Political Caption Competition



  1. With profound apologies to Margaret Atwood……..

    “Sisters, I hear the Republic of Gilead is to be sold to China.”

    “Then Offred, it’s time to run a distraction story on that non-believer, Turei. She who dares to challenge the Almighty Neolib, most blessed Lord of the Market Forces.”

    “Quite right Sisters. It needs to be believable though. May I suggest we start by suggesting the heretic Turei tortured kittens to get nuclear launch codes, which she subsequently sold to North Korea, all whilst claiming to live in the House of Commander Winz”.

    “Splendid Sister Offred! That’s exactly the type of story our loyal congregation expect during the holy Primetime Sermons. Reverend Hosking will be most eager to preach this to the believers. All praise to the Almighty Neolib. May User Pays protect us from the heathen.”

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