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  1. Just as dear wee Toddy is keeping his head down and adjusting to life with the weight and impact of a tail between his legs as it knocks from side to side on his inner knees, has anybody heard or seen a creature dressed in leopard skin yearning for a pair of ugg boots, frolicking around parliament – on a natural, non-synthetic high (that looks like the symptoms of prozac overdose).
    I’m fairly sure Peter Dunne isn’t trying to hide it in his office, and its ample breasts and torso make it difficult to hide.

    • We are beginning to have quite a catalogue…

      Jason Ede Mark II aka wee Toddy Barclay.

      Paula the motel enthusiast. ( Bill didn’t think it was such a bright idea at the time when he was drafting the National budget – but hey ! that’s National party uber communications at work .)

      And the ‘ Haircut’ Dunne. Still living down his family values as he votes in National policy’s that screw the shit out of working family’s. And voting for mass surveillance and sucking up to the booze industry by opposing cannabis reform.

  2. No no!!!!!!!!
    Musseen in ekshun
    A GÒOGLE merely throws up a profile of a Paula Bennett, albeit with fotashopd umajizz in pastel blue
    I read somewhere that it could become the ‘nex female primunsta o’ NuZull’ (goeeen ford)

    We rilly rilly should show more kinsern for its absess in the meedya an arks wheer it uzz.
    Apparently uts a femme, so let me be the firssss to show it sum rizzzpek.
    Moi wurry wuZ we not only hedunt heard frim Toddy en hus feg heg Glenda, Buùut orlso ear Depyatty Proim Munsta!!!!!!

    Oi mean!!!!! FFS men!

  3. Oh… and as UGLY a specimen it might prove to be qgeb its whereavouts r discovered, my religion precludes decowering its buffalo flesh (unless a Bakshi pretends otherwise).
    But nah. It’s too fukn aweful plus there’s the ACT heirarcical policy on humanity and dollar worth to consider

  4. An eternal optimist I am but the latest poll has cleared some gloom.

    To quote Roy Morgan;

    The overall support for the governing National-led coalition was down 3.5% to 45.5% with National support down 3.5% to 43% while support for their Coalition partners was unchanged with Maori Party on 1.5%, Act NZ on 1% and United Future on 0%. Support for a potential Labour/Greens alliance was up 4.5% to 44% driven by the 5% rise in support for Labour, now on 30.5%, while support for the Greens was down 0.5% to 13.5%. Support for New Zealand First was down 1% to 8%.

    Maybe, just bloody maybe, voters have had it with the chronically corrupt, rotten to the marrow National Party!

    • The public are fickle and Nacts PR company know which buttons to push. Their onslaught has yet to come in what they would call a timely way, that is close to the elections . too close to allow rational reply.

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