taking out Lordes New Zealand or American album sales. And Martyn had to come out and roast social justice veterans because they’re definitely not soloing Lordes album sales… So it’s like Lorde only performs for the fringiest of attitudes and should ignore the vast majority of opinion that says nah Lorde, you don’t need to perform in Tel Aviv right now. Not with everything going on, and especially not since IDF Iron Dome missile defence system is experiencing unidentified failures, falling from a 100% intercept rate to only 50% in the last few months. It’s not known what the fault is due to.

      So we really want Lorde to be tough and I’m like son, my boy, Nutrium, there’s a better way of going about this than saying “Americas occupies the world,” but there’s better was of going about this… And I’m like you know what… What’s a really powerful U.S. Allie that’s really over hyped and a threat to Global peace that Lorde can defeat. I’m just going to go there… Lorde solos the IDF… Lorde claps the IDF…

      Before you guys get the pitchforks out we already know how this goes it starts with a hash tag and why isn’t it trending… Saying Israel are holocaust survivors and they can defeat any threat to there survival no mater what any one says… If you like objective views then you understand if not then the normies are gana blame so let’s look at a couple of Hitchens so when you say something with out a lot of evidence it can be easily countered with out a lot of evidence.

      For example… “It appears the U.S is occupying Yemen” well that’s not a source of information that’s just your interpretation of the narrative/story… It would still be an Hitchens razor because military aid doesn’t operate like that at all.

      And an Oxus razor is an example of Lorde soloing U.S foreign policy. When people claim Lorde can solo U.S foreign policy because it’s on New Zealand’s character, you need substantial evidence to prove that. So the bigger the claim the more evidence you need. How ever Lorde has not shown much evidence that she can solo u.S foreign policy when there is significant support for 5i’s and the continuation of the colonialist policies that assure middle class consumer goods consumption of western goods, one being Lordes albums. Because her fan base has never done anything like understanding the deepstate.

      So real quickly I’m going to be objective as possible so no one gets real salty… Let’s go over the type of people that Questions Lordes decision not to perform.

      -David Farar
      -Cameron Slater
      -IDF trolls
      -U.S hegemony trolls
      -Normies who just happened across the Lorde declines to perform in Tel Aviv meme with out checking to see what the memes about.

      So basically Lorde has taken the opposite view of some of the most vile opinionated fan servicing on the planet. And yes I am talking about that kind of fan service. Wanking normies off until peak out rage. But in this case it won’t work because Lordes fan service is powerful.

  2. South Africa as a benchmark is about 20 years too late.. The frequency and scale of IDF atrocities must surely make Bosnia a more representative comparison..

  3. Israel declared itself a state in 1948 by ethnically cleansing the Indigenous inhabitants from their lands and lively hood with the help of the British Arm forces. It then needed labor to tend to the lands that it stole from the Indigenous people so sort to emigrate Jewish community in surrounding Arab countries by using terrorist,bribery and trickery to acquire these immigrants whom were seen by the white European Jews as inferior. The Iraqi Jewish community (Arabs) were such communities to be taken advantage of. The world accepts the lies instead of confronting the complex truth and our western MSM have played a huge part in selling the lie to the world. http://www.bintjbeil.com/E/occupation/ameu_iraqjews.html



  4. Brian Edwards can fuck off. The geriatric knows nothing of the plight of Palestinians. Since when did a historical atrocity give license to visit a further injustice on another people???

  5. Three observations:
    1) to Brian Edwards, the Zionist conquest began early in the 20th Century. Perhaps Brian, you need to do some reading. Two suggestions: David Cronin’s Balfour’s Shadow and Thomas Suarez’s State of Terror

    2) to Brian Edwards again, Palestinians don’t understand why THEY are to be forever punished for the crimes of The Holocaust, crimes committed in EUROPE by EUROPEANS.

    3) re BDS, boycott, divest, sanctions..the BDS plea has come from Palestinians within Israel and the Occupied Territories. It is THEIR plea for nonviolent support from people of conscience around the world.

  6. A very high proportion of the Jews who were incarcerated by the Nazis and their families moved to other parts of the world Canada, USA etc.

    Those now occupying the Palestinian territories have come from far and wide in the world, and they contine to come. A Jew born anywhere in the world is ENTITLED to live in the occupied Palestinian country of Israel.

    Very few living in the occupied terrotires are Jews who were terrorised in the holocaust nor are they relatives of those people.

    • Yes, you are right! Good comment!

      Those needing more info and proof, read here:


      This organisation contributed to the outcome being the modern state of Israel, and has been described a terrorist organisation:

      And note this:
      “The Irgun was a political predecessor to Israel’s right-wing Herut (or “Freedom”) party, which led to today’s Likud party.[13] Likud has led or been part of most Israeli governments since 1977.”

      No wonder Netanyahu and his party continue collaborating with parties supporting the settler movement.

  7. The Jewish holocaust was just one of many such horrific events in history. Any suggestion by Brian Edwards to sanctify Israeli treatment of Palestinians makes no sense at all. More than 10 million Russian farm peasants were murdered by Stalin, but I don’t hear Mr Edwards calling for special treatment of Russia.
    When Dr Edwards solves the mathematical puzzle as to how many wrongs make a right, then the world will be truly enlightened.

  8. I read a book once, can’t remember the name, where it was argued that the Palestinians are the most foolish people in history. They have repeatedly allied themselves with the losing side in wars (Germany in WW1 and WW2, USSR in the Cold War) and also with losing philosophies and methodologies (Fascism, communism, terrorism, Arab Nationalism, Islamism).

    The maps above are a history of offers made to them which they have foolishly rejected, as much as they are maps of Israel’s land grabbing.

    If they had adopted more peaceful policies then Israel would have had no excuse for wholesale evictions and the creation of buffer zones or military settlements using the right of self defence as a pretext, and would have gained more sympathy for their cause.

    The attempt at a cultural boycott may indicate a realisation at last by some Palestinians that the old methods have failed, but will not be successful if others continue to send children with suicide vests into public places.

    • I read a book once, can’t remember the name, where it was argued that the Palestinians are the most foolish people in history.

      Couldn’t have been a very good book then, “Damocles”? What was it, “101 rationales to use to steal other peoples’ land”?

      Your comment “If they had adopted more peaceful policies then Israel would have had no excuse for wholesale evictions” reveals you to be a sycophant for the Israeli expansionsts. What do you mean by “more peaceful policies”? Israel started seizing land on the West Bank and building illegal settlements. Are you suggesting Palestinians should have surrendered and accepted meekly their new overlords?

      You’re an apologist, “Damocles”. Even your pseudonym betrays your biblically-sanctioned threat of violence.

  9. Hmmm, so let’s see if I understand Brian Edwards’ “logic” here… So because the Jewish people suffered an unimaginable horror at the hands of German Nazis (and other local fascist groups in Europe at the time), they gives them a moral free-pass to invade, colonise, and repress people in a neighbouring state?

    Really? Is that the principle we’re operating under, now?

    In which case, I think Mr Edwards has just given Maori license to begin a violent uprising against pakeha.

    After all, our history since colonisation has been written in blood; rape; land seizures, and acts that would be called war crimes today.

    That is what Mr Edwards appears to be advocating.

    • Honestly, that is the argument many Jewish people make. Any criticism of Jews or Israel is generally instantly met with accusations of being anti-Semitic and/or a Holocaust denier. They’ve been using the Holocaust as a crutch, well, pretty much the second WWII ended. You also notice how Germany completely keeps out of all things Israel for the same warped reasoning, like a people can never really change, despite them being primarily white Caucasians like the most the rest of northern Europe (i.e. simply being German somehow makes all the difference).

  10. I never get the feeling that people who say “what about that other place or people” actually care about that other place or people. In fact, they care about them so little, that they don’t mind using them to win an argument that has nothing to do with them.

  11. “What this bullshit criticism utterly misses is the context here. Neither Russia or America are currently occupying a people to create a cultural genocide and bitterly punish them.”

    I don’t hate the United States but hit does have a long history of cultural genocide, starting with the Native Americans and including the Puerto Ricans, Guam, and Hawaii. In fact, the present Trump administration is an attempt to make America white again.

    Which doesn’t mean I disagree with your argument Martyn. However, it takes a much deeper argument to explain why boycotting Israel is different. I don’t have the intellect to express this, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere. Some countries have a significance greater than others. Israel is a spearhead for change, good and bad.

    • . I don’t have the intellect to express this, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

      Actually, Pineapples, you don’t give yourself sufficient credit. The points you make are always pertinent and insightful. You’ve raised points I’ve often over-looked.

      You’re correct in that “boycotting Israel is different”. Perhaps one reason is that Israel professes to be a “democracy” (albeit a rather narrow version of democracy) – yet uses the cloak of democracy to engage in oppression against the Palestinians. “Don’t criticise us, we’re a democracy! Our neighbours are all authoritarian regimes” – as if that is justification for repression.

      Comparing Israel to apartheid-era South Africa is pertinent on that very point. Supporters of Apartheid South Africa often referred to that country as the “only democracy on the continent”. That statement was half-true: Apartheid South Africa was a democracy – for one segment of the population. Just as ancient Classical Greece was a democracy for Greeks. But not for the tens of thousands of slaves they owned: no democracy for them.

      If Israel was a true democracy, criticism of their policies should be open for discussion and not attempted to be closed down as “anti-semitism”.

  12. The fact has to be realised it wasn’t only Jews that suffered abhorrently at the hands of Nazis and the like. Homosexuals, Gypsies, Slavs, the mentally and physically disabled, coloureds, Socialists, conscientious objectors, nonconformists, all those who did not comply with the enforced accepted profile of the regime of the time, were also victims of terrible atrocities by Nazis.

    Yet despite this past abhorrence inflicted upon their kind, none of those mentioned above have attempted such a brutal retalitary mass extermination programme against perceived enemies or peoples, as is happening in Palestine right now by the IDF!

    In my personal opinion, Zionism in its present brutal form is no better than Nazism!

      • One can ask the same question of you, Andy when you post stupid comments like “You should rename this blog The Daily Jew Hate”. You lost that right to ask that question of anyone with your pathetic trolling.

        • Anti-Israel posts appear on this site everyday, yet no one is complaining about the Iranian protests are they?

          Innocent non-violent protesters are being arrested for opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s oppressive regime.

          Presumably, you lot support these guys because they are funding global terrorism, including your beloved “Palestinian Cause”

          • So what are YOU doing about “Innocent non-violent protesters are being arrested for opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s oppressive regime”? Have you organised anything, Andy? Have you contacted Iranian dissident groups? Are you willing to join in with a protest? Join any groups?

            Hell, are you even a member of Amnesty International?

            Or are you just indulging in some “but what about” finger-pointing?

            Come back to us when you actually do something positive.

          • “Presumably, you lot support these guys (Iran) because they are funding global terrorism.”

            No Andy, you’re thinking of Saudi Arabia. Remind me again – how many of the 9/11 hijackers were Iranian?

  13. Lorde so far has refused to meet with the Israeli ambassador

    The BDS is this era’s equilvilent of the Nazi Krillanchant. The BDS was started by a terrorist named Omar Barghouti

    this is pure anti Semitism

    The Palestinians have no claim to the land they are trying to steal/ Israel is the only inclusive nation in the Middle East and the most progressive nation in that part of the world

    The fact that Lorde is ignorant is shown by the fact that she is a big LGBT supporter and the only place that that is permitted is Israel


      • Jebus, don’t you know yet that being against Israeli foreign policy is obviously anti-Semitic? You don’t like how Israel treats Palestinians? Well you must be an anti-Semite, a Holocaust denier and pro-terrorism. Get with the program brah.

      • The Book of Esther in the Old Testament has no references to God at all.

        It describes one of many attempts to kill all the Jews in Israel, and is commemorated by the holiday of Purim

        Presumably, this is “all made up” according to the Leftist narrative

        • Oh, so you’re basing all of your “facts” on the Bible – that wonderful guide to morality where a bloke called Lot gets drunk in a cave and has sex with his underage daughters. Charming!

  14. No one hates their own like a leftie bringing down another leftie…delicious to watch in all its glory! Re-eduction camp for Mr Edwards as per the lefties of past history?

  15. The real hypocrisy here is that many of Lorde’s feminist activist base who are currently all swooning over her decision to not play Tel Aviv are the same who breathlessly lined up to buy Wonder Woman tickets despite the lead actress being a former member of the IDF and a pro-settler cheerleader because white middle class tertiary feminists wanting a kick arse action hero was more important than Palestinian human rights.

    They, like me, probably didn’t realise that she’s a former member of the IDF and a pro-settler cheerleader. Knowing an actors personal history isn’t inborn.

    I certainly won’t be paying to watch any more movies/tv with her in it.

  16. The historical revisionism in these parts is doing my head in.

    Since it’s New year’s Eve, I wish everyone here, regardless of political stripe, religious affiliation or gender identity, a very happy and prosperous 2018

    I know Frank is a good bloke. He and I see eye to eye on the need to reduce or eliminate violence

    So let’s lay down the cudgels and have a bloody good knees up tonight.

    • I know Frank is a good bloke.

      Awwww, you smooth-talker you! LOL! Flattery will get you everywhere, mate!

      Enjoy your knees-up, Andy. Don’t get too trolleyed (leave some for the next thirsty partygoer!).

  17. Brian Edwards speaking on serious issues? The man that agrees with Michelle Boag on well anything? Cue laughter.

  18. To it’s credit, the NZ Jewish Council has not supported the odious full-page ad in the Washington Post calling Lorde a “bigot”;

    The New Zealand Jewish Council is distancing itself from a full-page ad taken out in the Washington Post by a pro-Israel group calling singer Lorde a ‘bigot’ and criticising New Zealand’s stance on Israel.


    However, the New Zealand Jewish Council said the ad doesn’t promote understanding or engagement.

    ref: http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/347314/lorde-labelled-a-bigot-in-controversial-ad

    Unfortunately, the Council’s distancing from the distasteful advert is then diluted by taking a swipe at pro-Palestinian groups;

    It also distances itself from what it calls inflammatory and aggressive material from Palestinian-led groups.

    The cynic in me (sharing the thoughts of cynics who question Lorde’s motivation for cancelling her tour) would wonder if the reason for the Council’s statement rejecting the hate-ad is because they understand how badly it would backfire in New Zealand.

    Kiwis don’t take kindly to be told what to do by overseas nations – something our American and French cuzzies have discovered in the past. The Jewish Council understands this aspect of the Kiwi psyche very well.

    But good on them anyway for making the stand. Let’s hope they follow through with understanding of the oppression of Palestinians at the hands of Israel.

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