Ummm, shouldn’t Gerry Brownlee be doing what Gerry Brownlee does best?

By   /   November 13, 2017  /   13 Comments

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So Gerry Brownlee is now an apologist for Australian torture camps that the Australian’s have walked away from on Manus Island?

I’m sorry, what?

Gerry Brownlee warns PM to have a ‘degree of respect’ for Australia’s predicament
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern should “proceed with caution” when it comes to criticising Australia’s handling of refugees on Manus Island, says National’s foreign affairs spokesman Gerry Brownlee.

Ardern visited Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney earlier this month and recommitted New Zealand’s offer to accept 150 refugees and asylum seekers from detention centres.

The humanitarian crisis continues to worsen on Manus Island where 400 refugess have barricaded themselves inside fearing for their safety.

So Gerry Brownlee is now an apologist for Australian torture camps that the Australian’s have walked away from on Manus Island?

Ummmm,  shouldn’t Gerry Brownlee be doing what Gerry Brownlee does best instead of trying to undermine Jacinda holding Australia to account?

Shouldn’t Gerry be sucking up to Israel, avoid rebuilding Christchurch with honour and walking through Airport security? Those are the things he does best and I feel trying to defend Australia for their Pacific torture camp seems to be outside Gerry’s skill set.

In short.

Shut up Gerry.

If we need a cheerleader for Apartheid Israel or someone to destroy Christchurch again or a decoy to run drugs through Airport security, we’ll call you.

Until then.

Shut up Gerry.

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  1. bert says:

    “Ummm, shouldn’t Gerry Brownlee be doing what Gerry Brownlee does best?”


  2. bert says:

    An old employer of mine once said “respect is earnt”. Malcolm Turnbull has a long, long way to go to earn respect. Clearly Brownlee see’s respect as a sense of entitlement, the clear example with him riding rough shod through an airport.

  3. John Maxim says:

    That’s a picture of him doing what he does best, breathing through his mouth.

  4. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    I say Bunter, poor show…

  5. Brendon Ross says:

    if you go with that Gerry as drug decoy thing message me bro. Obviously so I can talk you out of it (WINK).
    But yeah, Brownlee’s time must be up… he was all kinds of useless during the Christchurch Recovery… hit up the Labour MP’s of the time (and staff) for some amazing stories of how utterly useless he was. None from me though.. I was doing volly work for Labour Central at the time and my single strongest memory of that time… and yo, I had a building pretty much collapse on me was how fucking scarey huge Gerry is… jesus in real life is he one Jabba the Hutt looking mofo. When you make your security dudes look like wussy record store nerds (aka like ME!), what’s the point of HAVING security. He’s like his own caricature… I’m thinking, if only TV2 had never axed ‘On the Mat’ we could have avoided all this… Gerry ‘Big Bastard’ Brownlee couldda found a fulfilling life taking NZ Wrestling to the next level… been our very own “cultural cringe” Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair (who let out a little WHOO! when they read the Nature Boy’s name huh)… hell, if my own fiction writing didn’t rapidly turn into the sleazy “slash” cul de sac on paragraph two I’d be tempted to pitch you an on going BeeHive Pro-Wrestling column… but someone needs to get on that idea. Trump’s proved politics is just pro wrestling for snobs…
    Um… astoundingly I have run out of stuff to say… always best to make an exit before I get my second wind, so see ya…

  6. Gaz Hall says:

    What? So Gerry Brownlee is now an apologist for Australian torture camps – whats new?

  7. Pete says:

    When he was a woodwork teacher did the kids call him “Two Short Planks”?

  8. Takere says:

    Murdering Pies!?

  9. Michelle says:

    hypocrite someone needs to wire his mouth

  10. Andrea says:

    Oh, be nice!

    The ‘Obstruction’ have all been given their roles in the play and they’re simply reading their lines.

    Gerry’s just doing his bit to help them over the line for 2020: stoking the sullen fear and indignation in the old FPP mentality.

    It’s a winner for that segment. If the current Aussie basket-case government gets mean and passes exclusionary legislation – what happens to our visits to the Gold Coast, or Seedney, or to ride camels? We’ll be distraught! There’s nothing left but the Islands and they don’t do ‘daring’ the way Aus does.

    To us – he’s a bleater. To his intended audience he is Cassandra in drag (or whatever the bloke equivalent is).

  11. Jack says:

    It’s one thing to have political differences with someone and issues with their visa status, it’s quite another to treat them inhumanely and use them as a meat pawn in your petty political games.