5 stories that need urgent attention from the Mainstream Media


2 reasons not to watch TV3 in the morning 

While our glorious corporate mainstream media journalists are all busy nursing hangovers from their annual self-congratulary piss up, aka the Canon Media Awards,  here’s 3 news stories that need urgent attention from them, if they can pause long enough from patting themselves on the back of course.


1: Waterview Connection Fiasco

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It’s not just the murky question of what has gone wrong that has delayed the opening for another 3 months, it’s the whole rational of this ill conceived and done on the cheap infrastructure. Rumours are the problems are far larger than NZTA is telling the media and after the enormous design faults and short sighted thinking of the Puhoi Tunnel it looks like we have once again invested in infrastructure that is already out dated by the time it is opened.


2: The video tape taken by SAS in Afghanistan

Officially the NZDF say there were no photographs of the Operation Burnham that saw 21 civilian casualties and possible war crimes. That turned out to be a lie, likewise rumours are now circulating that the NZSAS also took video camera footage of the raid for their own files. This footage has been viewed and is said to directly contradict the claim by Bill English that there were no questions to answer in terms of possible war crimes.  Once that footage is leaked, English will find it very difficult to explain to NZers why there is no investigation.


3: What is NZs true suicide rate?

Mike King stood down from the pretend suicide prevention panel because he was disgusted by the lack of a target, but he also claimed our suicide rate was actually twice as high as the official figures suggest. This isn’t new news, it was suggested back in 2016 that our suicide rates were actually 3 times as high. We urgently need to know how many suicides we actually have in NZ because denying the true damage being created means we can not ever formulate


4: Who is National Protecting?

What is the National Government hiding and who are they protecting by refusing to hold an independent inquest into historic and current child abuse by State services?

If we look around the world, there are serious inquests in most modern societies looking into state protected  paedophile rings and in the Uk it’s moved from the political and broadcasting world into the sport’s world…

Coach at centre of English abuse scandal hospitalised

The coach at the centre of English football’s sex abuse scandal has been hospitalised.

Barry Bennell, a former youth-team coach with professional clubs who was convicted on three separate occasions for abusing youngsters, was reportedly taken to a hospital on Friday.

Thames Valley Police say “a 62-year-old man was located and was taken to hospital in order to receive medical treatment, where he remains.”

Bennell was convicted in 1995, 1998 and 2015. But over the last two weeks, there has been a renewed focus on Bennell as former professional players have publicly discussed the abuse they suffered.

…so everywhere else there is a recognition that there has been something terribly sick and twisted going on, but apparently in NZ, we not only have none of those problems, and there is no current problem, yet when you look at the last 15 years, 77 children have been murdered in state care and hundreds have been sexually assaulted and abused.

Who is the National Party protecting and when are we going to find out how many of our kids have been abused in state care?

Who are National protecting, the state abusers of children or the children who are being abused?

Based on everything to date, the National Party are protecting the abusers.

It’s time to demand why.


5: When will SERCO be investigated for fight clubs and stand over tactics at Wiri? 

There are huge problems still occurring at Wiri. SERCO have managed to keep focus away from it because with ACC holding 30% in the Prison, there is a vested interest to not investigate too closely. It will take a prison riot before anyone bothers to look into what has been going on inside Wiri.


  1. Again, all very valid issues, but they affect minorities in the population that has been drilled into neoliberal thinking and forced or seduced to adjust to it.

    And hence most will vote accordingly, like they fall for the lolly scramble approach, what is in it for me, they ask, and so they pick the parties that offer them what they expect as butter on their bread, stuff the rest of society.

  2. MSM News Update for 20 May 2017:

    The six pm news focus on some rugby injuries, then the weather, yeah, winter is here, or on its way, oh so COLD, and SNOW down south, oh how nice they are, the pics of the first snow this year.

    Same old, same old, as every year, then comes the rest, what has Trump said, done or tweeted, what is happening in the US, the UK, and then lots of sports, and more weather.

    We have it again, the usual fare, as if nothing happens, nothing that matters. Only the occasional item mentions the Children’s Commissioner expressing concerns, the odd opposition politician commenting on issues in mental health care, in general health service delivery and on prison fight clubs and the likes.

    Do not forget the traffic, most important, they even started a new traffic radio service on FM in Auckland on 106 MHz, I hear, to report on all traffic related matters. Wow, that is also important, we need clear and flowing traffic, for all those millions of cars.

    Climate change? Hah, the climate has always been changeable, so wtf.

    • Traffic news on 102.2 Mhz, I heard today, on FM in Auckland, very boring indeed, announcements by AT and NZTA and so, and little else.

  3. It’s feels like the mainstream media is lightweight and slimline with everyone to concerned to ask any difficult questions otherwise their jobs may be on the line (John Campbell) for one and no doubt many others .Mediaworks were bailed out by the current government so what is their payback ??

  4. I’d imagine no one at Mediaworks is partying it up after a win. The staff of that building, those who are left, have been to hell and back so probably need more than a couple of Canon awards before they feel their jobs are safe.

    And, having worked with some of these people who are “too busy partying” I can assure you they love nothing more than getting their teeth into a good story. That takes money and investment – Something that’s been taken off them over the last few years.

    Also, interesting you looked to commercial network TV3 to bring you “important stories” – remember this network relies on the success of shows like The Bachelor to even pay for a newsroom. Unlike our GOVERNMENT OWNED broadcaster who would find it much easier to invest a bit of cash in journalism.

    I watch 3 in the morning because I see two people who are so keen to bring us some great stories, regardless of the fact they know the clock is ticking on the place they’ve called their workplace.

  5. The Nats purposely created an uneven playing field for that reason Mike – you know it, I know it, and let’s hope social media has let every other NZer know it also.

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