Political Caption Competition

By   /   November 15, 2017  /   8 Comments

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Is this guy with the glasses a waiter? Why is he taking a photo with us?

Is this guy with the glasses a waiter? Why is he taking a photo with us?

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  1. Castro says:

    From left: Child, Overlord of No Zealand, Clown

  2. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Three little maids from school are we…

  3. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    The pimple on the world’s bottom…

  4. Margaret says:

    Malcolm Turnbull:

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall
    Who is the youngest of them all

    Not The Don and not Xi
    Or from Oz, not even me

    Trudeau from Canada – Just in
    But now – there is Jacin

    Emerged amid lightening and thunder
    In the Land of Long White Cloud – Down Under

    Into the Leadership she was thrust
    Her empathy and vision for the future – a must

    From the phenomenon of Jacindamania
    The Stardust reached to Tasmania

    Strutting around, so well prepared
    Flicking the pony tail around her head

    With that smile and reach to greet
    They may well fall at her feet

    Jacinda is the youngest of us all
    Such courage – she will not fall

  5. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Malcolm Trunchbull in ‘Enter the Dragon’…

  6. Margaret says:

    Malcolm Turnbull:

    Camera, camera one and all
    Need not stand against a wall

    Camera, camera, held above
    Can capture the after-shave image I love

    All fresh at start of day
    Asian buffet was so okay

    Back in Oz have come results – hrr hmm
    Same Sex Marriage Postal Referendum

    Liberal Party supporters say YES Ho!Ho!
    But NO – multi-ethnic Labour voters bellow

    ‘We won, you lost, eat that’
    Might gain the majority back

    Make it legal – stop the row
    Who’s a happy boy now

  7. AB says:

    Full Windsor, Half Windsor, WTF?