Internet Party lauds “phenomenal success” of #AntiSpyBill event; confirms date of next

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The Internet Party of New Zealand has announced it is extending its recent #AntiSpyBill online event to become an ongoing series stretching to the September 23rd 2017 general election and beyond. 

Internet Party Leader Suzie Dawson said “The Internet Party is delighted by the phenomenal success of our #AntiSpyBill event, which garnered more than 3.3 million Twitter impressions on the night, with a Facebook reach of nearly half a million and more than 10,000 viewers.

It was a great first effort and wonderful to see conscientious citizens around the world spreading the word to their friends, families and communities; filling the gap left by the New Zealand media who are so far abjectly failing in their obligation to pursue journalism in the public interest about this event.” 

The Internet Party is inviting the public to participate in the follow-up event, which will be held onlinebetween 8pm and 11pm on Sunday the 20th of August, 2017.

Panelists will include surprise international guests who are experts in the field of state and private intelligence gathering practices, human rights violations and mass surveillance.

Guests at the flagship event included award-winning journalist Barrett Brown, hacktivist and Courage Foundation beneficiary Lauri Love, comedian Lee Camp and Internet Party Founder Kim Dotcom.

The #AntiSpyBill events feature speeches from and conversation with the panelists, a question-and-answer session, then collaboration on the Internet Party’s world-first crowdsourced draft anti-spying legislation.

Last Sunday the first eight principles of the Bill were ratified by attendees. Once finalised, the draft Bill will be submitted to human rights, privacy and political organisations and groups around the world, to lobby for its adoption.

The #AntiSpyBill initiative seeks to undo some of the damage to democratic and human rights inflicted upon New Zealand by the GCSB, Countering Terrorist Fighters, and Intelligence and Security Bills of 2013, 2014 and 2016 respectively.

The August 20 event will again be simulcast live on the official Internet Party Facebook page and You Tube channel.

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