GUEST BLOG: Willie Jackson – Jacinda’s mana shines through

By   /   August 2, 2017  /   18 Comments

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We all owe Andrew our gratitude to give a fresh Leader the opportunity to step up, and what a magnificent job of stepping up did Jacindaachieve in her first press conference? Her mana shone through and she has given so many New Zealanders a new hope that Labour will win this election.

It’s never quiet in an election. After releasing our radical plan to get 20 000 new homes for Māori in the weekend, Andrew Little has made a selfless decision for Labour and stepped down as Leader.

The most frustrating part of being in Labour is seeing voters excited by our policies when they are explained to them but who didn’t know that was our policy in the first place!

To date, Labour hasn’t managed to communicate our policy well, and Andrew has courageously taken responsibility for Labour’s drop in the polls and stood aside as Leader.

We all owe Andrew our gratitude to give a fresh Leader the opportunity to step up, and what a magnificent job of stepping up did Jacindaachieve in her first press conference?

Her mana shone through and she has given so many New Zealanders a new hope that Labour will win this election.

I am also excited that Kelvin Davis is our Deputy, the first Māori Deputy in Labour’s history. That is real influence over the decisions and real power where it matters.

The Māori Party like to defend their propping up of National by saying that it allows them to be at the table, well if Labour wins, Kelvin will be the one ordering at the table.

I am excited, I can feel change in the air, and I believe a lot of Kiwis are going to come home to Labour this election.

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  1. XRAY says:

    Watching her yesterday I kind of wouldn’t underestimate Jacinda.

    And I’m very pleased to see Kelvin there and yes, you are right, the polls and Metiria meant I missed the Maori housing policy altogether.

    With Godspeed Labour, NZ needs you now!

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      There were times in that interview that she look decidedly authoritative , – almost Regal for a second.

      She batted back the media pack not only decisively , – but did it with authority , good humor and charm.

      There were a few clipped ears still ringing after that engagement , esp Corin Dann and Patrick Gower ‘s.

      They know they have met their match and so do National.

  2. elle says:

    As undecided voter i’m voting Jacinda and Labour, A breath of fresh air at last. I don’t think Little should have given up because of polls,they are often wrong but so glad we can at last see a leader of integrity, just watch for National and their nasty tricks.’

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Great stuff Willie go hard mate with Winnie.

    • bert says:

      ” just watch for National and their nasty tricks.’

      Exactly Elle, Joyce will soon be out in force. He will need to work fast he only has 20 sitting days of Parliament left. Probably just enough time for a few dildos to his own face.
      Joyce may need to have a few words to his protege Mark Richardson because I think he may have cost National a few thousand votes this morning on Jacinda’s baby aspirations. Mark Richardson, you are a tool.

      • David says:

        Yea Bert,Mark is a arrogant, self opinionated dick head,he turns my stomach.

        • bert says:

          Yes David and to hear Hosking also thought we had a right to know about Arderns baby aspirations, makes me vomit. The hypocritical pig who says people have no right to know what his income is yet every right to know if Ardern is going to have babies. The shitbag Hosking needs to be fired.

  3. Mike the Lefty says:

    Notice how the MSM are all crawling to Jacinda at the moment.
    This is partly due to novelty value and the anticipation that the election might just have become a bit more exciting now. This will gradually peter out over the next week or two and the MSM will revert to their sycophantic praise of National and tell us how well they are “providing” for us.
    But I think Kelvin Davis’s election to deputy leader has inspired instant fear in the Maori Party and by association National.
    Davis, as deputy leader, will be under much more scrutiny by the election covering media and as everyone knows – getting out there and being recognised are vital to electoral success. John Key knew this and that’s why he spent every moment performing for the media and keeping their attention on him.
    The MSM chose to ignore the fact that he acted more like a circus clown campaigning for the Silly Party than our PM, but that is history now.
    I don’t expect Jacinda, Kelvin, or that matter even Bill English will campaign like that. I think this time, whatever the outcome, we stand to have a more transparent election where policies are dominant over personalities. I would like to say honest but honesty is in short supply when National are feeling vulnerable.
    Jacinda and Kelvin are poised to make a Corbyn-like rise happen for NZ Labour.
    Let’s hope it becomes a reality.

    • Louis says:

      The right wing/msm have always pushed the Jacinda cause.

      • Mike the Lefty says:

        Yes, they have in their own self-serving way.
        It might just come back to bite them.
        You know the old saying: “Be careful what you wish for….”

    • SG says:

      Yes, crawling. I don’t regard their praise as a portentous omen for any on the left who’re pinning their hopes on Ardern. She is, after all, just another Auckland liberal. And a career politician at that.


      • WILD KATIPO says:

        Yet the difference is that with the Greens and Metiria , and sufficient Labour support , any neo liberal tendencies that try to surface from the remaining Rogernomes in Labour will be severely curtailed.

        And btw – NZ First is strongly anti neo liberalism.

        Throw that in the mix and we are looking at a very dynamic new era in NZ politics.

    • bert says:

      Yes, yes, yes Mike. The Maori party are seeing the polls, they see a left block with Winston as having the numbers and are now in retreat mode. They are offering an “olive branch” as if they have the power. Maybe Marama should have thought about this before her mouthy vitriol of Labour several years back. Not looking so tough now Marama, things are going pear shaped. Just watch the chameleon change, should National start to rise again.

  4. Louis says:

    Who knew after all these years that the new found Jacinda that we now as leader had a polished fire in her belly. Pity she never bothered to use that before.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Circumstances were not right. I think she displayed more of a willingness to be a good and loyal servant , which coincidentally ,… are some of the chief characteristics needed in a leader in the years before they actually become leaders themselves…

  5. savenz says:

    People want change. Jacinda certainly looks like a breath of fresh air. After Metiria taking a massive risk that seems to be paying off – maybe Jacinda will turn Labour around too, it certainly looks positive, so far. Anything for a change of government!

  6. Kim dandy says:

    Exactly @ save nz – anything for a change of government!