Dear National – If you come for Winston, you best take him out with the first shot – using a Lloyd Burr just won’t do

By   /   August 29, 2017  /   43 Comments

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This is a Government who colluded with the Secret Intelligence Service months before the 2011 election to falsely smear Phil Goff, does anyone honestly think they wouldn’t breach every rule of privacy to smear Winston Peters?

The National Party better start running now, Winston’s coming!

It is now abundantly clear that the National Party leaked personal details about Winston Peters to hostile media

Does it grate having a rich old man draw a pension when the Metiria’s of the world are forced to steal to live?

Yes, yes it does.

But that’s the reality of universal provision of social services. Some benefit greatly so that all can benefit. This shouldn’t get twisted into an asset testing debate, that level of privilege needs to be extended down to everyone, not just pensioners. We shouldn’t allow our distaste of Winston’s kid glove treatment compared with Metiria’s lynching to blind us to what’s really going on here.

Anne Tolley was tipped off about Winston’s Super issues, but his Super issues have the sacrosanct level of privacy his medical records have so why the hell the Government were told about his Super issues would be as questionable as being told about his health issues.

It now turns out that the Chief of Staff was then told of this and surprise, surprise someone leaked to Lloyd Burr.


This is a Government who colluded with the Secret Intelligence Service months before the 2011 election to falsely smear Phil Goff, does anyone honestly think they wouldn’t breach every rule of privacy to smear Winston Peters?

If this Government was prepared to collude with the state spies to destroy a political enemy, they wouldn’t blink twice about releasing information like this.

The backlash against this I think will be extreme.

Winston looks like the victim of  a smear, Lloyd Burr and Patrick Gower are universally disliked anyway and are easy to paint out as the problem while National look desperately vile .

This is going to see Winston go on the war path against National and almost certainly rules National out as a coalition partner post the election.

Winston takes this shit personally and he is going to go nuclear on National.

If you come for Winston, you best take him out with the first shot – using a Lloyd Burr just won’t do

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  1. Francesca says:

    Seems like Paula Bennett’s office was told .This has just come to light on RNZ

    • bert says:

      Yes Paula Bennett was told and we all know her reputation with beneficiaries private information.

  2. Quicksilver says:

    For years we’ve all been saying National is corrupt and incompetent.
    This attempted smear proves both opinions are well founded.

    Be interesting to see how the teal blue media outlets handle this.

    • bert says:

      And just to add weight tom the corruption argument…

      “Prime Minister Bill English fought to have his police statement over the Todd Barclay affair withheld from the public despite assuring Parliament it was a police decision to keep his involvement secret.”

      Is he in contempt of parliament?
      Did the speaker of the house know about this all along”
      How deep down does this run?

      Jesus Winston’s beat-up pales into insignificance compared to this.

      • Whispering Kate says:

        I agree Bert – something smells real bad with the Tod Barclay affair. Now, if our journalists were to earn their pay and do their job properly they would be digging into this like a rottweiler on steroids. Ain’t gonna happen with this right wing MSM unfortunately. The list is endless of the dirty tricks this current lot have been involved in, it’s hard to keep up with it all.

  3. Pete says:

    Okay we get it. Half the bloody Beehive knew about it but “didn’t pass the information onto anyone else.”

    And nothing was casually dropped, gently mentioned. Certainly not in detail – $18,000 anyone?

    But somehow a reporter got the information. Remember the classes when someone did something wrong, the miscreant wouldn’t own up and the whole class was punished?

    Well at the moment we can blame English, Tolley and Bennett. In their good old-fashioned black and white world way, they are all guilty and should be punished.

  4. countryboy says:

    All this would be interesting if it were not for that fact that I don’t trust peters as far as I could throw paula bennett.

    Thinking peters might now be ‘ after’ National for this (supposed) ‘leak’ is one thought certainly. It could also be that tacticly he might be slithering closer to the National agenda than ever before under the guise of looking as if National are on the winston attack.
    By making it look like winnie’s under attack by big bad National when in reality, and behind closed doors, he and english are cupping each others balls. I always have that photograph of peters doing tea with that vile fucker brash pop up when winston peters’ name’s mentioned.

    Machiavellian |ˌmakɪəˈvɛlɪən|
    cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics. a whole range of outrageous Machiavellian manoeuvres.

    noun |kənˈfɛd(ə)rət|
    1 a person one works with, especially in something secret or illegal; an accomplice. where was his confederate, the girl who had stolen Richard’s wallet?
    2 (Confederate)a supporter of the Confederate States of America.

  5. mary_a says:

    What’s coming out now, re Natz involvement playing dirty politics yet again, makes Winston’s pension overpayment quite insignificant in comparison!

    The information leaks without doubt, are being identified as a Natz hit job to discredit Peters and NZF with the help of a compliant msm. Therein lies the scandal … the subversive activities of this odious and very corrupt government.

    Now Paula ………

  6. CLEANGREEN says:

    Excactly Martyn,

    While this “Scandal” broke yesterday morning in a fury first on the newshub with Duncan Garner hardly able to control his hype as he said this is the “mother of all scandals” it was so strange that it followed after the close of the National party AGM conference on sunday, so this was timed to be a bomb that was to damage Winston Peters straight after the conference.

    Strangely your story was covered over on RNZ at the following afternoon as another similar issue of “a breach of privacy & intent to injure” which we heard this morning from RNZ that charges may be laid and costs awarded to the “hurt and harm to any individual who was smeared”

    RNZ are saying Winston may receive damages as a result of illegal release of private personal information”

    I think you may also use winston’s legal team to follow charges against the police now.

    Christ; these low life individuals should never have attempted to hurt/harm you who are the pinnacle and a bastion of the “voice of truth & honesty” so know that we are all there for you and just say what you want of us as we go forward in our battle for integrity and open democracy.

    Go hard and get recompense from them.

  7. Michelle says:

    Yes Martyn the gnats have always and will always play dirty we have seen this character assassination before same tactics different victim and just before the election. This breach of privacy something the gnats have a track record for doing is the very reason why we need a change of government.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Here here Michelle.


      • CLEANGREEN says:

        Well by my (rough) calculations Winston was overpaid perhaps about $20- $35 dollars a week for that ten yrs at 364 weekly installments, adding in the penalities and interest payments he said he paid over the time of overpayments.

        So that was a pittance most of us would never have noticed either as how much can you buy for $20 – $30????

        A block of cheese.
        Take in a movie.
        Order in a cheap Pizza dinner.
        Buy a bottle of medium quality wine.
        Pay the lawn mowing bill.
        buy a book.

        This was a storm in a teacup and clearly a weak attempt by dirty National to kill the opposition party’s chances at sacking this toxic corrupt carpetbagging Government.

        • Mike the Lefty says:

          A lot less than Roger-the-Gnome has been ripping off the taxpayers over the last two decades jetting around the world with his wife and family at our expense.

  8. G.A.P says:

    Love it when the school bully picks on the wrong kid!! Let’s not forget that the large screechy one has form in this area, releasing peoples personal information to the joke we call msm.

  9. Mike the Lefty says:

    It seems like the MSM and New Zealanders have suddenly realised what a lot of us have known for many years – the National Party dirty politics brigade is alive, well and fully functional.
    It is a reflection on the apathy of New Zealanders that it took a personal smear attack on a centre-right populist politician to finally open people’s eyes. They should have been opened last election with National’s smear campaign against David Cunliffe but for some reason New Zealanders can’t recognise the symptoms when it is against the left, they only see the reaction and it is quickly written off as leftist whingeing.
    But when it happens against a centre-right populist like Winston well, that’s different, obviously. All hell breaks loose.
    I was formerly advocating that Winston would go into a coalition with National if the cards stacked up right.
    Hmmm, maybe not now.

  10. Francesca says:

    I wonder if Paula Bennett will be made to take the hit on this
    It would be a way of getting rid of her without or before the more damaging exposures that could be to come
    (given that this latest blowback scandal is still only the “sibling ” of the MOAS…mother of all scandals)
    Much in the same way that Collins in 2014 election was got rid of on a weak charge that could later be defended

    • Sunny says:

      Where’s Judith Collins in all of this? Smirking at the clear path to leadership this particular smear campaign opens up in National? (A short stintmin opposition and back for more sessions at the trough)

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      FRANCESCA asked;
      “I wonder if Paula Bennett will be made to take the hit on this”

      I wished!!!

      If we had an honest credible government yes PB would be fired but they have no real honest credible leadership now only seething corrupt individuals who are running around covering each other while they rape & pillage us all.

  11. Dotti says:

    Yes a certain P B came to my mind too.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Me too PB is a vile person.

      • CLEANGREEN says:

        Winston said on TV one news midday news 29/8/17 that it appears that many of the Government had “advanced knowledge of the overpayment & was discussing Winston’s overpayment issue before Winston was informed and we ask “how does that work”???

        Winston says;

        ‘You’ve got a political party exposed all the way to the Prime Minister’ – Winston slams Nats as English says Ministers knew super details

        Corin Dann
        1 NEWS Political Editor

        National Party leader Bill English says it would have been better if his Ministers had not been told of Winston Peters’ super overpayment issue.

        ‘You’ve got a political party that’s been deeply exposed now all the way to the Prime Minister’ – Winston Peters sets sights on National over super claim

        The NZ First leader said that National MPs were well aware of the situation.
        Source: 1 NEWS
        And Mr Peters is considering legal action after the bombshell revelations this morning, that government ministers and the Prime Minister’s chief-of-staff had advanced knowledge of Mr Peters superannuation situation.
        Three investigations are now underway into whether Mr Peters superannuation overpayment details were leaked.

        “You’ve got a political party that’s been deeply exposed now all the way to the prime minister,” Mr Peters told media after a public meeting in Whangarei this morning.
        “Don’t tell me Paula Bennett knew when and the prime minister didn’t know.
        “Please don’t tell me Wayne Eagleson’s got a right to know (Prime Minister’s chief of staff) when he’s a political operative and not a civil servant in the context of your state services commission no surprises.
        “This is humbug – it’s tawdry, its dirty, it’s filthy and they should not succeed on it.”
        The State Services Commission confirmed this morning that MSD, and the IRD are looking into the matter.
        Mr Peters has paid back overpayments after the error came to light.
        Source: 1 NEWS
        It follows confirmation this morning that the Minister of State Services Paula Bennett and Minister of Social Development Anne Tolley were briefed on the matter some weeks ago by the State Services Commission – in line with the government’s “no surprises” policy.
        It also been revealed that the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff was also informed of the matter by the Minister for Social Development Anne Tolley.
        Mr English says his Chief of Staff made a judgement not to tell him about the matter.
        In a statement Mr English said: “I believe that the leak did not come from within the Beehive or the National party. The two Ministers and my Chief of Staff have assured me of that. I would take any leak very seriously.”
        State Services Commissioner says: “It is entirely unacceptable for Public Servants to leak information.

        “Leaking official information would undermine the trust New Zealanders have in the public service.
        “Leaking is a political act which would compromise the political neutrality of the public service.
        “There will be zero tolerance for any behaviour of this nature in the public service and both MSD and Inland Revenue have launched investigations to assess whether a leak took place.”
        1 News Political Editor Corin Dann says today’s developments are potentially explosive for this campaign and could prove a major headache for National.
        He says this is because even though there is no evidence to show that National Ministers leaked the information, Winston Peters and his supporters are unlikely to be convinced by National’s denials and he is already claiming dirty politics are at play.
        National may yet need to work with Winston Peters after the election and this could seriously damage relations.

        • WILD KATIPO says:

          … ” In a statement Mr English said: “I believe that the leak did not come from within the Beehive or the National party”…

          Well , – it didn’t just drop out of the sky either !

          … ” State Services Commissioner says: “It is entirely unacceptable for Public Servants to leak information ” …

          That’s right , it is unacceptable .


          And the only way that could have gone was from someone in either DSW or IRD providing data under the ‘ no surprises ‘ policy to a National MP and on through to the media, – by proxy or directly.

  12. James Brown says:

    I’m not suggesting Nats not behind this but are they shooting themselves in the foot if they need NZ First to help create a coalition?

    • OncewasTim says:

      They’re not reknown for deep, long term thought patterns. Usually just enough to get them through.
      But then, once in a lifetoim some1 like a PB rears its exttemely ugly head.
      Funny really. I think I heard dear Matty say on nointanoon Monday that he ‘sincerely hoped’ -to paraphrase – that any of his peers weren’t involved.
      Fraid so @matty.
      Maybe time to look deeper into values other than those fuelled by piss

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      James, National would need NZF?

      They may be already planning to go with a Greens/Maori Party too?

      Those are single centred & similar focused.

      Labour/NZ First is more likely in the end now I feel.

      I may be wrong, but I don’t trust the political system now, but we do know that the NZF are taking a legal case against National as of tonight we heard on RNZ at around 6.40pm tonight.

  13. WILD KATIPO says:

    They picked on the wrong guy and now Winston will be like the proverbial ‘dog with a bone’ .

    Pitbull Peters.

  14. Aching4Change Aching4Change says:

    I’ve been sensing more and more that the public are no longer in a forgiving mood when it comes to bully boy smears, arrogance and general dirty politics generated by the Nats. They forgave Key because he had the “rascal” element and seemed to get away with it – English doesn’t have the personality or likeablity to pull it off – and the public are just plain tired of it now. I think the fact that Labour, under Jacinda, are running a positive / clean campaign is hugely appealing to more and more voters and, and is more of a draw card than just her personality and Labours policies. The dirtier the Nats get the better in my opinion, as it will just keep pushing more and more voters towards the left.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Yeah but seriously … Winston ?

      Did they really think they were going to get away with that stunt?

      All I can think it was a bumbling junior lower ranked patsy who ,

      A ) overestimated his her intelligence or ,

      B) grossly underestimated just who Winston Peters really is.

      It smacks of newbieism.

      You don’t survive as long as Peters has in politics by being the new kid.

      And you don’t grab a silver fox by the tail and expect to not get bit.

  15. CLEANGREEN says:

    Me too PB is a vile person who likes to leak stuff except her illegal cheating of the welfare when she was a solo mother.

  16. OncewasTim says:

    Ekshully I fear for Matty’s welfare. I’m not sure exekly why it still has a stint on RNZ week to week, other than he proclaims to have had an epiphany
    I fear thiugh deatest Matty could end up like one of hiS peers: a raspy-voiced alcoholic shock jock whose kids would rather not engage, seeking solace in a realrionship with a once-was-WASP sth African with a daddy complex who gives us all her pearly wisdom

  17. OncewasTim says:

    And as to my last and at the risk of political incorrectness, and all that wot plays in Vegas stays in Vegas shite……
    Strangely we have a parallel campaign going on with Mike King and suicide.

    But as for the majority of our MSM, what more to be said than a very sleazy EWWWWW!

  18. Jack says:

    If you poke around in the swamp with a stick looking for slime balls, something with a very strong jaw might just latch onto it and pull very hard. He’s called Winston, a relation of the bulldog.

  19. David Stone says:

    This doesn’t make sense to me. Why would the nats be deliberately getting offside with Winston when all indications are that they will need him if they have any chance of retaining power. Seems more likely they were keeping mum about it till the media got hold of it.
    I doubt it will be any impediment to the nats doing a deal with Winston after the election.
    D J S

    • Barry says:

      There has been bad blood between National and Winston for quite some time. I would be surprised if Winston could work with National, considering their past and president conflicts.
      National seems to struggle with sharing power with anyone and will do pretty much anything to retain exclusive power,even dirty tricks.
      A National /New Zealand First government is not a sound option for Winston

    • Roy says:

      Because their polling shows LP and GP overtaking them. They need to poach NZF votes by discrediting them to survive. They think that can get them an outright majority.

      Desperate but only option now.

  20. Barry says:

    It’s got National’s black opps mentality all over this leak.
    Obviously they can’t use whale oil anymore to leak so called scoops to the public as we all know whale oil was the National party’s propagandist.
    I’m sick of their shit behaviour, just want them and their cloak and dagger crap gone,way beyond trust.

  21. Hongi Ika says:

    Maybe Lloyd Burr was set up as the Guinea Pig ?

    • peterlepaysan says:

      Excuse me! Leave guinea pigs out of this.

      None of the ones we own are as stupid (or ugly) lloyd burr.

  22. mosa says:

    The actions of this bunch of hoodlums makes Watergate seem like a Sunday school picnic.

    At least with Watergate the journalists were determined to get to the truth no matter what the cost or danger and to get the story out.

    This country is being run like an organised crime syndicate.