What the bloody hell did they do to the NZ Herald? Am I right?

By   /   June 7, 2017  /   17 Comments

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It’s easier to navigate peace between Israel and Palestine than the new NZ Herald website.

It’s easier to navigate peace between Israel and Palestine than the new NZ Herald website.

What the bloody hell is going on?

Has the NZ Herald been hacked?

Is this a cyber attack to make the site look as ugly as humanly possible?

Is this payback by the NSA for giving Tillerson the NZ Salute?


The new NZ Herald site is so ugly and incomprehensible in its design it’s actually useless – it has all the functional intuition of a dead puppy.

It’s the way I imagine Darth Vader’s Facebook Page would look. Grim.

The only winner here is Scoop.co.nz who after their recent make over last month into an ugly orange Community noticeboard,  aren’t now the ugliest news site in NZ.

This must be a on purpose right?

Make their site as ugly as possible to deter people from using it and force them to go back to buying newspapers right? Wilful self sabotage as bad as this is the only possible explanation for a website this hideous on every possible design value.

It’s remarkable in it’s awfulness. Like this is…


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  1. XRAY says:

    Since the Herald pimps for the National Party, I’m bloody glad ito a shambles.

    And yes you are right, it’s a horrid website to navigate, which I don’t because I can’t be arsed any longer with this rag.

  2. Katie says:

    Yep you’re right. It won’t even work on my phone.
    Finally the reason to delete the app and the bookmark on my desktop! Well it had ceased to be “news” long ago anyway…

  3. mary_a says:

    Agree, it’s a shocker to find anything. Perhaps Natz have demanded it’s daily rag be made as difficult as possible to navigate, particularly in election year. Could be to put the great unwashed masses off reading the news, even though anything in NZH that might barely touch on the truth, is doctored to high heaven to suit its master Natz!

    I answered NZH’s feedback questionnaire about its new site. Told them what I thought. I think it got the gist I will definitely be spending more time than ever on alternative media sites to get the facts, because NZH just isn’t up to scratch in reporting and publishing intelligent newsworthy information, other than the BS favouring Natz!

  4. bert says:

    Hopeless. The fact that Hosking has a full cap advert sums up the NZ Herald. The fact that Hosking has an opinion piece on the UK election( without the right of reply)and promoting May whilst trying to make out Corbyn as a loony just gives evidence to the political leanings of the NZ Herald.


    I’d love to see a story on the Ministry Of Fisheries trying to corrupt a recent report on cameras on boats or asking for the dismissal of Simon Bridges for trying to influence an OIA being released regarding a Kiwi Rail report:


    Actually I noticed two large Mike Hosking adverts on the one page. Definitely time for a change to Stuff.

  5. Alex says:

    Yeah it sucks! Makes it harder to get to local newspaper sites as well. They used to be linked at the bottom of the main page.

  6. Helena says:

    This afternoon I tried to get a notice into the Herald. I rang, then emailed as requested, they replied setting out the maze to be negotiated. So far still at stage one! No wonder they keep ringing me offering their great rate of $7 for a Herald every day.

  7. Andrea says:

    Well – it’s not ‘intuitive’.

    Did you fill out the survey? Did you have a snarky rejoinder to the demand for your email address? Do you imagine that the tea-maker will be shackled to the urn until they’ve read all the sound and fury coming through said survey?

    My only wish, however, is that they stop holding their ‘magazine pieces’ on the display page for so very long. With all the world to choose from. With all the country to choose from…Sigh.

    But it’s always good to hear it from the Other Side – even if I don’t agree with it.

  8. Zack Brando says:

    Yes, you are right! Their site is in a shocking state. Speaking as a developer, it looks like they have just updated the site without doing much testing first.

    Their previous site was designed to be viewed primarily on desktops and laptops. Looks like they are developing it (poorly at that) for touch screen tablets and phones.

    Their site will be running code which informs The Herald’s servers of the users screen size, then displays the site accordingly. This is pretty short and simple code, but obviously hasn’t been well written yet.

    The layout, nonexistent banner and menus with limited/no function just add to the overall frustration.

  9. pete says:

    sure, it’s ugly and user unfriendly – but seriously Martyn, so is your blog which is fine, given that you run this on a low budget – but this post, and the attack on scoop too, just come across a little … silly.

    • bert says:

      Can you give a finer definition as to why the Daily Blog site is ugly and user unfriendly? I find it well laid out and extremely easy to navigate. You can easily find articles using the portrait style and using your narrative, you come across as a little bit silly.

  10. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Why would anyone be at all interested in anything the NZ Herald has to say? It has a well-documented record of being a font of corporate misinformation and propaganda which should be avoided.

    • Siobhan says:

      Correct…but it keeps pulling me back in, usually to bore me or, at its most exciting, leave me so outraged I feel compelled to send emails directly to the ‘journalists’ pointing out the folly of their ways, which I’m sure they appreciate.

      The upside of this new, unusable and impenetrable layout is I have now been set free, and need never bother trying to fathom the appalling propoganda they are trying to foist upon us.

  11. Duncan says:

    I hadn’t read the Herald or looked at their website since a couple of days after the last election, so their ploy worked! They got one click from me to check it out.
    It’s like the last breath of a dying flathead before its eyes roll back into its head and the tail flicks one last time.

  12. Andrew says:

    They have a website?


  13. Stock Unit 007 says:

    Signs and wonders….

  14. Kate says:

    I’m glad it’s not just me! I can’t find anything on it that I usually look for, especially politics-related stories. I can find lots of ads, it’s so slow to load, it is killing me, and I have pretty much given up. The Daily Blog looks like the only news site in NZ worth visiting!!