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  1. I think memes about Bill’s “fiscal hole” could swing this election


    Show us your fiscal hole, Bill

    Stop talking about your fiscal hole, Bill

    Bill talks out of his fiscal hole


    • lol…not too different from ‘faecal hole’ … poo hole (as in ‘excrement hole’)

      ie that what Nactional has done to our pristine New Zealand environment

      Nactional the poo maker

    • english know about fiscal holes. The holes where Banks and TNCs channel money out of NZ in a stream that has become a river, one of the few unpolluted with poo.

  2. …and now for a little light relief, on USA’s political party problems ….NOT the mainstream media

    ‘Parties in crisis?’

    “One word that aptly describes American politics today is ‘divisions.’ The line that divides liberals from conservatives is deep and even worrisome. To make things worse, there are some of the same dividing lines within the major political parties. Can these breaches be mended?

    CrossTalking with Doug Wead, Steve Malzberg, and Ned Ryun.”

  3. Here is a quote at the end of a declining letter my GP and I just received from our local public hospital:

    “In view of restrictions on access to the public hospital system determined by the Ministry of Health, XX does not reach the threshold for an outpatient appointment.
    Yours sincerely
    Otolaryngology Triage consultant”

    Thanks Johnathan Coleman. Great health system I’ve paid for in my taxes…Go Jacinda.

    PS -As I was about to press this I received a robo-call from Bill English telling me what a wonderful government we have…Expletives flew!

    • +100 ( and commiserations)

      …unfortunately many taxpayer NZers have fared ill under this Nact is a total betrayal of New Zealanders when they are most in need!…

  4. With all the last minute election campaign hype, this does bloody well deserve prime attention:
    ‘MSD faked names and signatures in benefit reviews’

    And ACC does the same:

    Like I posted last night, about electoral office staff being allowed to take polling boxes home under certain circumstances, and many other questionable things being condoned in Little Aotearoa New Zillind, the Long While Lie country, we are virtually living in nothing short of a BANANA REPUBLIC here!

    Yet nobody seems to worry too much, it is all ok, do not wake up the sleepy hobbits.

    FFS, people, wake up and vote these criminals out, that constantly lie to us, who have the Ombudsman, HDC and Privacy Commissioner all appointed as the old boys network, and who rip us off, by using our taxes to pay their lawyers to DENY us our rights and justice!?

  5. For those still needing to decide, here are the links to audio and video streams, available from the RNZ website, containing the interviews Kathryn Ryan had with Bill English and with Jacinda Ardern yesterday and today:

    Nine to Noon interview with Bill English, National Party Leader, links:

    Nine to Noon interview with Jacinda Ardern, Labour Party Leader, links:

    While I feel Kathryn Ryan was a bit harsher on Jacinda than on Bill, they interviews are well worth listening to, as they cover many important policy matters and issues, and the different positions that Labour and the Nats have.

    Neither will be 100 percent workable, I fear, but the direction is what matters, to set New Zealand on track for the future.

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