BREAKING: Neoliberal hate of the poor wins – Metiria resigns


These fucking maggots win

Metiria’s courage to speak out against the spiteful reality of living on welfare has been punished by voters who have preferred to paint her as smug and arrogant in her refusal to feel guilt at what she was forced to do by the neoliberal welfare state.

It is a grim reality of the double standards that are always used against the Left in politics. The truth is that this was a class attack by rich white male broadcasters who used their privilege to launch a character assassination against Metiria for daring to give beneficiaries hope that the way they are treated will be finally discussed.

The way beneficiaries are forced to live in fear of the state and the intrusion these state agencies have into peoples lives is the true horror here, not Metiria taking 25 years ago to provide for her child.

As Dr Claire Timperley pointed out, this was always about class…

Beneficiary fraud is a uniquely class-based problem. The only people who are in the position of having to make difficult choices about whether to ‘play by the rules’ and by doing so risk not having the means to support their family are those who are in the poorest group of New Zealanders.

The fact Turei lied to the authorities demonstrates the very difficult position many beneficiaries find themselves in. Whether or not Turei made the morally or legally correct decision is not relevant to the issue I am raising (although there are undoubtedly important questions it raises about the beneficiary system).

What is important, however, is that by dint of her experience of this specifically class-based conundrum, she is no longer considered fit for high office.

Some might argue that it is not the beneficiary claim that has resulted in Turei stepping back from ministerial claims but the electoral fraud issue. This has certainly complicated the situation, although there are compelling substantive reasons to dismiss it – in particular that this is not a unique occurrence and, as Professor Andrew Geddis, from the University of Otago’s Faculty of Law, has noted, no other New Zealander would be ‘hanged’ for the same offence.

In fact, I would argue Turei’s intention “to vote for a friend” is less morally problematic than many students’ intentions, who may remain enrolled in their parents’ electorate with the aim of influencing the electorate outcome. However, the relevance of the electoral fraud claim to my argument about representation is that it has been brought to public attention as a result of Turei’s beneficiary fraud.

In other words, it is intimately linked to class politics – to my knowledge there has been no detailed scrutiny of any other MPs to see if they may have participated in electoral fraud at some point in their lives.

Critics might argue Turei’s actions are less problematic than the fact she ‘lied’ about them. Only Turei knows why she did not disclose this information when she first ran for or became an MP, although it’s quite possible that either she didn’t see it as significant or she felt caught in the ‘double bind’ where through disclosure she would exclude herself from politics (in which case the argument about class-based representation still stands). In either case, neither explanation seems to justify excluding her from a potential ministerial position.

Turei’s treatment highlights a lie in our claim to be representative. Censure on the basis of such experiences means valuable perspectives are sidelined in the halls of power. Further, her treatment acts as a disincentive for any current or past beneficiaries who have exploited the system (whether in direct violation of the law or not), by asserting that they have no place in our government.

In other words, the response to Turei is not simply damaging to her own political ambitions, but also to future generations of Kiwis – both those who might otherwise seek political office and those who would benefit from legislation crafted by those who have been at the receiving end of such policies.

…Metiria’s real crime was to challenge neoliberal cultural mythology and promise hope to beneficiaries that someone who shared their experience would force change for them.

Rich, white, male broadcasters have had their witch hunt and we have lost a civil rights hero. NZ is a poorer political landscape for it.

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The right wing media have finally had their shaming…

…For one shining moment, these people had a champion…

…now they have the cold embers of that hope to keep them warm tonight as the main political parties avoid their gaze and tune out their cries.

What happened to Metiria wasn’t journalism, it was a lynching.

Metiria, you’ve shown true political courage in the face of a racist, sexist & classist mainstream media assault for giving the poorest hope.

Kia Kaha.


  1. Fucking disgusting. Seething with anger right now, and truly upset at how mean spirited and ugly this country has become

  2. We have all been informed of her Faults.

    It is time now to praise her support for all the hundreds of thousands of people whom National has trodden into misery.

    There will one day be great Honours showered upon Materia Turie and her Baby.

    • She wasn’t poor though? She was shacked up with Anne Hartlys son of which they owned the house. She was not even paying bored. Have i slipped into a twilight zone? People don’t hate the poor people hate people who bludge the system to get ahead which is exactly what she did! How does that make her a hero? She is supposed to be a leader? What message does that send to New Zealanders? Are we really that far gone?

      • She wasn’t poor though? She was shacked up with Anne Hartlys son of which they owned the house.

        How do you know “She wasn’t poor though”?

        How “poor” do you want her to be. Slightly hungry-poor. Dying of starvation-poor? Or dead-in-the-streets-poor, like two homeless have already perished recently. Will that satisfy your urge to help only the “morally deserving poor”?

        And how do you know she “wasn’t paying board”? Do you have evidence for this, or are you parroting something you picked up from Whaleoil?

        As for “People don’t hate the poor people hate people who bludge the system to get ahead which is exactly what she did!”

        Oh my god!! Really?! She tried to “get ahead”?! HOW FUCKING DARE SHE!!!

        She should’ve known; poor brown women shouldn’t “Get Ahead”! They stay in their place, in poverty! Just like Paula Bennett didn’t use the Training Incentive Allowance to get a free tertiary education or Housing NZ funding to buy a house whilst on the DPB. Oh, wait… she’s National. She’s ok to “Get Ahead”.

        Adam, you may not realise it, but your Victorian Era moralistic judgementalism is a prime example of the attitudes that create these problems in the first place.

        By the way, how was you dinner tonight? Full belly? And your house – nice, dry, and warm?

        I’ll bet it is. Go back to your ACT/Libertarian mates – your rubbish is wasted here.


      • The rich are the worst at hiding an using the system.
        What she has done is owened up
        Other wise we all none the wiser.

        Instead we all become vultures for her honesty in revealing she did the wrong thing.

        Would it been better for her to shut up like many others.

    • No. What a silly person expecting people to pat her on the back. We are all trying our best to live well, but we don’t all do dumb things to achieve this.

  3. Metiria is a special person.

    A Leader who drew attention to the genuine difficult choices of the poor.

    The power of a non-elected elite is worrying, baying for blood.

    Why did they leave Todd Barclay alone?

    Why haven’t they asked the same behaviour from him, Bill and John??

    However, Metiria’s wish for the stories of the poor to be told is happening.

    We can bay for fairness in return.

    • Yes well they are white men and frankly that is what the MSM pander to. But I can think of quite a few white female reporters who should be in the group picture above starting with Tracy Watkins..

  4. It would be interesting to see how Green voters felt about Metiria’s admission. Those 15% who switched to Green the week before certainly knew what they were opting for.

    I suspect the hand of Winston in this, at some level.

    In the meanwhile we can confirm that people who have never been subject to pressure and intervention by WINZ are in the majority and have no idea what that is like and are unable to empathize with those who do.

    • re “I suspect the hand of Winston in this, at some level.” (…is this projection? transference? …or tongue in cheek ?)

      Winston did NOT attack the Greens (potential coalition partners)…the Metiria attacked him and NZF as being Racist… in what turned out to be a premedidated Green ambush…there were also howls of outrage at the NZF proposed smacking referendum

      ..then the Greens launched a McGillicuddy Serious CANNON BALL salvo into the air …and it backfired horribly…causing casualties to their own side

      ….Andrew Little an innocent bystander was taken out in the incident…and two elderly Green white canaries in the mine were given a horrible Green fang mauling for their warnings …but not put down

      (….for a non- smacking crowd the Green Party can sure as hell make a good show!)

      … in the meantime Winston has been doing his homework and busy doing what he should …attacking Nact and Bill English

  5. Well I have just had the stuffing knocked out of me! I don’t care any more. Another 4 years of national. Thank god I’m 70!

  6. I’m annoyed she resigned. If she had done so before Graham and Clendon felt they needed to resign the Party would still be unified. And James Shaw now looks like an idiot for having backed her. This has been a debacle.

    • So where does this put Bennett’s admission that she didn’t ” DELIBERATELY” mislead social welfare?

        • Or, in the hands of a certain person who posted Bennett’s background on Facebook, then the voters?

          But let’s find out now rather than after the election.

        • In the hustle game. There’s always a Switch. When performing the switch magicians will use slight of hand or a normal gesture to mask the switch.

          In the MSM political arena John Campbell was unceremoniously cut from private broadcasting. Now the switch is in and public broadcasting are getting exclusives that Gower Power wishes his make believe polls can mask.

    • If they want to come back into the fold I as a member will be furious, they helped her make this decision and Aotearoa is the poorer for that. Shaw has been extremely good and frankly I never backed him for the co-leaders job.

      • Asking the question”Have the Greens entered their Jacobin phase”?
        I suspect he wrote it before Metiria’s resignation and in response to the 2 Green mps resigning from the list. Hope they’re happy now/

  7. Not correct … they were going anyway .. they played dirty politics against the greens … grumpy old men that didn’t like their list places, could have left professionally but picked a prime moment … grubby to say the least !

    • Yes and this filthy little man was responsible…

      ACT Leader David Seymour responds to the resignation of Metiria Turei:

      “The resignation of Metiria Turei is a major victory for taxpayers, for honest beneficiaries, and for decency in politics,” says Mr Seymour.

      “Metiria Turei has finally done the right thing by the public and her party, but also her family who are now spared the intense scrutiny they would have faced as media investigated the undeclared support she received while on a benefit.

      “ACT’s focus on this issue has been completely vindicated. Metiria would not have resigned if there was no truth to the reports fed to me – reports that I prompted media to challenge her on.

      “This means we can now move on to a campaign that focuses on policy, not personality.”

    • Grumpy lazy men who didn’t want to do any phoning around for the campaign. Graham Kennedy should never ever have been in the party.

    • Kennedy was still high enough to get back in, the man has a large ego and very much a diplomat air about him.

  8. Such a sad day. Dispossessed, impoverished Kiwis have lost a champion.

    To those who hounded Metiria to the very end, I wish you no real harm, but every time you see or hear about a family living rough, children freezing and getting ill, through inadequate living facilities, I hope your conscience pricks and pricks you so hard you are unable to rest!

    Kia Kaha Metiria. Go well my friend and thank you. NZ will be poorer for your loss to politics.


      • Yep they are out there Bert. A real piece of work!

        I’d like to see Metiria start up a workers’ movement/party, or something along those lines, with her at the helm, steering it. She’d be the ideal person to get it off the ground. I’m sure it would get heaps of support.

        No doubt of course such a move by Metiria would get some stick from msm, dredging up her past!

    • We cant lament that we have lost the only leader of poverty folks.

      Shit; – we are a very large contingent of the voters so let us believe that there are others that want a fair egalitarian, just, society now again as we had during the 1950-70s era?

      Maybe a new labour Green/NZ First coalition can patch up a deal to make it happen again?

    • yes I’m sad about this sad for Metiria and all her years of devotion to the environment and people as many of you are I’m also sad because it shows the deep divide in our country and the uneven power balance but we need to look on the bright side.
      On a positive note I believe the Greens can bounce back and Jacinda is polling high as preferred PM and Labour, Greens and NZ First polling puts them at 54%. Now we all want a change of government and we all want our country to be less divisive and more inclusive. So I think we need to put our anger into action as actions speak louder than words. This nastiness has given me and my sister the impetus to get out on the streets of the Hutt Valley where we live with our signs asking people to vote for change. I don’t like telling people who to vote for
      (and many NZers don’t like to be told what to do) but I’m happy with telling them we need change and reminding them that every vote counts.

  9. So the bloody power welding dictatorial media scalp hunters won AGAIN, damn the bastards like Gower and others, something has to been done about that lot when the government changes.

  10. Meteria made very serious mistakes from the very start, she was naive to the extreme, as a leading politician. I would have advised her, DO NOT reveal all your past on the benefit, it will come back with a vengeance.

    But as I am not her advisor, as I am just an observer in this matter, I regret things happened as they did, what a disaster.

    Of course the MSM is full of hungry SHARKS and hunters with a killing instinct, one leading person of such description is a man called Patrick Gower. If you ever meet him, tell him what you think of him, thanks, if you have the guts.

    New Zealand is a little dictatorship, just watching the TV and listening to the radio here makes me shiver is fear, it is so narrow minded, full of endless hypocrisy and BS, and so all for the ‘hard working Kiwis’, that sounds a bit like a dictator praising his volunteer brigade of dob in and take them out common volunteers out there.

    This place is firmly under control of big and medium size business, who have also tied in small business operators, and who manage as experts to manipulate even common workers to tow the line, and support the endless ripping off and BS that goes on.

    This country is one of the most expensive to live in, look at even supermarket prices, higher than in MOST OECD countries and other places also. It is one where the low earners have massive housing costs and little protection, landlords suck the blood out of renters, only new and somewhat better off new immigrants and returning Kiwis and speculators can buy homes here.

    Workers have mostly individual employment contracts and get told to sign at the dotted line, no real negotiation as that disrupts ‘business’. There is massive immigration, and urban better offs and even poor do not care, as they know, cheap immigrant labour keeps the services produced and the tills ringing, so fuck that, as long as it does not affect me.

    Immigration itself fuels the so called ‘economic growth’, which is BS growth, as per capita New Zealand does not really grow at all, hardly anybody, except the high earners, property owners and business operators are better off.

    The media presents us yet another so called election campaign like a lolly scramble and otherwise like a boxing match and entertainment, never mind this is for the future of your country.

    So many are busy being brainwashed and consuming, and working and studying all wanting a ‘better life’ at some stage, never mind it is unrealistic and expectation, they do not get the seriousness of the problem, their country being sold out from under their own feet.

    This place is screwed, but the vested interest business players will do all to take out any real challenger, so things stay as they are, in little narrow minded dob your neighbour in NZ Inc.

    What a disgrace this place is, nobody cares much, but for themselves, and fuck the rest.

    Hence Metiria Turei got slaughtered, others will follow, watch that space, I am not kidding.

    Only a revolution of sorts would change things, but the MSM now has the next distraction ready, North Korea and Trump at logger heads, ready to take action and start a war. Maybe that is what we need, fuck humanity, if that is what we get daily, what is the purpose of trying and bothering? Blow us all up and end this BS that represents a corrupt and evil humanity.

    Get going, do it now, blow the planet up, thanks:

  11. Gutted, respect to Metiria, and to James Shaw who has backed and supported her all the way. I have lost a lot of respect for Jacinda after throwing Metiria under the bus and the fact that she worked as a policy advisor for war criminal Tony Blair. Things will change, another financial crisis will hit soon and we won’t escape as well as we did with the last one

    • Metiria threw herself and the Greens under a bus,Labour had no input or had any idea that Metiria was going to disclose personal information relating to benefit fraud.
      How Labour gets the blame for what was in effect a poor political strategy by the Greens to gain votes.
      National has plenty of media support without the Greens gifting them with an own goal.
      I’m so disappointed, with the prospect of a National party election win as a result of this melt down.

    • Agree with respect to Metiria and James, but nope you cant lay this one on Labour and its a long stretch to pin it on Jacinda’s work experience in UK Labs either and its thanks to the Clark Labour govt that the country was able to weather the GFC and dare I say it the most corrupt slash and burn govt in history.

  12. That’s very sad. The storm would have passed and until it has, she and her family are not going to find any shelter from it by her resigning. They would have lost some votes and gained some others, many from the missing million; Now that she has resigned they will lose those too. Their champion has been defeated. She should have hung in there, I wonder if she was pushed. If she was whoever pushed her has made a bad mistake.
    D J S

    • Metiria is guilty of naivety, I don’t believe for a moment she had any idea of the weapon she supplied to the forces and the media to ensure National will be relected .
      With what was a public relations excise to gain polical traction,Metiria has caused so much damage to the Greens it may take years to recover.
      It is an extremely sad situation, especially when recalling the National party members transsions and lack of public and media vilification.
      I always thought of the media as a public watch dog, not a National party lap dog.

      • Hey David put your steel capped boot in deeper, make her skull crack, I suppose that will make you happy??

        • I’m not happy to see the Greens in strife and I feel for Metiria, it just wasn’t a good strategy ,nothing to do with putting the boot in or cracking heads,way off topic,Marc

    • Yes, she may has well have tattooed the word thief across her forehead by resigning. In the minds of those who threw it resigning legitimises all the bile that’s been hurled her way.

    • She tried her hardest to hang in there David Stone, the final straw was getting blindsided by a family member.

  13. I’m an American who just went to my New Zealand Citizenship Ceremony yesterday. And today the Co-leader of the Green Party, that I am a member of, resigned. I became a member soon as I arrived in New Zealand in 2000. One of the things I loved about New Zealand was that you could actually vote for the Green Party. It was just too risky to vote for the Green Party in the United States.

    In the States there are way too many people who are cruelly obsessed about those on Welfare; and the Republican Party needs to keep them focused on that obsession.

    Voting for the Green Party in New Zealand is not a risk, it’s what can change us.

    • True, please do not fall for that beneficiary bashing that has become so much a custom here, you seem a decent sort of immigrant we need and welcome, take a stand, stay with the decent and good sorts, I am sure you will.

  14. Not surprised it came to this. Her position simply became untenable given the the frankly unbelievable vitriol exacted against her by our MSM (and by extension the general population). She claims increased scrutiny of her whanau (which, if true, is utterly unacceptable imo, and COMPLETELY irrelevant to her candidacy) being the reason, but I suspect the poll results (including internal) were the actual driving force.

    • I would have to say that I have not seen such an outpouring of hatred, of such magnitude, against a local politician for an extremely long time, probably never. I feel an overwhelming sadness because of what has happened.

  15. I’m an American who just went to my New Zealand Citizenship Ceremony yesterday. And today the Co-leader of the Green Party, that I am a member of, resigned. I became a member soon as I arrived in New Zealand in 2000. One of the things I loved about New Zealand was that you could actually vote for the Green Party. It was just too risky to vote for the Green Party in the United States.

    In the States there are way too many people who are cruelly obsessed about those on Welfare; and the Republican Party needs to keep them focused on that obsession.

    Voting for the Green Party in New Zealand is not a risk, it’s what can change us.

    • Welcome.

      I sincerely hope that we don’t disappoint any further, but rather suspect that we will.

      Anyway, you’ll have to learn to rephrase your first sentence.

  16. Shall we all go to TVNZ’s big ugly wanky Auckland building with bricks and show them how much we love and respect them? By placing bricks of adoration carefully through the windows repeatedly?

    I’m surprised Matiria stood down? I wonder what new, unforeseen element has come to bear? She would have understood the repercussions of her admissions before she opened her mouth. Blackmail? Threats? A new and fruity plan? If roger douglas was squeezed wallet first out of the arsehole of labour to start up ACT after his treasons and treachery perhaps Matiria has a plan also?

    By the way: I heard jucinda’s plan to tariff out water to farmers, which means no farmer, or small town NZ, will go near Labour so it’ll be a National win with years of stagnant social policy and a few glittering paparazzi laughing all the way to the brothels. I also hear that Land Corp is selling NZ farm lands to the Chinese. Heard of the Chinese?
    Not a bad strategy jucinda. You learned much from the Big Tony.

    My heart goes out to those of you who thought we were finally lifting off.

    • Re TVNZ and Mediawanks, I feel the same, but we need to think more carefully how to deal with this, you know, here they learn from AUS, and every sign of dissent is now “terrorism”.

      • Well, that was heart breaking listening @ LOUIS and thanks for Posting the link.
        The ‘family member’ however, it should be pointed out, never actually came forward to defend their allegations. Therefore, in my mind, that alleged family member’s opinion means diddley squat. ( Is there an E in diddley?? )
        Thus… moving on.
        It was interesting to hear Metiria say something about a ‘ movement’ to counter the nightmare that is NZ poverty and the humiliations associated with that.
        I don’t think we’re seeing the end of an event. I think we’re witnessing the beginning of something much more interesting…

        • Yes agreed on all you have said there Countryboy. Metiria has indeed started a movement that the party are vowing to fight on with and I feel certain that we will see Metiria carry on the fight in another capacity too.

    • You never know. Once the Chinese strategic investment machine hears that they might have to pay some taxes for once, their interest in gathering large swathes of NZ farmland may be over.

  17. NZ Inc is JUDAS incorporated now!

    They will kill you if you dare challenge the establishment and their rule.

  18. The left in NZ are a movement devoid of political courage.

    The word staunch hasn’t been in their dictionary since Kirk died.

    Every time they capitulate instead of facing down adversary, they make it easier for the right wing to will the next round.

    • So absolutely true, too nice and high salaries offered as an alternative in the private sector, what a disgrace.

    • I know what you are saying but the final straw for Metiria was a family member putting the boot in. The media focus was on her and her family rather than on people suffering in poverty and the broken welfare system that punishes them.

      • No matter how supportive her family were, they were not responsible for paying her bills.

        That’s the short and long response to their interference.

        She should have remained staunch.

        • I know, she has reiterated that very point and I wish she hadn’t resigned but the media scalp hunters focus wasn’t going to shift until they forced her out

  19. What a disgusting little dob in your neighbor country we have become, the fascists would be proud. Oh got to go there’s rugby on.

    • While I would not dare encourage and condone it:

      I may have some understanding for all Kiwis to not declare their full and true circumstances to WINZ, IRD or any other government department, who do by the way do ALL to encroach on the tiny bit of privacy we still have.

      I also know of run ins with the hypocritical, compromised and BS Privacy Commissioner, that it does NOT pay to trust these watchdogs and others, working with or under finance of government.

      We live in something close to a dictatorship now, civil disobedience almost seems like a DUTY to perform, I cannot judge, but I throw this in for discussion, nothing else.

      Those that strictly obey the law are hung, it seems, those admitting wrong doing years ago also, so what encouragement is there to cooperate, none, really that is my conclusion.

      Draw your own, dear friends, fuck society, fuck the state, fuck the system as it is, it has proved to be without merit and credit, I suspect

  20. I am very sorry to see Metiria go. But I do agree with those who say she was foolishly naive in thinking it was a good idea to announce she had done something “illegal” 2 months before an election — especially when that illegal thing was something poor people do. The Green policy on increasing benefits was great. Many people who have been on a benefit have done similar things to live in a more decent way — and the fault is in the system.
    But to get to the point … BUT why did the Greens think it was a good idea to say she had done this now? They should have realised that the MSM and the neoliberal haters of the poor would come out blazing? It was a bad gamble. Better to have announced the policy and then, later to have related it to herself is she wished to. Overall I’m not much of a fan of personal incident based political decisions; I think we need to have clear policies and make them central. We can use personal anecdotes to illustrate our points, but they should not take priority.

  21. One circuit breaker after another for the left yet where’s the relentless shrill media scalp hunters over National ministers/mps breaking the law… how many times can Bill break the law and get away with it?

  22. It is a sad day when someone as brave as Metiria has to resign for telling the truth, yet the Tories keep their lofty titles while lying about civilian deaths in Afghanistan, personal expenses and eves dropping on staff. As Ken Loach said, the neolibs use poverty as a weapon against the vulnerable.

  23. I don’t suppose Metiria will make the next honours list.

    They can make the most corrupt PM we ever had a knight to reward his ego and services to our wealthy and drive out one of the most compassionate selfless woman ever to be an MP and spokesperson for our poorest people.

    It is depressing to think she had come so close to really having an impact and helping to eliminate poverty and implementing sensible green legislation.

    It just sucks.

  24. Well great eh! Met has gone, so now all those sanctimonious pricks who wouldn’t vote for a “thief” will support the Green Party again and take them back up to 15% again. What? Is that pigshit falling from the sky?

    • People in NZ are docile and do NOT get it as the world is at war, socially, pretend you get prime products from China at rip off prices, live your middle class lives and think you are ‘safe’, you are DREAMING.

  25. I contacted radio after hearing Mark Sainsbury talking absolute bullshit about poverty – wanted to talk to him and tell him what it was really like. Woman I was talking to said she would get him to call me – he didn’t. Then she said she wouldn’t call police about me self-harming because I couldn’t get ACC care I was entitled to & won 2 reviews for.

    She did call police and I was terrorised for 3 hours – because they HATE me here after two of them violently assaulted me for doing a swastika in chalk pen on police station window after spending 10 mins being insulted, degraded & discriminated against by them.

    Got court in 3 weeks and my lawyer has barely done anything, she’s so busy and way out of her depth, I just know I’m going to be shafted yet again.

  26. The problem is they need a leader who has faced poverty. Neither Mana or the Greens have this. Those that have fallen on hard times need a genuine voice! Very sad.

  27. I would like to know exactly what that disgusting little ACT leech David Seymour said about Metiria.
    It was apparently so disgusting and low-taste that Radio NZ declined to broadcast it.
    We need to know what he said so we can demonstrate clearly to New Zealanders just what sort of vile people are propping up this corrupt poisoned National administration.

  28. The latest on RNZ is that Kennedy Graham may seek to rejoin The Greens. I can’t believe they would take back that dishonest traitor.

    If he gets back on the Green Party list, I’m switching to Mana.

    Treachery cannot, must not, be rewarded!!


  29. Looking at the photo montage at the top of this post reminds me of what a person said in the Greens Party on the radio this morning – she described them as “male, pale and stale”. I couldn’t think of a more apt description.

    I also think that the words of the great old blues tune “nobody knows you when you are down and out” is so true today in NZ society. The poor are treated as criminals and lepers, the savagery of our fellow humans today couldn’t get lower, well we all know folks now, that without a doubt we are alone in our journey through this life and you’d better believe it, never expect anything from anybody – I even see families turn against each other – elder abuse is a good one to bring to mind – when we are old and doddery even our own kin will turn against us. and I have first hand knowledge of this. Even the animal world treat their kin better than we do.

    Never expect anything from anybody and you will then be prepared to look after yourself. I am voting for the Greens they need all the help they can get and thank God for people like Metiria who are a voice for the vulnerable – at least there was a point of difference with her crusade which I can’t see the other parties crusading on. Bless her heart, may she have more good fortune in the future away from the bear pit.

    • Nosa Japua – If you are referring to me frankly I haven’t a bloody clue what you are on about – have read your thread a few times and am still bemused and wonder if you are on something.

  30. Metiria Turei kept some personal details from WINZ 20 years ago, and might have got an extra $10 a week for a while (how many grants and special benefits was she entitled to and never even told about by WINZ?). She and her family are hounded until she resigns. John Key routinely engages in sexual harassment of a young women in her workplace, while serving as PM. He and his family are *not* hounded until he resigns. The double standards at play here are appalling. “One law for all” my arse.

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