Why the Auckland oil pipeline rupturing is the perfect symbolism of 9 years under National

By   /   September 19, 2017  /   34 Comments

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The story of how Kauri poachers damaged the only oil line into Auckland sums up the last 9 years of the National Government so perfectly and has dropped it hot into the lap of the voting public days before the impact of Auckland running dry of petrol will arrive with the election.

It’s a god damned Greek tragedy in 3 parts, it really is.

It’s a Schadenfreude Dégustation of such epic proportions it deserves its own documentary.

The story of how Kauri poachers damaged the only oil line into Auckland sums up the last 9 years of the National Government so perfectly and has dropped it hot into the lap of the voting public days before the impact of Auckland running dry of petrol will arrive with the election.

We don’t know who damaged the oil line because the piss poor regulation National imposed on the buried Kauri tree poaching industry means they don’t have to get consent from the local council so we may never know who did this.

We all hope it’s Judith Collin’s husband’s Oravida company because as the Minister of Energy and personally benefitting from exploitative Chinese business practices it would be the cherry on the top of this shit cake of crony nepotism that perfectly encompasses National Party and Chinese business interests.

So let’s get the full stop of this clusterfuck shall we?

Some company exploiting the loopholes in National’s weak regulation wreaks the only bloody oil line running into Auckland, an oil pipe line that the Government was warned was vulnerable.

The Government’s response to critical underfunding of infrastructure despite turning on the immigration? To do sweet fuck all nothing of course. The Plan National put forward in case of an emergency was hope the people of Auckland wouldn’t start stockpiling.

FFS. That’s not a plan, that’s wishful fucking thinking.

Regulation demands the oil industry keeps 8 days stockpile of petrol in case of an emergency. We have an emergency. The only pipeline providing Auckland with petrol has been damaged and out of action for at least 10 days. How many believe the oil industry kept their side of the bargain and have 8 days worth of stockpile? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just keep 7 days? 6 days? 5 days? Once Aucklanders realise the city is about to go dry there will be panic buying for the remaining petrol.

I don’t think people get how big a deal this could be and if Auckland runs dry before the election, it will be Bill English facing the wrath of the entire city of Auckland.


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  1. mary_a says:

    Google Kauri Ruakaka. The site gives the company’a previous name … none other than Kauri Oravida! One director being none other than Judith Collins’ husband David Wong Tung!!!

    No wonder Collins has been somewhat waspish of late!

    Natz might find itself right up to its filthy eyeballs with this one!

  2. WILD KATIPO says:

    … ” if Auckland runs dry before the election, it will be Bill English facing the wrath of the entire city of Auckland ” …

    Or even if its a short while after,… Bill English will still be led out at dawn and shot with a ball of his own shit.

    There’s a hilarious side to imagining English being chased up the street by an angry mob , …in a cartoonish sort of way ,… but the seriousness of it is things like civil emergency’s ,- house fires and the like,…things could get rather messy…

    • Brokenback says:

      As I’ve been maintaining from get go this is an election game changer.

      Pipeline outage occurred on Thursday 14 September 9 days before polling booths close , not made public for 3 days and the full implications well spun down.
      “The digger did it”
      The decision was obviously made to focus on maintaining land fuel supplies to greater Auckland to minimise political fallout and influence at the ballot box.

      As of now , not one litre of jet fuel has been delivered to Auckland via the means laid out in the 2012 MBIE report.
      There has been nothing but talk and obfusication.

      The economic impact of trashing the country’s major air link hub will be significant and long term.


  3. CLEANGREEN says:

    Fuck aint that correct. Martyn you did that well.
    “Why the Auckland oil pipeline rupturing is the perfect symbolism of 9 years under National”
    By the way brilliant show last night, ‘Kiwi fair go show’

    You gotta start setting this up more often like the Fifth estate was when you would go around the City to meeting places.

    I shipped the Maori voter -supression ‘scandal’ off to UK Guardian to highlight how the government are conducting another phoney election process.

    The US press came out in headlines there during the last election saying the same about their election system who were conducting similar black voting manipulation of blocking their rights voting in their election also.

    Tuesday September 19, 2017 Last updated 13:51PM
    Maori voter suppression allegations demands investigation!
    18 Sep 2017 15:00 PM

  4. Dougal says:

    I’m not sure why Labour isn’t hitting National hard on this issue (as well as others).

    Why are they not going out on the offensive and saying “This is what happens when a government ignores official advice and under funds infrastructure. This is analogous to how this govt has underfunded the health sector, education, state housing… and look at how things are failing”

    And when National is attacking them on tax, they could come back with “You have our word we won’t touch these until 2020 – but CAN YOU TRUST NATIONAL not to introduce or raise taxes? They have a track record of saying they won’t and then doing it. GST a great example. They even introduced a capital gains tax this term! They are talking up how unfair it is to tax users of water – if this is the case does Bill English promise to resign if they introduce anything that even resembles a water tax? In fact, can he guarantee that National won’t introduce any new taxes themselves?”.

    They need to start sowing the seeds of doubt, that National have been doing with Labour the whole campaign. I don’t know why Labour hasn’t hit back more aggressively and been on the offensive.

    I think that National’s continual attack of Labour is probably going to win the election. Why? because people start to buy into it, people get turned off, and also because Labour has spent too much time on the defensive about it. They haven’t come out and attacked National, which is what they really needed to do, especially given that Labour’s position has / or was too vague on tax.

    If anyone reading this is affiliated with those in Labour, please pass on that they need to start attacking National… They won’t win the election by being positive and having to defend attacks, they need to attack National’s failure and also their untrustworthiness more.

    I’d like to think that I will be pleasantly surprised and National won’t be governing any more, but Labour could have done a lot better on the campaign trail.

  5. countryboy says:

    Baa a a ahahaha ahah a aha !

    National. Delivering for NZ !

    Ba hahahahahaha ahahahaha ahha aa a a !

  6. CLEANGREEN says:

    Oh shit Martyn, ‘if Auckland runs dry before the election, it will be Bill English facing the wrath of the entire city of Auckland.’

    English/Collins/joyce will have an amarda of tankers comming to the rescue from near & far behind the scenes to connect Auckland to fuel tankers before that happens just to save the election for them (using our taxes) one would wager.

    This Government are setting us up for many rocky roads going forward from here even if we get over this in a few days before the election.

  7. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    When I heard that the strategic/emergency stockpile was just 8 days, I just about spat my dinner out. I would have a thought a month would be a bare minimum for such important infrastructure as NZ’s busiest airport! And the brainfarts from the media who think the only solution is to build ANOTHER fucking pipeline was equally confounding. How about building some inexpensive fuel silos? And in the meantime, how about simply transporting it via ship or rail to Auckland? It’s not very far from Whangarei to Auckland by sea/rail and they had EIGHT days to organise ships/trains to do that. A lot of people have been seriously sleeping at the wheel here imo.

  8. John Maxim says:

    My wife is a wood turner. She’d have dug for a bit of swamp kauri if she’d known it was there, especially if she thought it would stop immigration and cause the housing bubble to burst and wreck Nats property portfolios. It’ll also cut off the supply of Chinese govt. surplus MPs. LMAO when I saw Nat ssying RNZAF had been asked to go easy on jet fuel, which if their only two jeys were they referring to?

  9. John Maxim says:

    My wife is a wood turner. She’d have dug for a bit of swamp kauri if she’d known it was there, especially if she thought it would stop immigration and cause the housing bubble to burst and wreck Nats property portfolios. It’ll also cut off the supply of Chinese govt. surplus MPs. LMAO when I saw Nat ssying RNZAF had been asked to go easy on jet fuel, which if their only two jeys were they referring to?

  10. Mike the Lefty says:

    The MSM is crammed full of “details” and troll-speak about how it is actually Labour’s fault because they ignored a report way back in 2005. Labour may well have sat on a recommendation for three years, but National have sat on it for nine years.
    So who is the most irresponsible then?
    Labour, so the MSM would have us believe.

    • Patrick says:

      Get off the grass Mike.
      This is not a political issue it’s a Dorkland one.
      It’s not the major you precious people are making out and he rest of the country doesn’t care.

      • Barry says:

        It is major, workers are being stood down without pay due to the impact ,thats pretty serious issue trying to make ends meet,.
        I don’t understand what the animosity regarding Aucklanders is about ,but it’s pretty tiresome.
        Maybe you should move on and. be more construction .

  11. dennis D says:

    Having missed Monday nights minor Parties discussions, I have logged in to find at least a summary of that meeting on today’s Daily Blog. So where is it? Am I missing something?

  12. Patrick says:

    I don’t get it.
    The pipeline is privately owned by a public company.
    BP, Mobil and Z have significant holdings in the company and make profits selling its products.
    The avgas is sold to customers of Auckland International airport which is also a publicly listed company as are the purchasing airlines.
    The current government was warned about the effects a break would have as was the Labour government in 2005, both of whom sensibly declined to invest taxpayers dollars on behalf of public companies.
    Those who profit are the people who should have invested in greater storage facilities but I guess they didn’t want to spend the money in new facilities plus the cost of keeping millions of liters of avgas, which would only be needed in an emergency.
    The emergency is here but it took 38 years to happen!
    No doubt the refining company, the Oil companies, Auckland Airport and perhaps Air New Zealand will take a different view of storage going forward.
    Auckland is so egocentric that it tends to forget the majority of the population don’t live there and don’t want their tax dollars spent on what is essentially an Auckland problem, not a national one.
    Auckland City Council have a part to play in this too. Why were they not pressuring the main players to at least have adequate storage for diesel and petrol?
    I note Jacinda tried to make it an election issue as well, but by now she has probably been briefed that her own party took the same view as National.
    Some people will be inconvenienced by it but it’s not killing anybody so
    you would have to be pretty precious to call it an emergency.
    Seven years ago thousands of Christchurch people had neither power or water for up to 3 weeks and coped, for the most part, with good humour.
    So I don’t get why it’s being made into such a big deal when in fact it’s only a pimple on a fly’s bum.
    Martyn obviously thinks that the people of New Zealand should have “invested” many millions of tax dollars to ensure this could not happen.
    Sorry but I don’t think there would be much support for that view from the other 3,200,000 people who don’t live in Auckland.
    As for who caused the break. We know where it is so I guess the guy who owns the land is in for some hard questions – he must know who it was.
    Will it go against National?
    Of course it will in Auckland but elsewhere people just shake their heads at Aucklocentric thinking like this.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100000% Patricia,

      Now this morning this dirty private comany have anouced that theyare about to make a statement that they are going to use truking to get fuel to Auckland so Aucklanders dont you just love those smelly noisy trucks rumbbling through your night waking you all up and polluting you aior and noise killing your quiet space i life as the noise and pollution makes selling your home a lot harder and it will lowwer the price of sale.

      Ask us in Napier (with no rail now) and we are living by our trucking highway “HB Expressway” where 2400 trucks each day now kill us with noise, vibration and air pollution as we are near this “truck gridlocked road” our propery prices have dropped 25% now as your also will.

  13. Michael says:

    If National win and form a Government, all is lost. There would be no point pretending there is light at the end of the tunnel. Idiot, mainstream, middle New Zealand would have won. We country will be run by people with the emotional intelligence of a mashed potato. We may as well give them full control and ban other parties with dissenting views.

    The fact that National can have someone like Paula Bennett as deputy leader and still be popular suggests that most of NZ are cold hearted and have an astonishingly low IQ.

    With this election it feels like I have bet all my money on one horse (the progressive left), and if they don’t win I am effectively bankrupt. 3 more years of meat and three vege political leaders from National would be too much to withstand.

    • mosa says:

      New Zealanders are cold hearted and have a low IQ.

      Yeah that sums it up if we get a National government after this Saturday which is still a likely possibility.

      National have built a formidable electorate base of around 42% which will give them another shot at forming the government and with control of the media they will be hard to beat.

      I want to be wrong, I hope i am and common sense prevails but there is something in the water apart from cow shit which might explain the low IQ Michael.

  14. Marc says:

    Swamp Kauri ‘poaching’ is legal in NZ, as the government seems to see nothing wrong with it.

    Ripping the guts out of the soils, out of water, out of humans, that is just the new normal, as it has been for nine long years.

    Business as usual, it is all completely normal, under John’s and now Bill’s watch.

  15. richarquis says:

    “it will be Bill English facing the wrath of the entire city of Auckland.”

    Let’s fucking hope so. Auckland will be annoyed by, but able to handle a few more days like this.

    What NZ can’t afford is 3 more years of those cunts.

    • Patrick says:

      Your comments illustrate perfectly why the rest of the country call you JAFFA’s

      • Barry says:

        Nothing like living as a country boy,blissfully ignorant of the crap life a lot of Aucklanders live.
        Small town folk, small minded, I should know I live in Wanganui, a stagnant back water and feel for the blight of wage earning Aucklander’s

      • Barry says:

        Speak for yourself I don’t think you’re qualified to speak for the rest of NZ.

    • Barry says:

      Latest poll Natìonal up , Labour down just doesn’t figure.

  16. Castro says:

    I am struggling to name another “first world” city that could be brought to a complete standstill so easily by a number of people countable on one hand. How many power cables would have to go before plunging the largest city of this so-called developed nation into total darkness? Is it two, or only one?

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      ‘Only in clueless NZ’- they will write up in the global press;- which should point the finger directly at SS Joyce;- as he was ‘the minister of everything’ remember?

      • Castro says:

        It may not be a country, and certainly not one called No Zealand, in fairly short order.

      • WILD KATIPO says:

        L0L ! , … Yes ,… even the Mongolians were laughing at us the last time back in the 1990’s when Auckland’s power went out for ages…

        Geez ,… what an outfit.

        Still ,… that’s what you get with neo liberal govts ,… every sod wanting to get a freebie at someones else’s expense and ‘ all care no responsibility ‘ .

        • Castro says:

          Some may want to start praying that a secessionist movement doesn’t decide to take the “country”, because it would be like taking candy from a baby, relatively speaking. And, heaven forbid, if such a movement were to offer free citizenship to any foreign fighters willing to join the cause… hmmm…

    • Marc says:

      Castro, it is much, much worse than you think. A few years back, when Len Brown was still Mayor of Auckland, they dug up parts of Queen Street, to do some maintenance work and redesigning, also for widening the pedestrian walks on either side.

      Through the dug out holes the pipes for water and gas and power supply were visible, same for drainage. It was beyond belief, how small many of these were, in diameter, and how patched up the network seemed. The water and also other infrastructure beneath much of Auckland is very old, needs major overhauls or replacement, and this will cost mega billions, which nobody likes to talk about.

      On 50 to 70 days a year, in dozens of outflows into the Waitemata Harbour, sewage flows out if it rains too much, as the also connected stormwater pipes cannot handle the water loads.

      Auckland is a fast growing city, built on partly third world infrastructure, but almost all above ground believe, or pretend, they live in one of the most liveable cities and most developed centres on the world.

      One day people will be presented with a major disaster, and a gigantic bill, they will leave in droves, as nobody will want to be paying ever higher rates and user charges.

      And do not get me started on the leaky homes crisis, which is still not resolved, in future we will have even greater ones, with much shoddy work being done on many developments right now, as we speak or read and write here.

  17. mary_a says:

    Most of us know the name of the company involved with poaching swamp kauri at Ruakaka. Oravida, so why isn’t msm pushing this as headline news? Where is the investigation into this company’s recent activities, contributing to disabling NZ, through breaking a major fuel pipeline?

    Haven’t heard any accountability for the issue yet from Oravida, which interestingly has very close connections to this National government! Another cover up I guess!

    • Castro says:

      The fact that No Zealand is now a colony of the world’s largest dictatorship is readily apparent to anyone without their head in the sand.

    • mosa says:

      Yeah Mary even when they fuck something up they still come out of it richer every time.