Political Caption Competition



  1. I’m sorry ladies. There was a typo in the email from the gym.

    It should have said “don’t forget to wear leotards”

  2. Hey ‘The Nation’. John Key called.
    He’d like to do a guest appearance for old times sake.

    Can you all wear ponytails?

  3. I dont have a caption and I think all the comments above covers it but its jaw dropping at how Lisa Owen and others went out of their way to brown nose Bennett. We know now there’s nothing impartial with those biased hacks at The Nation.

  4. Probably real leopard skins , paid for by entrepreneurs to have the poachers take them to make garments for despicable types such as these. And a few cheetahs as well.

    Says it all about them.

  5. Fascist Party deputy arranges slimmers club sleep over.

    Pathetically deluded in thinking the team strategy of wearing gamey jim-jams will camouflage right wing neo-con bully boy tactics in the political jungle.

  6. Now children today on Play School as we look through the square window we see…ooh! That’s a bit scary isn’t it? It looks like today we’re visiting the African Savannah. Africa is known as the ‘Dark Continent’, where there are lots of dangerous animals.
    Can anyone see any dangerous animals? How about a giraffe hiding among hippos? Its a little tricky isn’t it children…as they all appear to be in drag.

    Oh look, silly me, it’s really just Humpty, Big Ted and friends. And yes that is Gemima hiding in the background.

    What a funny world we live in.

  7. Will this mob accompany the uncharacteristically subdued Paula Bennett on Monday morning when protestors will lay in wait to apprehend her as she begins her week, about reaping all the available assistance when on the DPB, climbing the ladder, then pulling it up behind herself? There are other National double dippers beside the one from Dipton.

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