Lest we forget – Campbell Live killed off for political reasons 2 years ago this week


Lest we forget – this week is the 2 year anniversary of the end of Campbell Live for political reasons…

as pundits and mainstream media pimps cry out about Labour dumping The Nation, we must never forget that TV3 is a biased mouthpiece for the National Party.

Finance Minister Steven Joyce once owned Mediaworks and National ensured a sweet heart finance deal to keep MediaWorks afloat while National Party stooge and John Key BFF, Mark Weldon did the knife work to destroy Campbell Live.

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TV3 killed off Campbell Live because Campbell Live had embarrassed the National Party and what did TV3 replace Campbell Live with?

The abortion of Duncan Garner and whatsherface doing ‘The Story’ which rated so badly TV3 had to kill it off, and what did they replace The Story with? This fucking abomination…

…yes, that’s a puppet on their new 7pm week night ‘current affairs’ show.

TV3, MediaWorks, Newshub – whatever they are calling themselves this week – are a sell out network who are so one-sided towards the National Party they may as well be renamed the North Korean Ministry of Truth.

Campbell Live shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary Campbell Live, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the ratings on the AM Show and The Project
We will remember Newshub are a mouthpiece for National.

We will remember.

Cue the Last Post for Journalism



  1. Turn your TV off and listen to John on National Radio. Project is a joke and a waste of Jesse Muligans talents, while 7 Sharp yuk.

    • free speech has gone we are now in the grip of a Zionist run world media controlled elite who only want war – follow the nmoney

    • If anything, Campbell is more focused on Checkpoint than in his TV3 incarnation.
      He now focuses on news, not beat-ups just to get ratings. The format is typical radio set-up, no attempt is made to create a pseudo CNN studio, the newsreaders even look up to the clock to give a time check. It’s down-home, honest, very Kiwi and absolutely NO STUFFING ADS!

      Watch him on Channel 83 Sky from 5pm.

  2. We all still miss seeing John Campbell on TV. I have now turned off my TV for most ‘news’ and just go online.

    Sad that the National party via their poodle Weldon have gutted the TV industry. But I guess that is what they do best, gut business to stay in power – like their political partners – with all that collaboration with National they become a joke, while Natz just squeeze on by, get more power and do it again to somebody else.

  3. “The Project” is Sesame Street for so-called ‘grown-ups’. The one time I watched a short piece of it (with the puppet), I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.

    No wonder reality is under attack by Fake News; Superficial ‘News’ has laid a fertile ground for it’s nastier variant, Fake News, to thrive.

    Think of cutting down native bush, and then watching as gorse takes over…

  4. Fans of RNZ have all noticed a marked shift to the right over the last couple of years. It is not unrelated to this that a paltry increase in funding is coming their way in the budget after all these years of being frozen by the Nats.

  5. When you hear Guyon Espiner giggling like an immature schoolboy whilst trying to make a story as weighty as what tie the finance minister will choose when he delivers the budget, you know standards have slipped pretty low.

  6. I guess there ain’t going to be one.

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
    ― George Orwell

  7. I have on principle never watched tv ones National party broadcast at seven and since Campbell was driven out i have not watched the replacements on tv three and i don’t need to because i read Martyns and other contributors take on these ” insults to our intelligence ” and stay well clear.

    This coming campaign i predict will be the worst yet for any organised opposition to this government and its supporters such is the level of right wing bias New Zealanders are exposed to every day and you can see the same tactics at work again from the last three election campaigns and you could argue 2005 was the start with Nationals defeat of the unlosable election.

    It will take a huge effort to depose this government and its collaborators and it may take a lot longer than we realise.

    A fourth term for this government is highly likely such is the level of bias, money and control this administration has on the body politic.

  8. TV3 permanently damaged their brand when they axed Campbell Live under dubious circumstances. It will take them a long time to recover. Even longer with garbage like “The Project” being offered to us, like a plate of nasty, steaming dog-poo. No thanks. It’s Radio NZ for me.

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