The real difference between Labour & National’s Transport announcements today

By   /   August 6, 2017  /   19 Comments

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…the fact that  Jacinda, she can announce a nothing Transport policy that promises something a decade earlier than the 30 years away that National are offering and be greeted with cheering crowds is the difference.

The real difference between Labour & National’s Transport announcements today wasn’t the policy difference, (which amounts to Labour starting about a decade earlier than National but still in ten years time), it was the excitement and enthusiasm that was the ultimate difference..

200 turned up for this…

…as opposed to a thousand who turned up for  this…

…the fact that  Jacinda, she can announce a nothing Transport policy that promises something a decade earlier than the 30 years away that National are offering and be greeted with cheering crowds is the difference.

The shear excitement and enthusiasm that bubbled over with Jacinda’s announcement should scare the bejesus out of National.

There is a real chance that Labour could rule with just the Greens and won’t need NZ First at all.

In terms of the real differences between National and Labour on their wider policy platforms – this cartoon says it all…


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  1. Castro says:

    Bill English’s bodyguards provided by the Chinese mega-dictatorship; says it all, really.

  2. John W says:

    Optimism springs eternal.

    While baying crowds do not make a policy worthy of caring for a future, popularity may tell of changes in the wind.

    Transport is but one of the many problems evident with our Laissez-faire approach to planning where aspects of community are treated in isolation from each other.

    There is no show of dealing with transport without taking into account why there is such an exponential growth of the demand for transport.

    The larger picture of how a better economy could function with less roads, less cars and less time and effort spent on traveling, is being ignored.

    Labour is signaling that Govt can intervene and change pace and direction rather than be captured by the transport and motor industry who consistently look after their bottom line at growing cost to the community.

    We have been trapped by policies and back room deals that just pour more fuel on the problem and dollars into a small group of industries, transnational contractors and importing agencies as well as private financial institutions. No long term vision is apparent.

    I hope Labour can change to address the level of foresight vision the early Labour visionaries spoke about.

    There is no room for neoliberal sentiments in our forward planning..

  3. patricia bremner says:

    Thanks Martyn. Stuff said 30o ish/ Herald fudged “a crowd”

  4. XRAY says:

    This from Kelvin Davis I believe;

    We all know about the Jacinda effect – pure optimism. When we look over at the other side there and we see a Prime Minister with the personality of a rock.

    “We have got Jonathan Coleman the doctor of death, we have got Steven Joyce who is as authentic as a $4 Rolex, we’ve got Gerry Brownlee who has got the energy of a small hill, we’ve got Simon Bridges – the only person under 80 who still buys Brylcreem, and Judith Collins, look her stare caused that ice shelf in Antarctica to crack off and float away.”

    Davis also compared the National Party to dandruff, and compared Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett to Lynn of Tawa, the 1970s character invented by comedian Ginette McDonald.

    Suddenly this election has got damned funny and real interesting!

  5. Grant says:

    Yep and with Mandarin written on the back of National’s promotion shirts , the Chinese aren’t even hiding the fact that they own the National Party now, lock stock and barrel.
    Having a country that makes up one fifth of the world’s population , whose culture is based around f**k you jack , I’m o.k , controlling one of our major political parties, puts us in a perilous situation.
    Having said that, the Chinese culture and the National Party culture are pretty much identical so….what would you expect…the lazy man’s way to riches.
    That is not racist or xenophobic , but pure fact.
    National Party …naïve, foolish, stupid and totally reckless with New Zealand’s culture.

  6. David says:

    Yea,quite deflating.Ten years to wait for a train from central Auckland to the airport ,I guess we wanted a revolution and this is it.
    Back to the drawing board for me, who to vote for ,no idea.

    • Dougal says:

      It’s not a train – “Light rail” means a tram.

    • Cemetery Jones says:

      I think it was in the other thread I pointed it out, but a decade sounds about right given that the Supercity is going to have to approve it under their combination Byzantine power structure and rural Breton consent process.

  7. Sam Sam says:

    Big win for Labour today. Hardly a perfect game. But we must not judge great fighting words to harshly.

  8. Mike the Lefty says:

    Notice how the cameras deliberately didn’t pan out or give any distance shots of Bill English’s gathering?
    You can always cram people onto a railway platform but it seems in this case there actually weren’t a great many number to cram so TV One had to maintain the illusion that the PM was drawing as many people as Jacinda.
    Of course he wasn’t and it was quite obvious.
    All Bill English could say was that Labour had the same policy in 2008 implying that Labour only had old ideas, not new ones.
    Good coming from a Party whose justice and corrections policies date back to Victorian England, don’t you think?

  9. Observer Tokoroa says:


    I don’t wish to be inquisitive, but did Billy English announce his incredibly patchwork transport dragon plan in Bejing?

    There were about 40 inscrutable transport faces surrounding him.

    National have gone over to Mao ? Crikey

  10. Kim dandy says:

    Time to go…..National

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Yes Kim Dandy Nactional go F—ing far far away.

      You’ve poisoned our water ruined our Clean green reputation, now wrecking our rail/road infrastructure and medical infrastructure, & public housing so you are no longer welcome.