Twitter outrage will get TOP 5%

By   /   August 22, 2017  /   9 Comments

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The simple truth is that TOP can only implement their policy with Labour, they can’t do it with National, but the TOP electorate are alienated by tribal identity twitter politics so TOP can appeal to them by outraging Twitter.

The simple truth is that TOP can only implement their policy with Labour, they can’t do it with National, but the TOP electorate are alienated by tribal identity twitter politics so TOP can appeal to them by outraging Twitter.

Woke Twitter is great at screaming about micro aggressions, not so good at stopping macro aggressions like the character assassination of Metiria.

By reacting in the manner the Twitteratti have, TOP are broadcasting directly over their heads to the voters who are alienated by tribal identity twitter politics.

Morgan argues unapologetically that he was intending to reference Labour Policy as the pig and Jacinda the lipstick, which is how those alienated by tribal identity twitter politics would agree was the meaning.

Which is fine and dandy, but it misses the power dynamics at play here. White rich males have always had the power to determine the meaning of their words when they offend and tell off anyone taking offence.

That’s the power of words, and as the class with the most power, rich white males have more responsibility and obligation to consider their words before they speak them. If people who have had to live with the power imbalances within our culture can take offence, then those who write the words need to listen and acknowledge that, even if it wasn’t the meaning.

This nuance is of course utterly lost in the competition of outrage Olympics that has exploded on social media, which will catch the attention of the very voters TOP need to become politically relevant at the ballot box.

This pig lipstick remark builds Morgan’s brand as an outsider, TOP are 3.5% in the latest internal UMR Poll, this has the fuel to pop them over 5%.

TOPs true enemy is NZ First, and to have any impact, TOP need to start selling themselves as Queenmaker to Winston’s Kingmaker.

Gareth better keep the lipstick for himself as he’ll need it to start wooing Labour with if TOP start becoming politically relevant.




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  1. Cemetery Jones says:

    I just love that Morgan waited until the virtue signalling, professionalised offence taking, and vicarious outrage hit full retard fever pitch before pointing out that he was just quoting Barack Obama’s comments on McCain-Palin.

  2. Siobhan says:

    Personally I enjoy the occasional political insult, its sometimes the only clue as to where these people are really ‘at’

    oh dear, looking for the nuance……or is this inverse power play?

    And who can forget Kelvin Davis (Labour) with his “Paula Bennett has mastered the Lynn of Tawa effect”.

    Nothing like a bit of class consciousness directed at a solo mum from out west, eh?

  3. esoteric pineapples says:

    “He surrounds himself with people like Sean Plunket who have the same attitude: “what I think is just plain common sense because I said so” –
    Stephanie Rodgers

    Older white males always dress up their prejudices and limited thinking as”common sense”.

    • Sam Sam says:

      In my 30’s I just wasn’t interested in woman my own age. And the 20 somethings are totally interested. Sorry not sorry.

    • CLEANGREEN says:



    • Cemetery Jones says:

      Wait, you say that blogger Stephanie Rodgers is accusing someone of existing in an political/intellectual bubble? Haha!

  4. alistair kinniburgh says:


  5. Nick Morris says:

    Wonder if Nat voters, seeing the writing on the wall about the demise of their chances, might do their version of the effect the Left has struggled with for years and head to their minor parties: TOP, ACT and NZ First, given the seemingly hopelessly overmatched position of their central party.

    Meanwhile, it looks like the “Jacinda Effect” has not yet achieved its zenith.

    There is likely to be a pile-on effect among young professionals, even those who might be thought of as National’s natural constituency in the very recent past, as they start to see themselves reflected in the new Labour leadership, while feeling embarrassed by, and unable to vote for, a samey “party of yesterday”.

  6. Richard Christie says:

    which is how those alienated by tribal identity twitter politics would .

    Well actually, that’s how anybody who passed English comprehension in form one (year 7) would agree was the meaning.