EXCLUSIVE: The Rawshark Investigation & secret Police mass surveillance program against 100 000 NZers


Here is what we know about the Rawshark Investigation:

The NZ Police have lied about the scope of their investigation into who hacked Cameron Slater’s computer. It was originally just Nicky Hager, but it also included myself and possibly several other left wing activists and senior figures within the political left including the Labour Party.

With Jacinda likely to become the next Prime Minister, the NZ Police need to be upfront with the Labour Party over how extensive their Operation Rawshark surveillance really was.

The entire case collapsed once Nicky Hager challenged it in court and all evidence and information had to be destroyed.

Here is what we know about the secret Police mass mass surveillance program against 100 000 NZers:

The loophole which the NZ Police have exploited to gain personal information was part of a far wider secret mass surveillance program that we estimate has impacted anywhere between 100 000 – 200 000 NZers. This information has been taken and saved in the Police Intelligence computer and all that information is open to the SIS, GCSB and half a dozen other security agencies.

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No one outed in Nicky’s book ‘Dirty Politics‘ was investigated…

…but the Police  did illegally investigate Nicky and conduct illegal searches against him. They breached my privacy and civil rights and I believe they did the same thing to other leading figures of the NZ Political left.

I believe this case cuts to the very heart of political neutrality within the NZ Police force.

What needs to happen?

The Police must be honest about how far their illegal surveillance into the political Left over Operation Rawshark went and there must be an inquiry into the manner in which the Police sought, took and stored the information of tens of thousands of NZers which they had no right to gain that in the first place.

What happens next?

The Privacy Commission has investigated my complaint and have found the Police breached my privacy and my civil rights. I have taken a formal complaint to the Human Rights Review Tribunal over the Police actions.

I will keep everyone up to date with how that progresses.


  1. What an absolute “F’N” disgrace. The police are lapdogs for the National block. The teapot tapes, Hager, Dotcom, 80 odd other kiwiws and sadly also you Martyn. Corrupt to the core. Sue the bastards for all their worth.

    • Yes Bert – they are and the MSM should be slamming the Government on snooping into all our lives for no solid need!!!!!

      While they as our”protectors” are saying they are protecting us from harm are secretly protecting themselves and ruling over our privacy with impunity.

      The truth is clear that a police state now exists.

    • … Cough … Greg O’Connor. His silence during this whole thing speaks volumes about him. Instead it was all about “guns for cops” of course – he was all over that brillo idea, because that has worked out so well in the US. Oh wait.
      No rational thinking NZer should trust him, and it’s why I just can’t vote for Labour this election; it directly pertains to Labour’s poor judgement of character.

        • Don’t get me wrong here, I won’t get within a country-fucking mile of National in this election or any other.

      • No rational thinking NZer should trust him, and it’s why I just can’t vote for Labour this election

        My viewpoint exactly.

        • I won’t vote Green, because they dumped Metiria. Again, just piss poor judgement and decision making. The big phallic symbol on my ballot is about all I’m doing this election, assuming I bother going out at all.

          • Well that’s not going to help much is it, Nitrium?? I mean, really, you’re going to fight the neo-liberal concensus by- – – doing nothing? If that were effective I could change the world by sleeping all day and wishfully thinking it.

            As the saying goes, not voting isn’t resistance, it’s surrender.

            Bill English sez “thanks, mate!”

      • IIRC In an interview on National Radio he said that his personal opinion was that police shouldn’t be armed but because the union vote was to arm the police that was the line he had to take as their representative.

      • I cannot vote for a Labour Party that puts O’Connor up as a candidate. The best we can hope for is that enough Greens get in to pull Labour a little to the left.

        • Vote for Suzi Dawson and the Internet Party. See her videos on-line, and the massive damage that she has suffered due to the spying, and in being a Targeted Individual for speaking out!
          & remember; IT CAN AND HAS HAPPENED TO A LOT OF US!!!

  2. NZders need to be very deeply concerned about this. If not, maybe you should just put your head back in the sand.

  3. Taping in Epsom cafe = resources needed as if crime of the century

    Taping in Deep South political office = “nothing to see here”

  4. Nothing on msm about this at the moment! Wonder why that is?

    This is disgraceful behaviour from our law enforcement agency! Not what’s expected of it at all. Obviously the police are being used by Natz to abuse the rights of good decent Kiwis, Martyn included, trying to expose the truth, something which scares government.This stinks of fascism!

    All the best Martyn. Whatever you decide to do now, we supporters of TDB are right behind you all the way.

    • By Crickey , boy !

      I cannot wait til September 23rd.

      We need a re-visitation of the code of ethics, and political neutrality of journalists in this bloody country .

      This bloody shit has gone on for far too long.

      And so has this crap with our own damn law enforcement. This corrupt, bullshit National party non government HAS TO GO !!!


      JUST GET OUT !!!

    • MSM are busy kicking Winston down at present, participating in parts of the deep state’s hit job at certain opposition politicians that could endanger National’s fourth term in office.

  5. I was under surveillance since 2008.
    Surveillance detected in 2013.
    Surveillance confirmed in 2014.

    To show the GCSB what I could do, I rolled Ian Fletcher with a social hack. Not my fault if they were reading my emails. Naughty GCSB and GCHQ!

    My email to a lawyer and sitting (at the time) MP was sent on 13/01/15 10:20am

    Check the date and time of this.

    Surveillance doesn’t work.
    Justice does though.


        Yay to that,

        Dave needs to get off his drugs pronto;

        As he needs to join the fight to rid this slmy Government who spends all the public funds covering their own arse.

        They are using police snooping tactics to discredit others including him (Dave).

        This is not good using police snooping against us all or for not helping the truth getting out there.

      • Having been on the roll under 2 different names will raise the suspicions of some people. I invite Martyn to reply.

        • Desperation gotcha moment much @Dave?
          I have 2 names for reasons beyond my control – 1 IRD NUMBER.
          You seem to be immediately leaping towards the sinister (and intentionally or you’d not be trying to do a Hooton)

      • Yes about those 450 texts dave & Bill????

        Today Bill sounds very amenable towards Winston????

        “I am interested in working with Winston as his experience is vast”!!!!

        • Haha. Is this what Bullshit Bill means by working with Winston…

          “Prime Minister Bill English says he doesn’t want New Zealand First leader Winston Peters anywhere near monetary policy post-election”

          Sorry Bullshit Bill but a line from Jesus Christ Superstar,

          “you sad pathetic man see where you’ve bought us too,our ideals die around us and all because of you” everytime I look at you, I don’t understand, why you let the things you did, get so out of hand” “your a jaded, faded, faded, jaded, jaded mandarin get out, get out”

  6. Hi Martyn,

    A big thank you for taking your case public, and total respect for letting the rest of us know how the actions of your bank and the NZ Police have personally caused you significant harm.

    Since many of the commenters on the Daily Blog tend to be situated to the centre/left of the political spectrum, including myself, I would like to ask your assistance in making publicly available through the Daily Blog website, a template based on your original request for information (your personal details removed of course) and assistance from the Banking Ombudsman.

    This would allow other persons, including myself, whom hold similar suspicions that there may have been unwarranted and intrusive 3rd party interference in their banking relationship, to be able to download and easily update, based on their personal situation, their own new request to be supplied the information using a template in which you have proved has been successful in obtaining through the Banking Ombudsman the information that you have sought, which provided the basis of your Privacy Commission complaint/investigation.

    I look forward to your response and will keep an eye out on TDB for such a template request to the Banking Ombudsman, which would be of great use to other persons also impacted upon negatively in a similar way as to how you have been.

    I applaud your courage during challenging circumstances in standing up for your personal rights, and in doing so encouraging others like myself to now also seek further investigation into circumstances that I have been exposed to which echo very closely circumstances that you have been unnecessarily subjected to.

    Thanks, S.T.

  7. Welcome to the National People’s Republic. Stasi would be proud.

    Keep us informed, Martyn. This cannot go unchallenged.

  8. Good on you and thanks Martyn.
    I urge you to take the bank’s loan refusal as a development to embrace.
    Figure out how to get by without them. You will experience a feeling of freedom and independence you have never known .
    If everyone would do that, determine to get by on what they earned, everyone would eventually be able to have without borrowing exactly what they can have now at the cost of a lifetime of debt slavery. The banks would be stuffed as the world’s ultimate rulers and would be constrained to a book-keeping role as they should be.
    You can’t force enough people to do that to make it work overall but you can decide to live without debt yourself.
    Just a thought …D J S

  9. I think the incoming government will have a few scoreseconds to.settle dirty politics has a lot of an answered questions and state corruption that needs to exposed let hope jacinda appoint a royal.commission into the national party

  10. Bloody brilliant there RAWGOLDFISHSACKED;

    So the letter from you to the lawyer & Ian Fletcher was sent at 10.20 am on 13/1/2015 an he resigned at 12.46pm the same day WOW THAT WAS A SUDDEN RESULT.

    Martyn should do this also, using a lawyers letter?

    Maybe we can raise a donation call?

    We will offer $100.

  11. This is why we need a separated agency to go after police and state corruption the.police are to.close.to the national party

  12. “The Privacy Commission has investigated my complaint and have found the Police breached my privacy and my civil rights. I have taken a formal complaint to the Human Rights Review Tribunal over the Police actions.

    I will keep everyone up to date with how that progresses.”

    Well, what an interesting report we have here.

    It is not easy to succeed with the Privacy Commissioner complaint, I have been told, and it is even harder to take a matter to the HRRT.

    So best wishes and good luck with the efforts, this needs to be dealt with, for sure.

    As I suspect, many of us commenting here are also having GCSB, SIS and Police look over our shoulders. It may be time to be careful. The deep state at work, shadowy figures behind it all.

    Also the attach on Winston now, that is no coincidence.

  13. I am not surprised, this may just be the tip of the iceberg. Maybe some here now understand my warnings that we live in nothing much short of a dictatorship. While anger may tempt some of us to try and go on a revolutionary kind of rampage, there is no taste for it here, and it will only be counter productive. But all we must do is to first of all vote the present gang in charge out of government.

    They have enabled such blatant disregard of citizen’s and human’s rights and the mass data gathering and spying. They have long overstayed their right to be in government. If only enough will wake up and vote them out.

    Vote wisely on 23 September, make sure that we get at least some representatives into Parliament, who will push for what Trump would call ‘draining the swamp’.

  14. The Right Have always used fear.

    They also use division. Unions=Bad Private Clubs= Good

    It is always, separate the victim, hound and harass, remove all rights.

    Declare anti establishment behaviour as a threat to society.

    They always denigrate opposition. Especially when it shows anticipation and alerts others.

    You are very effective Martyn, and perceptive as well, often joining the dots.

    Keep well and keep going. Good Luck.

  15. I took a case to the privacy commissioner years ago as my medical records were sent to several public emails from our local council by error and the privacy commissioner was scathing of the local council releasing my personal information.

    So Martyn you have a strong case here for recompense as the police should know better.

    I recall they attempted to lean on you earlier to release records and you said they needed to charge you with a reason and they backed off.

    The police are acting on Government orders it appears, so go after them.

  16. Good luck with this Martyn. I can’t imagine what it is like to have the weight of the security state on you like this. So scary: “Don’t rock the boat or question us too much or we will truly f..k you up”.

    Keep your pecker up.

  17. Each and every one of you who reads this blog also needs to look at Internet Party Leader Suzi Dawson’s You Tube video titled ‘A Person of Interest’.
    There she reveals the fact that she was a Targeted Individual, who was subjected to Gaslighting, Street Theatre, and threats to her life and the lives of her children.
    She is now in another country, having fled New Zealand.
    She outlines in detail the spying, data gathering, and targeting of New Zealanders and how this is being accomplished by ‘The Powers That Be’
    Suzi and members of The Internet Party have written ‘The Anti-Spy Bill’ which reverses a lot of the modus operandi that the Deep State Government and 5-Eyes are committing against New Zealanders.
    Suzi also mentioned that when one goes to the HRC, the Privacy Commission, etc. & they state that there has been a violation on the part of the government or a subsidiary offshore government, then these agencies are under threat of having their funding cut! Hence, very little gets accomplished!
    Then, there are the Warrantless Searches, Electronic Bugging, Illegal Seizures of Bank Records and Business Records, and the Government hiring Third Party Contractors to break into homes, cars, etc. and steal records, or plant illegal items so that one ends up getting framed for a crime, and is then removed from society and put into the prison system, where death is a very real possiblity!
    I voted Internet Party in the last election; I will do so again this time around, as this type of covert government tyranny that exists in the 5-Eyes Countries has to stop! It is a violation of Human Rights, Privacy, and Due-Process of Procedure.
    These policies, procedures, and actions will continue until we the people NO LONGER ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE!
    The NAZIONAL PARTY has protected the Oligarchy in New Zealand on a constant basis, however-
    Jacinda is also cause for concern based upon the Doctrine of Socialism which has been historically abused in other nations. Holodomor, the Red Terror, etc. were carried out using communism and socialism as a vehicle, while the finer points of these policies were run by psychopaths! Such doctrine also brings about a higher level of The Nanny State!
    For many years, the Global Doctrine via ‘It Takes a Village’ (to steal your child, livelihood, and life) has been abused, holding parent at bay from expressing themselves or taking action against the NWO Elite, as to do so profiles the parent(s) as being ‘politically INcorrect’, and thus the child is removed from the home due to ‘unstable parenting’!
    This is the problem with jacinda; wanting to put a psychologist in every school! The cause and effect of this is wrapped with good intent, but will destroy the family unit, and the family unit is what a nation is based upon!
    Look at what happened to Keith Locke beginning at age 8…!
    One of the reasons that Holodomor hasn’t yet happened in the US is the fact that the Second Amendment is in effect.
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn revealed in his book ‘Gulag Archipelago’ that two fellow Kuliks told him (one was a SMERSH agent, the other CHEKA who partiipated in the termination of the ‘Enemies of the State’) that had the Russians kept their guns, and had not given them up, the red Terror would NOT have happened due to the fear of the agents getting shot when they knocked on the doors at midnight!
    All of you must see Suzi Dawson’s videos, and read the Internet Party Platform!
    See Vinny Eastwood’s expose’ on John Key that was made 2 week out from the last election, and which got taken-down by You Tube until 30,000 viewers and listeners petitioned to have it put back up! But, You Tube and the Deep State (which runs You Tube anyway…) kept the video off-line until after John Key and the Nazional Party was re-elected!
    Get your heads around ‘Left Wing’ and ‘Right Wing’; both operate the same, & both wings are attached to the same filthy, dirty & corrupt Phoenix Bird!!!
    Key left office after John Kerry was said to have told him to leave; JK arrived with $50 million, and left with $100 million.
    Ever wonder why the NZ Dollar was high and over-valued during his tenure?
    Key enriched himself, but bankrupted a majority of exporters!
    More to come…

  18. Wherever you have Police, ye shall have a Police State!
    Wherever you have a Dictatorship, the Military are sure to follow…blindly,..!
    Costa Rica got rid of it’s military, & everything is better off now. Saving billions in GDP not having a military or defence expenditure!
    New Zealand need to declare itself a Neutral Nation, and get the declaration in to the UN and Brussels. Then a restructuring of a proper life-saving as opposed to a life-taking aspect of humanity can begin!
    But, the Luciferian Globalists want death, wars, conflicts and knighthoods!
    Not to mention corrupt kickbacks and robbing from investors,…
    Tubal Cane & Hiram Abiff know all about this….

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