So that $11.7billion dollar hole Joyce lied about during election is actually a $20b hole HE BUILT


The most disgusting part of the 2017 election was National simply lying straight to the face of NZ and pretending there was an $11.7 billion dollar hole in Labour’s budget.

Here is who agreed and disagreed with him…

…so 2 people in NZ agreed with Steven, Bill English and Steven Joyce himself.

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The lie worked, it spooked back male voters in the closing weeks of the election and made the election far closer than it would have been.

So what could be worse than lying about a $11.7billion hole that didn’t exist? Why actually creating an even bigger $20billion hole that Steven himself dug…

Govt accuses National of leaving $20bn hole

Finance Minister Grant Robertson told Parliament this afternoon that National failed to put aside the money for its promised big ticket Defence Force upgrade.

“As one commentator has said, the National Government never accurately costed it and made no provision in any of its long-term forecasts to pay for it.

“This is far from providing certainty.”

Government officials are now reviewing the programme to look for better value for money, he said.

“This is the responsible thing to do given the mess left by the previous government,” Mr Robertson said.

…so despite all the fanfare when National launched their Defence Force upgrade, Steven Joyce didn’t;t actually budget any money for that upgrade!

National are liars and manipulators of the worst kind, first they lie about a deficit in Labour’s budget that never existed, then boast about upgrading the Defence Force, then not budgeting for any of the upgrade they had just boasted about!!!!



  1. Yes your right Martyn and many of us already knew about their lies and spin the sad thing is a big percentage of mugs and selfish b’s still voted for them. Now we have them in opposition trying to cause mayhem. And acting like they are holy than thou and playing up like spoilt little brats.
    The best thing to do to a spoilt little brat is give them a good spanking.

    • I mean straight away it should have been recognised that paying for defence force upgrades through capital appreciation of defence force assets is head-cannon. The resale value on defence assets is no where near the $14 billion un-allocated capital spend. Takes a genius not to see it.

      • If that would have been hidden and exposed by a Labour lead government doing this would the media have heavily critised this false funding issue that Labour would have claimed?

        The answer is yes because we see the evidence of widespread media coverage of Joyce beating Labour over the head now with their critic SS Joyce now stating that labourb has finally admitted they wil not be able to retain some of the policies that were presently in place when they took over because their revenues are less than forecast so you would have thought if the media was honest they would highlight this bSS Joyce $20 billion hole today wouldn’t you right?

        Bloody corrupt media they are, so Claire caurren must quiclkly put that new Radio NZ changes in place to bring us back our “channel seven” type “Public affairs progaming” so you and other real media tycons can tell the truth about national parrty lies lies and more lies.

      • Patrick..Good point…It hasn’t really caused the devastation predicted by the wannabe assaulters.
        BTW-I prefer to call it the anti- hitting or anti -assault legislation as many people mistakenly regard ‘smacking’ as something gentle and almost kindly.

  2. there will more of this there never was surplus nacts 9 years office will prove to be one dig lie the biggest will be when nationals housing bubble pops and all that private debt still has to be paid

    • tghat’s the usual cycle; the Nats rack up big debt (usually to fund tax cuts), Labour pays them off. And the public being so utterly discerning, then award National the reputation of “sound fiscal managers”.

      God, honestly I despair sometimes…

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