The self-fulfilling evangelical death cult prophesy that pushed Trump into declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel

By   /   December 8, 2017  /   24 Comments

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For this voting block, the Bible is a literal version of events, not a metaphorical one. They believe the Earth is less than 10 000 years old, they believe climate change won’t flood the planet because God showed Noah a rainbow and they believe that the end of times and Armageddon could be upon us and they will all be raptured away to heaven.

To truly comprehend the madness that is driving Trump’s insane Middle East agenda, you need to understand the crazy self-fulfilling evangelical death cult prophesy that is directing him.

Trump has declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel for two reasons. The first is the powerful and aggressive zionist lobby group in America who funds him and the second is the crazy far right evangelical voting block who won him the election.

For this voting block, the Bible is a literal version of events, not a metaphorical one. They believe the Earth is less than 10 000 years old, they believe climate change won’t flood the planet because God showed Noah a rainbow and they believe that the end of times and Armageddon could be upon us and they will all be raptured away to heaven.

How big is this voting block? A terrifying 50 million Americans consider themselves evangelical to this extent.

What’s more terrifying than that number of ignorant voters? That they all have a self-fulfilling evangelical death cult prophesy that sees creating conflict in Israel as the beginning of Armageddon.

I. Kid. You. Not.

Evangelicals, Israel, and the End of the World

There are some 50 million Evangelicals in the US who believe in the
literal truth of Bible prophecy. You can argue theological accuracy all you
want. This massive block of citizens possesses unshakable belief that the
end of the world will be heralded by a series of prophetic events some of
which have occurred (e.g. 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina) some of which are
ongoing (the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan).

I am not talking about Bible-thumping, street-corner ravers, though one
or two do appear in our film. The people we profiled — from Evangelical
leaders to rank-and-file believers — are for the most part formidable,
intelligent, well-educated. And all are fixated upon Israel (the land of
Christ’s return).

Waiting for Armageddon opens with James and Laura Bagg, an attractive
pair of 30-something jet-propulsion engineers living in Connecticut. Yes,
Evangelical rocket scientists from the Northeast.

“We could be raptured out of this world during this interview,” Laura
says, referring to a miracle where all good Christians disappear from earth
and rematerialize in the clouds as chaos seizes the world. “There will be
car crashes and plane crashes. And the people left behind will be asking,
‘Are they coming back for me?’”

Then James Bagg explains that, “You see God has a plan for the world
and it all centers around Israel.”

The Baggs are, in a way, typical. Millions of Evangelicals share one
political belief even more sacred perhaps than opposition to abortion or
same-sex marriage: The belief that Israel must remain a Jewish state

If that sounds unfamiliar or contradictory, then you’ve never spent much
time listening to Evangelicals. End Times theology declares that the Jewish
people must maintain control of Israel and Jerusalem, and retake the Al-Aqsa
Mosque (a/k/a the Dome of the Rock), or Jesus won’t return. Period.
Understand, they are talking about mankind’s ultimate salvation. And if that
means embracing foretold disasters and wars including the Battle of
Armageddon, so be it.

Professor Gary Dickerson from the all-Christian Corban College puts it
this way: “I don’t look at the wars in the Middle East with the hope that
things will work out. We’ve been told, Israel will experience this distress
all the way to the end.”

Thus comes the central political reality explored in Waiting for Armageddon: that Evangelicals risk creating what the Rev. Barbara Rossing calls “a self-fulfilling prophesy of death and destruction.”

…these religious fanatic lunatics believe that generating conflict in Israel will bring about their great war in the Valley of Armageddon which will herald the ends times as promised in the Book of Revelations.

They believe they will all be raptured to heaven and the planet will descend into a 7 year supernatural battle between mankind, the Anti-Christ and God.

The viciously crazy evangelical Vice President, Mike Pence, was the one pushing for this Jerusalem Capital and he’s pushing for it for the same insane reasons his far right Evangelical voters want it, to create their self-fulfilling Evangelical death cult prophesy.

This is what is forming American Foreign policy, and Trump’s agreement is merely pandering to this self-fulfilling Evangelical death cult prophesy so he can keep their votes.

Far-right Evangelical voters are happy to ignore his pussy grabbing because he’s going to inadvertently start the violence in the Middles East that gives them their self-fulfilling evangelical death cult prophesy.

How many times can I say self-fulfilling Evangelical death cult prophesy?

This. Is. Fucking. Insanity!

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  1. Allan says:

    The shambling idiot that is Trump has been manipulated into moving Israel’s capital to Jerusalem through stroking his ego about being the president who actually made the decision, rather than continuing to sign the six monthly waiver as his predecessors wisely chose to do. That was apparent in his speech where he announced the decision. He’s a very useful tool for the real power brokers in the US to move towards their crackpot agenda, that goes back to the Reagan years.

    GW Bush also was manipulated in similar ways, the Iraq invasion being one such case, when the evangelicals believed that Saddam was the agent of satan and therefore attacking him would trigger the second coming and armageddon. These primitive ignoramuses will kill us all in the name of their imaginary god.

  2. esoteric pineapples says:

    Imagine how depressing it is going to be if there is a third world war and some of us survive it and then are still fundamentalist Christians around telling us the second coming is still coming after Jesus doesn’t show up.

    • Samwise says:

      Kind of reminds me of the 2012 Doomsdayers. Didn’t they have egg on their silly faces?

      Honestly, the Americans frighten me more than the Chinese or Russians. Only crazy people would welcome nuclear apocalypse to usher in some mythical supernatural deity.

  3. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Has anyone thought to look under the straw comb-over to see if the number 666 is engraved in Trump’s skull?

    These Christians are just very bad apes…

  4. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    If you think that 50,000,000 US Evangelicals is bad, wait to till you see the statistics on Muslims wrt to their support of Sharia:
    There are no good solutions when the problem is not a religion, but all religion. – is that what you will tolerate in the name “religious freedom” and “support” of a Palestinian state?

  5. Historian Pete says:

    We have hundreds of thousands of Evangelical fanatic lunatics living in New Zealand, and quite a few of them are unfortunately my relatives.Their views are as you describe. Seriously mind numbing crazy! I asked one of them how many Palestinians the Israelis could exterminate before they had a moral problem with it.The answer was there was no number. All was acceptable. Men, women and children. Millions .God was on Israel’s side.Christianity has lost any right to be seriously considered a moral force.

  6. Andy K says:

    It’s a sad indictment of humanity to see various forms of religious extremism gain prominence globally; Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Judaism, Islam. For whatever reason; greed, identity, power, psychological, etc. The situation appears to be the death throes of religion, those acting so piously are the murderers of their respective god or gods.

    So many gods have long since died, why exactly any other should be an exception is unreasonable. If the worst should occur, hopefully it will be a valuable lesson for humanity to move forward from an ancient obsolete set of thought while also preventing any future systems from becoming pseudo-religious.

  7. Off white says:

    Bill Clinton, George Bush and Obama declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.
    Your bigotry towards Christians is on full display here, christianaphobe. African Americans are fairly evangelical, now you’re being a tad racist. On top of the anti Semitic rants, unhinged comes to mind.

  8. Wensleydale says:

    I’ve always thought that religious fanaticism of any persuasion should be categorized as a mental illness, and people exhibiting this sort of behaviour should be institutionalized in the interests of public safety.

    • garibaldi says:

      Believing unconditionally in the supernatural is tantamount to mental instability. It is time atheists stopped quietly putting up with all the silly religious hooha from all its perverted purveyors.

  9. savenz says:

    Shockingly true. The reason why many American’s don’t care about the Middle East, climate change and Palestine is that they want the war and chaos because they think that’s when they go to heaven.

    The sad thing is that the rest of the world panders to this by allowing the seizure of Palestinian land to keep Israel and the US Christians and Jews happy. A small minority of the world want and are working towards armaggedon!

    Saw this

    Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map

  10. Lois Griffiths says:

    Regarding past and present American politicians’ stands on Israel, the US political, financial and military elite have always held Palestinians (and many other people around the globe) in complete contempt.
    But really, so have other powerful Western leaders. This attitude is seen in statements by Churchill, in the Balfour Declaration and even by the Crusaders.

    What a farce it has been for Western media to pretend for so long that the US has ever been an ‘honest broker’.

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,