Duncan Grieve’s unbelievable blog supporting Julie Christie highlights every criticism ever made about his cash for copy blog ‘The Spinoff’


Wanted for Hate Crimes Against Broadcasting 

Wow. Just. Wow.

Duncan Grieve’s unbelievable blog supporting Julie Christie, a TV peddler to the most easily distracted of our angels,  highlights every criticism ever made about his cash for copy blog ‘The Spinoff’.

You can read it here, but Christ it’s as contrived as a Ponsonby menu. He’s managed to roll Toby Manhire pomposity into Simon Wilson’s corduroy and vomited up a blog so pretentiously uncritical you wonder what the hell Julie Christie has on him.

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Does someone need to call the Police and arrange an intervention because Christie is clearly holding family members of his in some torture chamber.

That he would publish this defence of Christie the week after it was revealed she made huge bonuses after destroying Campbell Live is the sort of blinkered vision that has made Fox News such a favourite amongst arseholes.

Somehow Duncs manages to forget that Christie made a huge windfall from land bought for the bloody Bloc…

Tax slug hovers over Julie Christie’s Block windfall

Reality TV queen Julie Christie has agreed to sell for nearly $1.5 million a house she built on land originally acquired for The Block NZ

…renovation porn at a time of serious housing crisis and rising inequality is the very definition of obscenity yet here’s Duncs rewarding it and supporting it.

Julie Christie was cultural herpes who used TV to distract and dumb down a country. She is the McDonalds of entertainment and is nothing to celebrate or support. She has committed more hate crimes against broadcasting than Mike Hosking and her role in killing off Campbell Live should never be forgiven.

Cash for copy site, The Spinoff, is constantly promoted as the future of journalism. If that’s true, this country is far more damaged by its 35 year neoliberal cultural revolution than we think it is.


  1. Yes I saw that bloody corduroy jacket at ChCh’s literary festival last year
    In a panel discussion on the future of journalism he was rather trounced by I think Paula Penfold.
    Thank goodness for the vents because Wilsons jacket was put under strain as he twisted uncomfortably in his seat

  2. “He’s managed to roll Toby Manhire pomposity into Simon Wilson’s corduroy ……”
    And from Wiki:
    “Corduroy is a textile composed of twisted fibres that, when woven, lie parallel (similar to twill) to one another ……” (they’re kind of all ‘into each other’ with grooves and lines of fluffy stuff).

    Then there’s what I call social corduroy member.
    You might be walking down to the local hardware store wearing shabby threads because you’re busy painting.
    Along comes the corduroy-trousered in the other direction and you say “hello”. The social corduroy pretends not to hear or see you even though they’re looking you in the face and are less than a couple of feet away.
    Later, at some twee little social event, they realise you have connections to what they consider to be people in high society. You need to do a runner before they approach you.
    All a bit pathetic really!

  3. Good one Martyn ….

    “Julie Christie was cultural herpes who used TV to distract and dumb down a country.”

    “Cultural herpes … ” Hee hee love it 🙂

    So if that’s the case, John Key was definitely political herpes, infecting everything decent and honest with his poxy stain, for the same reason.

    • JfK was the Kiwi equivalent of Sir Les Patterson (going forward), with only a Bronagh at his side to occasionally pull him into line.
      I guess now that he’s got his knighthood, he can lay claim to the ‘kulchrool bessda’ title.
      Christ! – there goes Ear New Zull.

  4. Absolute trash tv. But for people who want to watch tv every night – and believe me there are plenty who do this is the crap they get dished up.

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