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Social Media results are in – Jacinda wins her first week, NZ First beat Greens and TOP out rates National

By   /  August 7, 2017  /  17 Comments

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The results are in and Jacinda is not only creating huge waves when she appears in public – as her ‘we’ll do slightly more than National on infrastructure’ announcement on Sunday up against National’s ‘we’ll bitterly disappoint you as usual’ can attest, she is destroying the competition when it comes to social media.

It shows Labour smashing everyone else, but also note the power of NZ First online, which should concern the Greens and also TOP beating Bill English.

Lots to chew over.

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  1. Thomas Kaminski says:

    NZF ratings should shock and worry anyone wanting to dispose of a National Government.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      NZ First will not go with Nactional toxic Carpetbaggers Thomas and you can take that to the bank!@!!!

  2. Castro says:

    The Blue Dragons should open everyone’s eyes to what is really going on.

  3. tony says:

    “note the power of NZ First online” we actually went to their website this morning, to see if there was any news of their list, and it didn’t even mention Shane Jones yet!

  4. bert says:

    But Bullshit Bill said people don’t vote on personality. Well that’s billshit, we all know that’s exactly how Key was voted in!

    If it was policy, then why did people vote for a raise in GST, increased homelessness, more poverty etc etc etc.

    So when Jacinda talks about Aucklanders paying a levy tax for Labour’s transport plan, bear in mind New Zealand, Key raised GST by 2 1/2 % percent for “ALL” New Zealanders and just recently a “new” tax for on-line purchases.

    So Bullshit Bill cannot play the “extra tax” card against Labour without looking into a broken mirror.

    Vote wisely N.Z. History tells us National lies.

    • darth smith says:

      bullshit bill cut kiwi saver reduced employers contribution ,cut tax credit ,taxed employers contribution total wanker

  5. Danyl Strype says:

    This would be very important is there was was an MP representing the “social media” electorate, but there isn’t one. As it currently exists, “social media” is a bubble in which those of us who spend far too much time online (guilty as charged) go about setting the world to rights, while making no impact at all on the majority of voters, who only use “social media” to exchange cat pictures and still think the “news” is an objective picture of reality.

    Internet technologies can be used to build social movements, powerful ones, but not when we treat them as an analogue of broadcast media, where everyone hosts their own show that almost nobody watches. What we need is a whole new style of online engagement, based on real relationship-building and alliance-building, capable of mobilizing people do to things that involve getting of the net. I’ve been thinking it would be interesting to have websites that you can only sign up on by meeting an existing member face-to-face, in other words using old school membership organisations as the organising metaphor, instead of broadcast media.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Disagree. Firstly. The mystery and value of Leonardo Divinci Grand Martser Piece the Mona Lisa is, no one can can figure out how Divinci painted his master piece.

      In 2009 Sitoshi Nakamora created Sitoshi’s White paper outlining Bitcoin. The mystery with in the block chain is no one can replicate the block chain in order to mis-lead the community (or devs to use tech vernacular) so the block chain (BTC) is nia omnipotent – can’t be replicated.

      Sitoshi’s White paper was just a thesis. Didn’t even stick around to research the demo model. 8 years later BTC is on track to destroy Central Banks. Sitoshi’s White paper is clear on that.

      So never underestimate the power of a good yarn.

  6. CLEANGREEN says:


    David Glendon & Kennedy Graham both resigned today because they said Metiria wouldn’t resign – so the news says.

  7. e-clectic says:

    The graph only shows Winston Peters and NZF doesn’t appear at all.

    That could, of course, be very accurate :).

  8. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yes Frank;

    I liked Kennedy Graham, he was a very concise, articulate speaker in Parliament and very easy to understand.

    Greens now will need some polished similar presenting type, such as this because they are trying to get the swing voter Blue green that will be usually middle aged and take more notice of people like Graham rather than the youthful types, (no offence to the young.

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