Mother’s Day protest to grill Bill on housing, welfare and work


Welfare activists will be protesting outside the National Party Northern Regional Convention today to demand universal access to state housing and a livable income.

“On Mother’s Day it is important to speak out against the economic punishment of sole mothers who face hardship and discrimination under our welfare system,” says Vanessa Cole, spokesperson for AAAP.

“The protest will have a moment of silence for a mother who committed suicide in a motel after being told she had to leave by Work and Income.

“Bill English will be announcing National Party’s housing policy, while families continue to sleep in cars and motels, and the waitlist for social housing continues to grow.

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“Bill English, as the previous Minister Responsible for HNZ was instrumental in the selling off of state housing and public land to private developers.

“AAAP will be demanding the mass build of state housing, a livable income for all and the end of sanctions imposed on beneficiaries.

“Sanctions take money from families who are already facing hardship. This forces parents to choose between essential items such as bills and rent, and having food on the table.

“People should not have to choose between basic necessities. All people should be entitled to state housing and a livable income.

“While rents increase, wages and benefit rates remain stagnant. Political parties lack the solutions to the crisis facing unemployed and low-waged workers.

“A massive build of state housing will house the homeless families currently living in cars and motels. It will also help to alleviate the private market.

“A livable income will ensure all people have enough income to live in dignity and fully participate in society.

“Join AAAP and grill Bill today at Waipuna Conference Centre and disrupt business as usual to demand housing, welfare and work.”


  1. Is this the view of National ministers on housing or is this the view of an individual who abuses his power, having gone from backbench to a full minister.
    Alfred Ngaro “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”

    The true nature of Alfred has come to the pass.

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