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    • The subject no one talks about.

      We have been chronically overpopulated as a planet for decades.

      Prior to invasion from Europe NZ’s population was fairly static and in many areas tribes were not doing well. Adequate food was scarce in some areas.

      Now with technology and materials we harvest energy and are able to grow more food.

      But that energy harvesting and Non Renewable Resource consumption just cannot last as a way of doing things. The costs to the environment are just far too high and so we live a temporary lifestyle that will change.

      We have gone from a maximum of 200,000 folk to 4.5M people in NZ.

      Take away the linchpins of materialism and modern consumption and NZ will have a much smaller population.

      We are over populated at present chewing up anything that is available.

      Absolute suicidal stupidity.

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