GCSB review into spying for Tim Groser is a 100% whitewash and far more important than Todd Barclay


It’s a god damned whitewash, and one that is a far more damaging abuse of political power than a bloody National Party MP backbencher taping a staff member.

The fact that Todd Barclay is leading the news headlines and this bullshit report isn’t says all you need to know about NZ. We are a culture with all the political maturity of a can of day old Coke.

The report into why the GCSB spied on trade partners and allies for Tim Groser when he was trying to get the top job at the WTO has been released and it’s a total fucking scam.

1 – The report found that the GCSB purposely left no paper trail and everyone seemed to forget things.

2 – The bloody GCSB contacted Tim Groser directly and offered to spy for him BEFORE HE HAD EVEN ANNOUNCED HIS CANDIDACY!!!!

3 – The GCSB concluded that this was in the economic interests of NZ and as such, spying for the interests of our economy is ‘legal’.

Remember, we only found out about the GCSB spying for Tim Groser after Edward Snowden leaked it.

There are so many more questions than answers in this.

1 – Why did the GCSB hide their paper trail and were so forgetful i their answers? Is this how they operate and what type of safety checks are now on a department that has the power to launch their own investigations without proper political oversight?

2 – How did the GCSB know Groser was running for the WTO job? Were they spying on him?

3 – Why the fuck are the GCSB approaching Minister’s directly ands offering their spying services? The GCSB should have gone through completely different channels, so what the hell happened here?

4 – Remember, this is the bloody 5 Eyes system the GCSB are using, this is supposed to be to protect us from terrorism, not spy on others for economic reasons! 

Remember, the GCSB have gone from being tech geeks who help out other intelligence agencies with their computer expertise to spy into being an intelligence agency that launches its own investigations.

To have the most powerful spy agency in the country pimping their spying services directly to Minister’s under the guise of ‘economic benefit’ and then have no paper trail explaining what the hell happened is utterly unacceptable, yet this story has been eclipsed by a backbencher taping a staff member!

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What the hell is going on?


  1. GCSB is now clearly a government espionage black ops operation.

    Clearly designed for the express benefit of Government political corruption process’s!!!!!!!

    So Government are using our taxpayer agency for their politically corrupt process’s, this is a issue that now needs police investigation Martyn.

    Government using inappropriate funding of their political collusion?

    Now that is an charge that will bring an indictment!!!!!!!

    Brasil’s president recently got jailed for “Inappropriate use of federal funds for her political campaign”.

    So why cant we set this charge upon this administration?

  2. ” What the hell is going on?”

    Well , partially , deflection , whether by spurious opportunity or whether by deliberation selecting a fall guy. Personally I would say the former.


    1 – The report found that the GCSB purposely left no paper trail and everyone seemed to forget things.

    2 – The bloody GCSB contacted Tim Groser directly and offered to spy for him BEFORE HE HAD EVEN ANNOUNCED HIS CANDIDACY!!!!

    3 – The GCSB concluded that this was in the economic interests of NZ and as such, spying for the interests of our economy is ‘legal’.


    I raised portions of this today in The Standard , where I was using the ‘ I forget’ excuse by English in the Barclay scandal to illustrate its Globalist origins …

    ” Incidentally the ‘ I forget ‘ ruse was popularized during the Ronald Reagan era by ( in particular , but not exclusively so ) far right wing politicians , – who started adopting that tactic and making it commonplace in western politics to avoid adverse legal and political complications. ( It is important however , … to note that both the far left and the far right are simply the two heads of Globalist world government).

    But it was part of the ‘ dirty politics’ tactics imported from the USA and taught by such subversives as Simon Lusk.

    Here , it was used extensively by John Key to almost ridiculous extremes (who , although being of the ‘Right ‘ wing National party of NZ , – was firmly and blatantly in the Obama team – who was a Democrat – traditionally the equivalent of the USA’ s ‘ Left ‘ wing …. and who endorsed the same erosion of civil liberties as Key ie : TTPA , increased Police state, massive increase in the surveillance of the public, and the aggressive advocation of wars on foreign soil eg : ”Get some GUTS !!! ” and regular drone indiscriminate bombings ), ”


    I think its important to recall it was John Key acting under the Obama administration directives that saw John Key label Glen Greewald one of Dotcoms little henchmen and such people as Nicky Hagar as a ‘screaming left wing communist ‘…

    And that under further scrutiny , it was in fact , the combination of Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowdens testimony that later on demonstrated and validated both the existence of the XKEYSCORE software program and the fact that John Key had lied to the NZ public that they ever existed at all.

    New Zealand secretly built spying program, report says – CNET

    Snowden accuses NZ PM of lying about mass surveillance – Telco/ISP …

    XKeyscore, Speargun: Key digs in on spook claims | Stuff.co.nz

    And that even the SIS stated that John Key threatened our national security in demanding data to justify his own statements – which in the end – proved to be irrelevant anyway.

    It is interesting to note that the NSA was found guilty before the Supreme Court in the USA of conducting the same sort of public surveillance both Obama and Key were trying to advance.

    Part of this whole edifice surrounding the huge extension of the surveillance community of John Key was to ensure the smooth passage of the TTPA. And Tim Grosser of course had vested interests in that and procuring a strategic position as Director-General of the World Trade Organisation.

    And so our spy agencies were used unethically to ‘scout’ out other contenders.

    Revealed: Tim Groser sent GCSB spies after WTO job … – NZ Herald


    I think its also worthy to note that Key exited the position of PM inexplicably after it was apparent Trump would win – with the ensuing certainty that Trump would finally put the boot into the TTPA officially by withdrawing from it.

    Key knew his reason for being here was over. Had Clinton won , – he possibly still would of been here pushing for his fourth term…

    Key was a Globalist – although far , far lower on the ladder than Barak Obama was… but a Globalist nonetheless. That was why he was brought in.

    And it is a curious fact that ALL of Obama’s senior advisers including military , foreign policy , and economic management ALL belonged to three prominent Globalist institutions. The Bilderberg Group , Trilateral Commission , and the Council on Foreign Relations.


    Others included the Club of Rome.

    And one of the goals of this Globalist supranational un-elected body of institutions is Global Governance. A common currency and an ability to surveill and control every aspect of the citizenry’s lives. All resources need for sustaining life such as agriculture and horticulture and the energy industry’s.

    And it is this group who George Soros is aligned to , and it is this group who have been agitating against Trump ,.. who they despise for obstructing them.

    AND SO , THE LEGACY of John Key and his Globalism is the inevitable fall out from an invasive and unwarranted surveillance community. …with the virtually assured corruption and anti democratic , unethical
    -and often illegal – activity’s that accompany it.

    • And it is a curious fact that ALL of Obama’s senior advisers including military , foreign policy , and economic management ALL belonged to three prominent Globalist institutions. The Bilderberg Group , Trilateral Commission , and the Council on Foreign Relations.


      And it is this group who George Soros is aligned to , and it is this group who have been agitating against Trump ,.

      This may interest you, Katipo;

      But it’s even worse than that. “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence, and submergence into an all-powerful one-world government,” the admiral [Chester Ward] warned, adding that “this lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is pervasive throughout most of the membership.” In other words, not everyone in the CFR is a fanatical globalist determined to sell out America’s sovereignty, but most are.

      ref: https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/item/25475-some-of-trump-s-picks-have-troubling-links-to-globalism-cfr

      In a statement to reporters at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on February 20, President Trump named Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster as his national security adviser (NSA). In his statement, Trump described McMaster as “a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience.”


      Interestingly, McMaster’s prime target in his exposé, former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, was a longtime member of the same elite internationalist organization of which McMaster is himself a member — the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

      ref: https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/foreign-policy/item/25446-trump-picks-cfr-member-for-new-national-security-advisor

      However, one crucial point on his résumé has flown largely under the radar, even among many usually well-informed voices that would have promptly sounded the alarm. That is the fact that Gorsuch was listed as a term member of the CFR in the organization’s 2008 Annual Report Membership Roster. He was also listed as a member in his 2006 nomination by President George W. Bush. And aside from Internet commentators in comment sections, the only major analyst who seems to have noticed is Kelleigh Nelson.

      ref: https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/item/25475-some-of-trump-s-picks-have-troubling-links-to-globalism-cfr

      Paul followed up on his ‘Bilderberger’ jibe by referencing billionaire Paypal owner Peter Thiel, an actual Bilderberg member, who is involved with the Trump transition team.

      ref: https://www.infowars.com/rand-paul-is-unhappy-about-trumps-bilderberg-cabinet/

      Among them are Robert Lighthizer, the U.S. trade representative, who is listed as a current member of CFR, despite the globalist outfit’s key role in imposing the very multilateral “free-trade” regimes that Trump has opposed for harming America and undermining U.S. sovereignty. Another is Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, a CFR member with troubling links to the Communist Chinese dictatorship. She also happens to be married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and may have been a bargaining chip in getting other nominees approved by establishment Republicans in Congress.

      Then there are a number of non-members who nevertheless have troubling ties to the CFR and other globalist organizations. Exxon-Mobil, of course, is a “founder” corporate member of the CFR. And despite not being an official member himself, Rex Tillerson boasted to CFR members in a speech that he shared their views on globalism. “Like the Council’s founders, I believe we must choose the course of greater international engagements,” Tillerson said in a 2007 event at the CFR.

      Another controversial figure is Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s treasury secretary and a former executive with “vampire squid” international bank Goldman Sachs. Like Exxon-Mobil, the globalist bank is also listed as a “founder” corporate member of the CFR. And Mnuchin, while not listed publicly as a member of CFR, was a member of the secret “Skull and Bones” society at Yale that has been exposed for being involved in dark and deeply disturbing rituals. George W. Bush and John Kerry were also members, though both refused to talk about it while running against each other for president.

      ref: https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/item/25475-some-of-trump-s-picks-have-troubling-links-to-globalism-cfr

      Then there are at least two cabinet members in the Trump administration who have attended the annual Bilderberg summit, where top globalists, politicians, bankers, communists, royalty, and crony capitalists meet once a year to plot policy behind closed doors and recruit useful idiots to their globalist cause. The first is former Texas Governor Rick Perry, a Republican who serves as Trump’s energy secretary. The other is Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a military man who attended the 2015 Bilderberg meeting in Austria as a “distinguished fellow” of the Hoover Institution.

      The name Rothschild — the unfathomably wealthy banking dynasty — often pops up in connection with Bilderberg, billionaire George Soros, and other organs and individuals associated with the globalist establishment and the central banking cartel. And it just so happens that Trump’s commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, was a senior managing director at Rothschild, Inc., before joining Trump’s team. Soros, the extreme left-wing agitator, was also a Rothschild protege.

      ref: https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/item/25475-some-of-trump-s-picks-have-troubling-links-to-globalism-cfr

      I have sourced above material from “alt.media” sites.

      My research was brief, but indications are that there might be more to Trump’s appointees.

      As it is, Trump has filled his Cabinet with several Goldman Sachs cadres;

      Jay Clayton

      Jim Donovan

      Steve Bannon

      Steven Mnuchin

      Gary Cohn

      For someone supposedly not beholding to Wall Street, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, etc, Trump seems to be surrounding himself with an awful lot of them.

      There is good reason why I do not trust Trump any more than I trusted Key. Both are One Percenters who present themselves as “non-politicians” from “outside the system”. But we know that, in Key’s instance that was a carefully crafted illusion. We know that because we saw his behaviour every night on our TV screens; on Radio NZ; and understood the consequences of his policies.

      What we know of Trump is via the MSM (which is critical of him); political comedians/satirists like John Oliver and Seth Meyer; the alt.media (which is starting to “wise up” to Trump’s Key-like mendacities); and Trump’s Tweets (which speak for themselves).

      • Well I sure wont dispute the web surrounding Trump : yet you forgot one key player.

        Trumps son in law Jared Kushner.

        Married to Ivanka. Who , also converted to her husbands faith – Judaism.

        Jared Kushner a short time back ( 2014 ?) was given $250,000,000.00 by none other than George Soros himself as a ‘set up ‘ fund for Kushners business, – effectively becoming ‘ business partners’…

        George Soros, Trump nemesis, is Jared Kushner business partner.

        So there is a point of leverage over Trump in his own family that is a matter for concern. And two things,… that Jared Kushner and his wife tried to advise Trump not to leave the Paris Accord but to stay and try and moderate from within, the other – was that Kushner to Israel to help broker a peace treaty with the Palestinians …

        Apparently Kushner and now Ivanka are seen more as ‘progressive liberals’ bearing in mind the American context of those terms.

        Trump sends son-in-law Jared Kushner to Middle East to try and …
        http://www.independent.co.uk › News › World › Americas › US politics

        Which , on the surface seems a nobel thing to do . However,.. unlike other diplomats he is not only inexperienced but also arrives ‘ unannounced’ – breaking completely with diplomatic protocols arriving before time and starting the talks ,…and yet causes no offence. Perhaps because of his Jewish heritage , but it seems more like something else enables him to do this. Or perhaps simply because he is recognized as Trumps son in law, and arms deals with the Saudi’s , and peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinian’s are deemed important in geo ploitical relations in that region between Russia and the USA.

        Any number of things,… but it does seem highly peculiar.

        The point of all this being,… that it appears there has been a concerted effort to close off and contain many of the initiatives that Trump wished to enact and the promises he made to his voters – and then use the MSM to mock and criticize him as being incompetent and naive .

        And that even many Republicans are in league…

        And the list you provided, seems to confirm just that. Which only goes to show the veracity of claims by the conservatives that Trump is being deliberately hamstrung from within , and campaigned against from without.

        And just who and what organizations would have the finance and the political organization and connections to do that ?

        Which leads automatically to the next question : what is the motive?

        World peace ?

        Hardly likely,… if that were the goal we would have seen some form of evidence of that by now. And if it were ‘ world peace’ … just what sort of ‘ peace’?…

        Peace by ‘ control ‘?.. and if so,… what form would that ‘ peace by control’ take shape in ?

        And this leads us to the point at which we need to start digging into something a little deeper than just an MP from Clutha / Southland recording the conversations of their staff no matter how illegal and important to this country that may prove to be… and perhaps it means a little less following the accepted narrative of either the ‘ Left’ or the ‘Right’ and realizing,… that they just might be as many have said… ‘ the same two heads of the same beast ‘.

        Certainly it has been said that Soros and in particular Rupert Murdochs Global press is regularly used to influence the political thought of the people of the west… and none other than award winning journalists such as John Pilger has stated as such.

        The term ‘ conspiracy theory ‘ and ‘ conspiracy theorist’ was first coined by the CIA to be used in a pejorative sense to mock those who were getting a little too close to the truth… to discourage and throw off the scent of corruption.

        And be that as it may ,- I believe that what we are seeing is the manifestations of an unelected , supranational number of institutions and individuals wielding vast wealth and organizational ability’s that take the form of current orthodox political thought that is hostile to the concept of the sovereign nation state.

        That they are , ultimately , – less interested in elevating an egalitarian and equitable outcome for the Global citizen and far more concerned with acquiring vast personal wealth and overreaching power .

        And in so doing , … fabricating red flag events , engineering and financing murderous wars , toppling legitimate elected governments , infiltrating both education institutions and social justice movements, and gaining control over essential Global food and energy production and resources with the sole aim to entrench their grip on power. A system that will tolerate no dissenters.

        Global peace? No. Global power and control. And its origins spread far back into history and developed as our society developed and the banking system developed. And became more obvious over the last 3 century’s. The history books are replete with documented evidence .

        One only has to track the break up of the Knights Templars in 1312. From there we see the formation of the Jesuit Order, the Freemasons and their take over at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad (1782 ) by Adam Weihaupt’s organization , the rise of the Bauer family ( European Rothschild’s ) banking system , the financing of both the French and later Bolshevik Revolution by the same family , the deceitful Federal Reserve Act of 1913 ( using German nationals repatriated to the USA and Rothschilds agents ) , the financing of the Third Reich through the Thule society which grew out of in part ‘Madame’ Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy ( which was based on the earlier Rosicrucianism ) – right on through to the Mont Pelerin Society ( Max und Von Taxi’s family – Thule founders and sponsors of Friedrich Hayek ) , the founding of the World Bank , the IMF , the U. N , and on into modern times…

        And it is all about religion. A religion that is hostile to the big three monotheistic belief systems. Judaism , Islam and Christianity – indeed , – any monotheistic belief system.

        It is a hierarchical system . It is a tiered system. And there always has been warfare among its own members.

        And as hint I would suggest looking up what the Baphomet was all about.

        Baphomet – Wikipedia

        There’s your ‘ Global peace’.

        • Much appreciated info WK. You have done a brilliant job there.

          There is some very heavy compelling stuff there, which needs to be brought up front, exposed and pushed by msm! I wasn’t aware of some issues that you have posted. That says it all about our own msm doesn’t it? On command, keep the great unwashed masses ignorant and compliant! Makes for a smoother life for the corrupt criminal element in government, of which we have plenty!

          Thanks again my friend 🙂

        • For me, this is all ultimately about unearned wealth, – all about haves and have-nots, all about money-lenders maintaining their Ponzi scheme (fractional reserve banking and charging interest on money created out of thin air) going for as long as possible via looting of resources, polluting everything, and it’s all about control of the general populace via the lies told by corrupt media and corrupt politicians etc. The entire system is clearly rotten to the core -we see evidence of it every day- yet this corrupt system which is destroying every is presented to the massed as being the best system that could possibly exist anywhere. And sadly, people believe the lies, both because they have been carefully trained to do so and because they want to.

        • Interesting material Wild Katipo, but there are various interpretations of the word Baphomet. (see below from Wikipedia)

          ‘Hugh J. Schonfield (1901–1988),[37] one of the scholars who worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls, argued in his book The Essene Odyssey that the word “Baphomet” was created with knowledge of the Atbash substitution cipher, which substitutes the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet for the last, the second for the second last, and so on. “Baphomet” rendered in Hebrew is בפומת; interpreted using Atbash, it becomes שופיא, which can be interpreted as the Greek word “Sophia”, meaning wisdom.’

          There seems to have been a connection between the
          Cathars and the Templars. The Cathars rejected the pomp and corruption of the Roman church and followed the book of John rather than Jesus. Their understanding was in the tradition of Christianised gnosis.
          The essential gnostic myth was and is the myth of Sophia which is the name of the feminine principal in nature and creation but which also represents the earth or Gaia. Nowadays the Gaia/Sophia story is once again of
          interest. The novelist Lawrence Durrell called the annihilation of the Cathars “The thermopylae of the gnostic soul in Europe.’
          The English historian Frances A.Yates in her book ‘The Rosicrucian Enlightenment’ traces the connections between the publication in Europe of rosicrucian tracts and the founding of the Royal Society in England after the restoration.

    • What an expose’ Wild Katipo!!!
      Well researched, – this should be an article in the MSM!!!!!!

  3. A blatant case of spying ignored because of a taped conversation.
    Kind of ironic in a way.
    A piece of dirty politics covers up a really filthy piece of politics.

  4. Thank you for the kind comments MARY -A , CLEANGREEN ( you valiant trooper 🙂 ) Frank our resident veritable walking library on so many things, Martyn for tolerating my sometimes literary eccentricity’s and others…

    I don’t always make a positive splash about what and why I write this way , and many times annoy people for holding contrary views.

    Today I am in moderation for challenging a moderator over at The Standard regarding climate change. And true, I didn’t present that as I wished. I was tired. But undemocratic bigoted people who cannot tolerate free and open discussion and have their views challenged only get one chance with me.

    My only request is that we / you all hurry up and get rid of this destructive , deceitful neo liberal National party. After that, Im pretty much done posting . Nine long years of lies and garbage and seeing our country sacked is enough.

    I’d rather have an honest govt that doesn’t always get things done yesterday than a dishonest one that promises to get things done but never delivers.

    • Frank our resident veritable walking library on so many things

      LOL!! I confess, WK, I have waaaay too much time on my hands! 😀

      You just keep writing your stuff, WK. Keeps us on our toes. 😉

  5. The broad definition of security is long-standing, introduced around the same time as the SIS botched break in of Aziz Choudry’s house in Christchurch at the time of an APEC meeting there. We have always argued that it is intended for use against the critics of neoliberal economic agreements. That likelihood intensified with the expansion of the GCSB powers. I expressed concerns about the implications for fellow activists offshore in countries where there are greater risks than in NZ. That has been borne out by this finding. We can expect that they are monitoring all our activities in relation to TPPA, TiSA, RCEP, WTO and any other negotiations. Note that it involves a subjective assessment of ‘New Zealand’s international and economic wellbeing’. Open spying season on critics of other international positions of the government and Maori putting pressure internationally on New Zealand’s failings in NZ and internationally is also now official. As an overseas diplomat whom i sent this too also noted, it licenses the spying on other sovereign countries taking opposite positions to NZ in various negotiations, including at the WTO. This is an outrage and Labour needs to publicly commit to repealing this legislation, which they were (unwittingly?) complicit in expanding over the years.

  6. The manifestos written by Johannes Valetine Andrea in the 16th century were the Fama and the Confessio (of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood) and the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz.
    Later Andrea spoke of these as a lubrium, a jest or comedy. The influence for these came from the court of the Bohemian Palatinate of Frederick V. The ‘Wedding’ was inspired by Frederick’s marriage to Elizabeth, daughter of James 1st. (the Winter Queen) and by the alchemical tradition.
    The manifestos did announce the ‘reformation of the world’ which included reforms in education, church and law but also proposed the spiritual gold of alchemical transformation. These tracts sparked a ‘Rosicrucian furore’ in Europe and a multitude of societies and sects. Alchemy, which was not commonly understood is acknowledged as the forerunner of modern chemistry and was recognised by the psychiatrist C.G. Jung as having close similarities to his understanding of processess within the human psyche. Our world is a chemical factory.
    Other influences in Europe which spiritually opposed the grip of the Abrahamic/Roman titan were neo Platonism, sufism, the caballa, the Christianised gnosis, free masonry and the Cathar Johannine heresy. They differed in expression from each other. Cathars and early gnostic groups attempted forms of birth control and equality for women. Associated with the Cathar’s, the troubadours continued the bardic tradition and then European poetic expression began with the ‘Romance of the Rose.’ The Romance of the Grail and the story of Parcifal the pure fool were part all of the flow of what Aldous Huxley in his book ‘The Perennial Philosophy’ called the underground stream. The Renaissance was fed by neo Platonist schools in Florence.
    Many of these associations and movements were used, hijacked and mimicked for political and financial ends, and for the lure of a world order, internationalism, globalisation as well as the fomenting of wars and revolutions. The hijackers understood sorcery not gnosis. Nevertheless, the genuine underground stream fuelled the arts and sciences and social theories, Not anymore though. It all ended with Bretton Woods, the IMF, the UN, the World Bank and the torment of Palestine. Controlling ideas come from the Frankfurt school and the Tavistock Institute.
    No wonder suicides are spiralling.

  7. G.R.S. Mead, a classic and coptic scholar and secretary to Madame Blavatsky was the first person to translate the Askew codex from the British Museum library. It was published as The Gnostic Gospel of the Pistis Sophia in 1896. The poet W.B. Yeats and the architect Lutyens were among those interested in Theosophy.
    In recent years Robert Graves’ ‘The White Goddess’ and Ted Hughes’ extraordinary book ‘Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete Being’ illumine the Sophianic myth and also druidic and shamanic traditions.
    Just after the last world war The Dead Sea Scrolls came to light and also a cache of Gnostic coptic codices now known as The Nag Hammadi Library. There was a deafening silence about the Dead Sea Scrolls for many years and the Gnostic material wasn’t published in English until 1977.
    While the more Christianised Gospel of Thomas is now well known and appreciated, other Gnostic tractates from this collection are not sympathetic to the Abrahamic influence into the classical world.
    They reject the punishing off planet male deity as a nasty demiurge called Ialdobaoth. Original sin and redemption have no appeal. The classical world had its own mystery schools and academies. The library at Alexandria was vast. The destruction of six hundred years of art and written knowlege had begun. There is nothing new about the battalions of Da’esh.
    An understanding of ‘the world rejecting gnostics’ may be deepened by reflection on the film ‘The Matrix or the novels of Philip K. Dick.
    Big Brother is now watching, listening and sucking up the life blood of the planet. Make sure that you don’t ‘turn the other cheek’ or render anything much ‘to Caesar.’ What shit awful ballyhoo. That’s not what Neo did.

  8. So much to learn, so little time. An interesting thread resulting from a simple spy story. Lol. Who would have thought.

  9. Shocking. The NZ security services seem a law unto themselves, bungling, sexist and completely unaccountable. If our intelligence forces are so forgetful, maybe they should resign?

  10. I must add though, that the Brits haven’t given up entirely.

    An Academy for Education in the light of the Spirit

    The Temenos Academy is an educational charity which aims to offer education in philosophy and the arts in the light of the sacred traditions of east and West. The word ‘temenos’ means ‘a sacred precinct’.


    Founded by poet and Blakean scholar Kathleen Raine who wrote a beautiful book called ‘Defending Ancient Springs,’ the patron of this society is Prince Charles. Make of that what you will.

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