The ridiculous pro National propaganda of Garner, Du Plessis-Allan, Roughan & Kirk

By   /   October 1, 2017  /   66 Comments

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The right wing and their corporate media enablers need to delegitimise MMP and any Labour led Government by decrying Winston, undermining Jacinda and demonising the Greens.

Can you hear that sound?

The terror within the mainstream corporate media that despite National’s lies and mainstream media enabling of those lies, there is still a 50-50 chance that there will be a Labour led Government including the Greens and the anti neo-liberal and anti-immigration NZ First.

Look at the cacophony of right wing fear mongering that we have seen over the weekend.

Duncan Garner: The megalomaniac reigns all over National’s parade

Heather du Plessis-Allan: Walk away, It’s a devil’s bargain for Labour

John Roughan: A personality cult decides our next government

Stacey Kirk: Honour above the environment? Greens hold a deck of aces they’re refusing to play

It’s as if Matthew Hooton suddenly became the Executive-Editor of every mainstream media outlet in the country.

The right wing and their corporate media enablers need to delegitimise MMP and any Labour led Government by decrying Winston, undermining Jacinda and demonising the Greens.

These right wing voices want to do everything to blind NZ that 54% of the electorate voted against National. These are the anti-democratic vested interests caught naked in the headlights of the election result.

54% of the country voted for change, to deny the majority that change as these voices have is disgusting.

Don’t believe their hype. This is MMP working perfectly.

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  1. Roy says:

    That gruesome Stacey Kirk article pretty much reprimands the Greens for having the audacity to stay true to their kaupapa! They really are out in force aren’t they.

    • Wensleydale says:

      True. But then Stacey Kirk has form in that regard. Heather du Plessis-Allan’s “article” is the real doozy. It’s like it wasn’t so much written as vomited up by a someone who ate a dictionary while half-mad on methamphetamine.

      • simonm says:

        Heather dP-A would have to be on something like meth to avoid the grim reality of being married to Barry Soper.

        • Wensleydale says:

          Yeah… I don’t even pretend to understand that pairing. Soper must be witty and interesting, because he’s got a face like an old cushion that’s been left out in the rain.

        • Marc says:

          Maybe just an old fashioned black leather and belt night combo, loving a bit of SM lashings and the likes, wonders me, who is the master, who the disobedient servant.

    • Nick J says:

      Add Tracy Watkins from Stuff, living proof that there is no God.

    • bert says:

      Bill on Duncan Garner’s AM show this morning “I put a call out to Winston and he didn’t pick up”

      But which house was Bill calling from, his home in Dipton or the one he’s claiming expenses on, in Wellington?

    • Venus says:

      Demonizing the demons.

    • srylands says:

      I thought their kaupapa would be served by protecting New Zealand’s environment. Which they will best achieve by being in a coalition with National. New Zealand journalists who work in the mainstream media are mostly socialists, as you are aware. They are simply stating the blindingly obvious.

      • Wensleydale says:

        “Which they will best achieve by being in a coalition with National.”

        In what parallel dimension? This is a party that has had innumerable opportunities over the past nine years to make head-roads into sorting the environment, and they’ve done what? Sat on their fucking hands, mate. I swear Nick Smith and Nathan Guy have spent the best part of a decade sitting in a corner, rocking backwards and forwards, mumbling “Must not upset farmers. Must not upset farmers.” And you would have us believe a National/Greens coalition would have National suddenly give the Greens free rein to advance their environmental agenda? Either you’re incredibly naive, which I doubt, or you’re spinning because you think we’re all slack-jawed muppets who’ll swallow anything. Sorry to disappoint.

        Try harder.

  2. dave brown says:

    A Labour led coalition of Greens and NZF is a better option, only because it has promised to roll back marginally some of NACTs worst policies.

    If it succeeds in forming a government and enacting some of these, this will generate even more hysteria on the right.

    That is what we should want; the right-wing exposed in the full glory of its naked capitalist aggression towards working people.

    Working people will decide the future.

    From their experience they will see how far the self-censoring ‘centre-left’ can go before facing the threat of international capital retaliation hyped-up by the capitalist media, and being sabotaged by dirty politics and/or a coup.

    They will see that parliamentary politics was always a talk shop where workers were frustrated or bored into passivity while the bosses stole their value, their basic rights, their livelihood and even their lives.

    They will see that they will have to form their own party to make the changes needed to right the elementary wrongs of poverty, inequality, suicide, climate change, and the destruction of basic democratic rights such as privacy, freedom from surveillance and dirty politics.

    A workers party would stand for what Labour once professed but quietly dropped, the socialisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange.

    It wouldnt be a TOP-down policy wonk party of middle class wankers, it would be run by the democratically organised rank and file in the unions and community branches.

    Self-employed would overcome their fear of socialism when they see that crisis-ridden capitalism abuses their struggle to survive as a buffer between the avaricious bosses and the demonised workers.

    So whatever happens to this new government, NZ’s trajectory as part of a global capitalism in terminal decline, means that workers have to wake-up to their class interests, reject parliamentary non-solutions, and organise a genuine workers democracy capable of rescuing humanity from extinction before it is too late.

    • Tiger Mountain says:

      heh, the age old situational difference between urgently needed reforms for the car dwellers and oppressed, and exploited generally, and the ideology of “reformism” which a class collaborationist party such as NZ Labour clearly stands for

  3. richarquis says:

    Fran O’Sullivan is also whining about the country being held to ransom by a party with only 7.5% of the vote. She neglects, however, to ponder the combined 2% or so that ACT and United Future possessed when they held the deciding votes over asset sales and other legislation. How convenient for her.

  4. Grant says:

    “The lady doth protest too much methinks”….
    Shakespeare’s line from Hamlet sums it up perfectly.
    Who would have thought that 400 or so years later it would still be relevant.
    Modernising it just a little to give context to this situation, i would replace the word ‘lady’ with ‘ Muppets’…..

  5. Me says:

    Here is a fanciful idea. What about if Labour went with National?
    They would have the numbers to get anything through. The trouble is over half of them will still want to be arseholes so thats when the Greens and NZF could use their votes for good. Food for the hungry, shelter for all etc

    • Sam Sam says:

      James Shaw would have to convene half of Green Party members according to the Greens constitution. And that’s a conversation so out of left field it would shut down any outside suggestion of a Greens national coalition. Just no. So much work that hasn’t been done would have to occurs. Just no.

  6. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    I just want to wallow in the swimming pool that all those sweet sweet MSM tears will produce should this happen.

  7. Red Buzzard says:

    The Christchurch Press is also in on the pro -National bias offensive against MMP , Winston Peters ( ghastly photos of him), and a Labour , NZF, Green coalition.

    They really are running scared!

  8. Michael says:

    46% of voters supported National – 10% higher than the next most popular political party and more than Labour and Greens combined. It would be undemocratic for National to not lead the next Government.

    If National is replaced by a 3 headed beast populated by hippies, commies and economic nationalists with no skills in fiscal management, NZs economy will collapse.

    • muzed says:

      That’s the lamest troll I’ve ever seen.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Never National includes lots of “normal” conservitives who want nothing to do with Winston Peters for immature reasons. The racism, the misogyny, the lack of any social conservative convictions, the unfitness for office and/or deepstate discipline.

      In other words, they have nothing in common with NZ1st supporters.

    • bert says:

      Compared to a 4 headed beast previously that proportionately increased the incarceration rate of maori imprisonment, increased teenage suicide, underfunded mental health and put more people in their cars to live. Add that to policy which has created record service station and dairy attacks but yes, at least the economy and that wealthy that gain benefit from it are all right jack!

      As for managing the economy, National have a finance minister who has a hole in his fiscal head.

      • Cag says:

        If a Minister of Finance is incapable of reading a financial document is he capable to BE finance minister?

    • Scotty says:

      Is that the same group of hippies and commies that currently has National on its knees begging for a coalition agreement?
      Did your math teacher not explain that 46% is not a pass mark no matter what you reckon..

      • srylands says:

        Has it ever occurred to you that those of us raising the option of a National Green coalition are doing so because it is the option that would best serve New Zealand. Who the hell is ‘scared’ or ‘begging’. You are either deluded or taking the piss.

        It is all about the policies. Nothing else. The protection of the environment and the promotion of prosperity by flourishing markets.

        The alternative is the Greens stay in opposition for another 20 years.

        • Wensleydale says:

          I love it when you disingenuous shits pretend to care about the environment. Watching you contort yourselves into all sorts of grotesque positions in order to appear convincing (and failing dismally), never ceases to amuse.

          And as for it being “all about the policies” and nothing else. That’s bollocks, and you know it. It’s never all about the policies. It’s about money, and power, and who gets to pull the levers that dictate how life is for the rest of us. That’s how it’s always been, despite the carefully nurtured fairy tales disseminated by those with vested interests.

          Most of the Green Party’s base loathe National with a passion bordering on the religious, and if James Shaw stitches up a deal with Bill English, he’ll swiftly find himself about as popular as a scorching case of herpes. For the most part, National and the Greens are diametrically opposed. National have spent the best part of almost a decade hurling spite and invective at the Greens, insinuating they’re mentally unstable clost-Communists who want to turn the country into a Soviet gulag. They have nothing to talk about.

          It’s over, National. Stop embarrassing yourselves.

    • Red Buzzard says:

      and the other 54% did not vote for National ( and many NZ youth are so alienated that they don’t vote at all)

      …it would be very interesting to see a breakdown on exactly who voted for National…ethnicity , age, gender, new immigrants , cities , countryside etc etc

      ….a three way power coalition of Labour , NZF and the Greens could be what saves New Zealand from the devastation of the last nine years of Nactional Government… and the plundering of New Zealanders’ assets eg housing, water, land, health care, education, social welfare … and it could be a power coalition that lasts for several Elections to come!

      • Michelle says:

        agree 100% Red Buzzard NZers need to see a complete breakdown of voters so they can see how the gnats policies have helped them to secure the foreign immigration vote and there are many that haven’t paid the taxes for year like us and some have come via the back door. But also if we look at the areas its the more affluent areas that have and continue to vote for the gnats which is sad cause it shows just how selfish and greedy many have become.

      • patricia bremner says:

        God I hope so.

    • Brett says:

      Lol, you sound like a brainwashed Cold War kid.

    • Wensleydale says:

      National’s “fiscal management” only really works for farmers, corporates and the big end of town. Everyone else is pretty much fucked, mate. Or haven’t you been paying attention?

    • Michelle says:

      Michael your argument is the very reason 70% of NZers voted for to change our system to MMP because under FPP Muldoon got in power despite labour getting more votes and social credit got only 2 seats despite getting 20% of the total votes under the FPP system. Now people like you want to move the goal post again. Stop being selfish and be patient and wait.

    • elle says:

      National are not and have never been democratic.National had a many headed beast to become govnt,they use every bit of rubbish to try to convince the people that opposition is not valid.
      Most people don’t want TPPA which National would enact in a heartbeat.

      Time for a change ,its to be hoped Winston joins Labour Greens coalition he would give them the experience they lack. National would encourage him to join them,just to get power of government,they would treat him badly as usual,don’t think he would be fooled by them,even for deputy PM position,he would be removed in no time . National arn’t to be trusted,they have proved that time and time again,but still try the same old tricks.

    • Samwise says:

      So conversely, Michael, 54 percent of voters voted AGAINST National? So in what way is 46 a majority over 54.? I’m intrigued how your arithmetic is so vastly different to the rest of us. No, really, I am.

    • richarquis says:

      You’re a little bit touched, aren’t you? FPP was abolished decades ago, but you’re still talking as if it somehow holds sway. Welcome to the real world, where 46% does NOT equal a majority. For someone who supports the supposedly economically literate party, you don’t seem too good with numbers, but then, nor do the leaders of that party.

    • cityzen says:

      Michael- ‘hippies, commies and economic nationalists….’ ? I’m not sure what any of those are? I’d like the Greens, Labour and NZ First though. They have years of experience behind them and can be trusted to work for us all – not just their wealthy mates.

  9. Quicksilver says:

    The panicked corporate driven MSM rants have become unbelieveably schizoid.
    They vacillate from bizzare illogical missives on why the Greens simply have to form a coalition with Nazional, to berating said party as hippy communists, to further inflaming Winston by pressuring him via the media, to flat-out criticism of the whole MMP electoral system and how unfair it is and why-oh-why are we in this mess.
    Really really weird. But also really really entertaining watching spin merchants agonising in their death throes.

    • Wensleydale says:

      This is the establishment shitting bricks over the peasantry actually being permitted to have a say in who runs the country.

      “But, Deirdre! We’re rich! People who aren’t rich simply aren’t qualified to decide who runs the country! Why, if they get their grubby paws on the levers of government, we might end up slightly less rich! Can you imagine?! It’s all a ghastly nightmare I tell you!”

    • Red Buzzard says:

      +100 QUICKSILVER

  10. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yes to all here,

    Toninght we see that the media are now trotting out the old National Party creeps like Jim Bolger and Wayne Mapp as saying they recommend greens go taik to national to cut out Winston so they are eager to kill off tweo birds with one stone now, god they are all evil now and so desperate to.

    • Once was Tim says:

      Agreed. I notice Rosemary McCleod doesn’t seem to want to have a bar of it. I suppose she got clobbered because she once had a few opinion pieces when she was facing left.

  11. Kim dandy says:

    I say – with regards to the MSM – f*** them ALL!
    Their opinion does not matter when I look at the poverty and hardship that has become common place in New Zealand.
    The media should take a hard look at themselves. They are a disgusting presents in this country!
    New proper public broadcasting with any NEW government please, I can’t stand the current dribblers any longer.

  12. mosa says:

    I have said it before and i will say it again.

    This country is A RIGHT WING STATE and will only accept a majority National government and will destroy any alternative to that government and has begun to discredit the current electoral system for delivering a possible NZF- Lab government after October 7th.

    You only have to listen to this crap filling the media in the vacuum of the election and a government being formed , perfect opportunity for scare mongering.

    I really hate watching my country that i love being slowly destroyed by the corrosion of these evil media entities and the National party and its supporters that profits from the lies and corruption it forces upon our once proud caring country.

  13. Patrick says:

    The Germans have had MMP for so many years.
    Angela got 32% of the vote so 68 wanted change.
    Why do the Germans think it’s her right to try to form a government when this site say 46% don’t have that right.
    Do they know more than us after so many years or is it this site that doesn’t understand how it is supposed to work?
    Just asking.

    • Red Buzzard says:

      the Germans understand MMP …the Nacts and their mainstream
      media newspaper toady journalists do NOT!

      …or else it is a vain glorious attempt to bully NZF and the Greens

      ….they have shown their true nature …robber dogs with no morality

    • Samwise says:

      You’re asking the wrong question.

      • Patrick says:

        How stupid of me. I thought that because we copied their system we would apply it the same way they do.
        But Martyn is effectively saying they are wrong in their application because.
        What was the right question?

    • Michelle says:

      Germany has an ageing population and low birth rates they need working aged people they let in a 1 million immigrants/ refugees and didn’t they say they were going to assimilate them. That is why the far right have risen they feel threaten. We already had people here that could fill many of our vacancies but our government choose to interfere with the market by allowing low qualified people to enter to fill many jobs and drive wages down. This changed the supply and demand factor at the same time ensuring the business owners had a much bigger pool of workers to draw from. Why has the gnats not invested in our own people the NEETS, Maori and Pacific people they have known about our demographics but they have shown they don’t really care. As has been proven they interfere with the market when it suits them and the business owners to keep profits up and wages down. So much for there bullshit theories cause we all know they don’t work. And we all know they benefit the few.

    • Marc says:

      There is no ‘right’ that Merkel can claim, as the same rules apply there as here. Under MMP you need sufficient partners or support parties, to form a government, and simply being the one party with the most votes is not enough. By the way, of those 33 percent that Merkel is claimed to have behind her, that is for two conservative – or right of centre – parties there, CDU and CSU. She will struggle to get Greens and Liberals work together, as they do not see eye to eye as potential coalition partners.

      If the SPD had enough others wanting to share responsibility in government, they would have had as much a right to form one. But as the numbers do not add up for them, they cannot.

  14. CLEANGREEN says:

    National are now watching their “career dissapation light” deminish inside their eye now, as the reality of MMP sets in.

    “old father time” has caught up with them finally.

    They couldn’t have got away with their wanton stealing of all our public assets, and the selloff’s forever could they?

  15. Nick says:

    Nat apologists decry Peter’s 7.5% holding the country to ransom and at the same time mischievously suggest a Green-Blue administration, which would be the same thing, by their estimation, only with an even smaller party. Not to be confused with the Nats being propped up last time by even smaller parties.

    There are code words here. No one is without an agenda. Everything anyone says has a hidden or overt purpose. Any “neutral” pundit who vigorously “investigates” the Greens getting into bed with the Nats is announcing their National Party affiliations as clearly as if they had run down the main street dressed only in a strategic blue rosette.

    The other Nat-affiliation announcement is to beat on about party numbers, as if that makes a difference.

    The Right is a coalition between the Born to Rule mob, who have no bottom line principles at all, the social conservative brigade who hate social progress and berate beneficiaries and others they see as different, and the neo-liberal opportunists who believe in whittling away the State, destroying Unions, cutting taxes and open slather in trade and international sales.

    The fact that the three Rightist parties still cling together is a measure of their success to date. They may not survive a loss.

    To suggest they are the “biggest party” is factually true but in fact meaningless.

    The only “biggest” that counts will be the first block to achieve 61 votes or more. The rest is disingenuous shadowboxing.

    • bert says:

      Yep, Bill fornucating over his “biggest” votes is akin to Joyce’s “fiscal” hole.
      Really makes no sense at all.

      And just to remind Bill, as with going with ACT, The Maori Party and United Future previously, under MMP it’s the team that can cobble together( because that’s what National did with that lot) 61 seats.
      So to Bill and the MSM, try something new for a change, be patient, be democratic.

    • Patrick says:

      The Germans don’t agree, so I guess they don’t understand MMP like you do
      Idiot Germans

  16. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Bomber, you need to include RNZ to your list of pro-National pro-FPP media squawks.

    Guyon Espinner (and even the less outwardly political Susie Fergusson) have taken a negative stance on FPP. Subtle (and not so subtle) comments throughout Morning Report expose this, and these comments are further added to the hourly news bulletins.

    It really beggars the question who the fuck is running the news media?

    Do NOT believe anything you read, see or hear in NZ’s news media. None of them are truly independent and agenda-less…

  17. Groucho Marxist says:

    It is so much like a school playground gang going around leaning on everyone to join their side because they are the biggest gang.
    “If you don’t join our gang you’d better watch out!”

    What we want is Co-operation, not Competition. Why don’t you bully-boys stop your threatening?

    • Wensleydale says:

      Why? Because ‘free market capitalism’. A system that thrives on cutting the throats of your neighbours so you can clamber ever higher over a mountain of corpses in order to reach the promised land of… ‘success’. (Incidentally, the notion of success these days can be almost entirely boiled down to ‘how much of a bastard are you prepared to be to everyone else in order to advance your own interests?’)

      Cooperation is a euphemism for… communism. Which is all kinds of bad, apparently. (Although, my childhood recollections of Sesame Street lead me to believe cooperation was once regarded as a positive thing. My, how times have changed.)

  18. bert says:

    Can someone help me please. Which seats could change after the specials are counted?

  19. Brian F says:

    Sad but true article.
    As the election wore on Garner & Co got more and more one-eyed and tiresome. And once it was over, they got worse. Not a lot of options left now. So TV and radio are off and it’s a lot quieter in the mornings for me. That’s got to be healthier for mind and body!

  20. HC says:

    We won’t know until Friday night or Saturday, whether the majority of voters voted for change. The likelihood is that most did, but let us wait and see. As for the numbers quoted, do not forget that one ACT seat that can be added to the Nats. Consider perhaps also that some votes have been lost votes, like those for the Maori Party, and for those others that will not be represented.

    The way things are going, we will possibly have another election some time next year.

    I suspect much of the media and caretaker government hysteria, also within the business sector, is more about the uncertainties this will create for them. But they are already working on preparing the ground for the next and early election, by drumming into people that they must be fearful of Labour – NZ First – Greens, and of uncertainty in general.

    The call for stable government will be the war cry in the campaign ahead, which will be brutal.

    Whatever Winston and his party will decide, it will only be a temporary government, most likely no proper coalition arrangement.

    Prepare for an early election some time soon.

  21. remo says:

    All this nuanced media pretending the greens could EVER be the Natocons partners, has dead rat stink all over it. If the greens fall for this one, its the end of the greens. They’d be skinned alive and fed into Gerry’s next pie.
    It feels like a trap of monumental proportion. The neonatocons absorb all before them. They pretend, while all the while, pulling teeth.

  22. the Weatherman says:

    Nice to hear Shane Jones tacitly refer to dirty government deals with Big Fish and promote the idea of fisheries jobs for Maori, although I disagree on the monitoring point. Levy a tax for them instead.

    I know fisheries and extractive industries – and resources – activism has been a sore point for some Maori but funnily enough, taking a Maori conservation approach and REALLY considering wider Maori interests is often the best way through for all of us, aye, as the shrewd Shane Jones probably realized yonks ago.

  23. Zack Brando says:

    The ‘Main Stream Media’ are just tragic. These people you speak of mean little to me, though some like Du Plessis-Allan are an irritant when they’re thrust upon you.

    Though it’s true, if not common place to say; ‘Kiwi’s indulge the MSM fuelled, tribal politics of the Left vs Right’. Such narrow thinking must me combated. Yet how?

    Once a ‘secular society’ meant near-complete freedom of religion and the lack of authority of religious leaders over political decisions. Secularism in NZ has become perverse and our citizenry drinks from a cauldron of mishmash philosophies … humanism, modernism, pantheism and always served on an agnostic/atheistic platter.

    My, what a hopeless situation. Today’s secularism is different and it has slaughtered moral absolutes. There is only the law left now – so mark my words, the number of laws will increase. How can you appeal to anyone when Nietzsche is believed to have killed God and the natural outworking of such a belief is to consider good and evil a fairly tale OR one’s own personal preference at best.

    The insane in NZ aren’t the homeless or the mentally ill locked in cages. The insane in NZ are the MSM and alternate-media who are agnostic/atheistic, yet believe in that which is diametrically opposed – moral absolutes. The cognitive dissonance is astounding – the insane truly are running the asylum.

    The quality of our journalism often approaches that of Fox News and that’s not a compliment. We are said to be in the ‘golden age of television’ yet the lack of virtues displayed and themes sold to our citizenry is nothing short or hollow and grotesque.

    So what is the answer … what machination could Zack Brando conceive of or weapon fashion to fight against such vileness. Well, only the most powerful weapon of all is good enough for ME – the TRUTH. To put in plainly we need an RT like news network here in NZ. It will cost a lot of money, but it will work.

  24. Mike the Lefty says:

    Hooton and his ilk will do a 180 degree turn if/when/if National gets the nod from Winston.
    Suddenly they will be singing the praises of MMP and how “it delivered the government that the people voted for….waffle waffle blah blah blah…..”
    It is always the same.
    When on the losing side the voting system is an ass…
    When on the winning side there is nothing wrong with the system.
    The time to really think about the voting system is well away from an election, when cooler heads can prevail, not just after one.
    But it seems a significant number of New Zealanders lack the maturity to deal with it sensibly.
    For the record: I think MMP is much better than FPP, but I like preferential voting more.