Trump fires FBI Director and Grand Jury Subpoenas have just been issued

By   /   May 10, 2017  /   22 Comments

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This is a fight between two monsters we should all universally despise. There can be no cheering here, just fear and terror at where these monsters are taking us.

BREAKING: This man just fired the FBI Director

The madness builds…

Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey

President Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey, the White House said Tuesday afternoon.

“The FBI is one of our Nation’s most cherished and respected institutions and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” Trump said in a statement

…the Deep State will not be happy with this.

On the surface this is about Comey’s handling of the Clinton emails, beneath the surface this is about a titanic struggle for power by the Deep State that sees Trump as a danger not only to their power but the entire country and an administration that believes the Deep State is the problem.

This is a fight between two monsters we should all universally despise. There can be no cheering here, just fear and terror at where these monsters are taking us.

The shockwave of Trump sacking the FBI Director who is in the middle of investigating him was best summed up by Edward Snowden…

UPDATE: Sweet Jesus, this escalated quickly…


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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Comey was a thick headed idiot wasn’t he!!!

    As he has again just today dropped another clanger & corrected his previous statement also, that “the emails found from Hillary Clinton’s server were not the “very many he previously stated”!!!!

    Just like we saw Key & English do several times, he keeps changing his story, and we have no faith in all these liars and political trolls.!!

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    This is perhaps another “diversion” as Key/English has all done to us for years.
    Perhaps Key has aided the intelligence industry in this effort to make more mud to stick to Trump rather than his friend of Key’s mate Obama, that would be the infamous lying Hillary Clinton?

  3. esoteric pineapples says:

    For anyone wanting to keep right up to date with what is going on regarding Trump and Russia I recommend Keith Olbermann. He has been on the money the whole time. He pointed out that there were likely two Grand Juries investigating Trump about a week ago. He is brilliant at reading between the lines.

  4. Mike in Auckland says:

    Putin will be laughing, and if he drinks, have a special cognac for the night, maybe a bit of vodka also, and have a great time.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      This can lead to much damage for Trump, given his fear of some links to Russia to be revealed. There is nothing KOSHER about Trump and his family and interests, they are all self serving opportunists supporting the usual laissez faire capitalism, something many of his voters are far too ignorant of ever having acknowledged.

  5. The White House states that Comey’s sacking was due to the way he handled the Clinton email investigation.

    Yeah, right. That why the termination letter sent to Comey mentioned “While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation [regarding Trump’s campaign team’s alleged connections to Russia]” – but made zero reference to Clinton herself.

    This has echoes of another famous sacking in 1973, by another embattled US President;

    In 1973, in what would become known as the Saturday Night Massacre, Nixon ordered the firing of Archibald Cox, a special prosecutor looking into the burglary at the tip of the iceberg of the Watergate scandal. Both Nixon’s attorney general and deputy attorney general resigned in protest, and the “massacre” marked a key step in the scandal that led to his resignation less than a year later.


    Edward Snowden has a point. Trump’s brinkmanship has ramifications that have a global reach.

  6. Red Buzzard says:

    Billl Binney doesn’t regret the firing of Comey…an interesting interview with Kathryn Ryan

    “Bill Binney the ‘original’ NSA whistle-blower, resigned from the agency in October 2001, after 30 years working as one of their best analysts. He talks to Kathryn Ryan about how he and a small team created ‘Thin Thread’, a state of the art surveillance programme which, he says, could have detected the 9/11 attacks and prevented them.

    The documentary about this called ‘A Good American’ screens as part of the Doc Edge International Film Festival from 10-21st May in Wellington, and 24th May – 5th June in Auckland. For more info check out”

  7. Kim dandy says:

    Just to livin things up even more – perhaps Trump could spill the beans on 911…

  8. Jack Ramaka says:

    Interesting days ahead ?

  9. Nick J says:

    The way I see it some undesirable rank outsider called Trump beat the establishment both Red and Blue fair and square at their own game. This of course must not go unpunished. As a.consequence all powers available including the Praetorian guard have mobilised to punish him for winning. There is a war going on and Coney is collateral.

    I don’t agree with Snowdon. Regardless of what you think of Trump he is under the US system the elect. That’s democracy. What you are seeing is the reaction of the rank corrupt underbelly of the whole system. Like Trump they all stink.

  10. countryboy says:

    NZ= currently only 4.7 mil people
    NZ= fertile land area about the same size as UK @ 60 mil people
    NZ= goodish water, cleanish air, miles away from nutters with Big Guns
    NZ= Sells worlds best foods, wines, fruits, educated peoples, film, music and to say we punch above our weight is like saying Ed Hilary wasn’t bad at climbing hills.
    NZ=now has some of the worst social stats of the OECD’s, people living in the streets, homelessness generally and a government that’s handed our heads on silver platters to the bankers while we labour under a national debt of almost $94 billion.
    If you think the USA has secrecy issues? Can you imagine what our fuckers are hiding?
    Lets see if we can find out?

  11. Dave Brown says:

    Americans get the government they deserve.

    Voting for any boss, outsider or deep state, to rule over us for how many years is for fools.

    When bosses fall out over how to run capitalism ordinary working people should rejoice.

    Its symptomatic of disarray at the top and weakening of the ruling class.
    None of them has any answers for what we need.

    In trying to save themselves they will destroy us.

    Its therefore especially stupid to take sides or defend the FBI as if it was somehow not the core of the police state.

    And even more stupid to barrack for the US vs Russia when that just leads to more wars and the certain deaths of millions more workers to defend the rule of rotten capitalism.

    Such disarray is proof that only the working majority in all countries can save us by rejecting the fate of fools and uniting against our own rulers.

    Our first task has to be to organise independently of all bosses to fight for workers governments that rule for, and by, the working people to save humanity from the destructive decline and fall of capitalism.

  12. Mike in Auckland says:

    ‘After Trump fired Comey, Sean Spicer huddled in White House bushes and scrambled to explain why’

    “White House press secretary Sean Spicer wrapped up his brief interview with the network Fox Business from the White House grounds late on Tuesday night and then disappeared into the shadows, huddling with his staff behind a tall hedge.

    To get back to his office, Spicer would have to pass a swarm of reporters wanting to know why President Donald Trump suddenly decided to fire the FBI director.

    For four hours, Spicer and his staff had been scrambling to answer that question. Spicer had wanted to drop the bombshell news in an emailed statement but it was not transmitting quickly enough, so he ended up standing in the doorway of the press office around 5.40pm and shouting a statement to reporters who happened to be gathered in the briefing room.”


    Trumps does still act like the boss on his Apprentice show, and working for the White House is working under ‘management by stress’, constant fear, confusion and insecurity, it seems.

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,