“Pussycat” Collins and “Hollow Man” Joyce back down to corporate thieves


It’s no surprise to see the National government backing away from measures to enforce tax rules against multinational corporations operating in New Zealand.

In this story National Government Ministers Steven Joyce – of “Hollow Men” fame – and Judith “Smasher” Collins were tasked with taking on the big foreign companies that pay next to nothing in tax despite earning hundreds of millions from New Zealanders each year.

Multinational technology companies don’t like being asked to pay tax so they sent a lobby group – the Digital Economy Group – to see our government ministers, behind closed doors of course.

This infamous lobby group refuses to divulge who they represent but despite this they were given access to Joyce and Collins and before you can wink your eye the government ministers backed down and sent a memo to cabinet that the proposal for the big corporates to pay more tax was “too extreme”. So the government has dramatically watered down its proposal.

Joyce and Collins are happy to enforce high taxes on beneficiaries and low-paid workers through income tax and GST but are gutless when it come to the big corporate parasites who fleece this country and contribute nothing back.

“Pussycat” Collins and “Hollow Man” Joyce are giving them another free pass.

By coincidence Collins and Joyce are each hoping to be National government Prime Ministers one day.

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Backing down to corporate capitalism is an essential part of the training.


  1. NZ governments have been serving global corporations since the 1960s….ultra-cheap electricity for aluminium smelting on.

    Nothing changes.

  2. Yeah, well their days are numbered. Those two worthless fuckers, who’ve convinced some of us they’re priceless, are heading for a gutser. Fungus, The Mutant Puff Ball joyce and Big Tangy jude, the sneering she-pumpkin, with her weaponised hair style and power eyebrows are heading into mean streets once the pillaged hoi polloi eventually catch on.
    In the mean time however… Ka ching !

  3. “By coincidence Collins and Joyce are each hoping to be National government Prime Ministers one day.

    Backing down to corporate capitalism is an essential part of the training.”

    Yes John these two hollow MP’s Collins & Joyce are just simply gatekeepers for the greedy corporations with no ethics at all.

    They should never be anywhere near the position of any power after 23rd September 2017.

  4. Yes , I saw that article a day or so before in Stuff/ News… and nearly fell out of my chair. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, it mentioned groups like Apple etc…

    A group of above – the – law wankers like this coming here thinking its the Wild West and they could throw their bloody weight around like the Jesse James gang and thinking the NZ public are the cowering townsfolk…

    Well here’s a wee message for the Digital Economy Group ;

    1) This is not the fucking Wild West

    2) We have laws in this country

    3) Soon we are having a change of govt

    4 ) And the party that will be replacing the current corporate welfare / cronyism govt has policy’s to make all you shady bludging bastards pay your dues.

    5) The free ride is over.

      • Hmmm… seems you don’t read newspapers … I presume you have access to the net. Please go to the Labour site and see what Little was saying . Its actually policy of theirs.

        But ya’ know what ?

        I think you already know that and perhaps you’d better waltz back on over to The Standard and do your trolling , … ‘ srylands’ .

  5. Those that support National as the supposedly lower tax party should ask why the Independent Earner Tax Rebate was quietly removed from IR3 returns this year.
    The government introduced it because they claimed Labour’s WFF tax credits were unfair for earners with no family.
    So why has it been discontinued?
    And how come tax payers haven’t kicked up a stink about it?
    And how come the MSM hasn’t even noticed?

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