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TDB Top 5 International Stories: Tuesday 9th May 2017

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5: WATCH: New Zealand’s Underground Vogue Scene
4: UK: Facebook deletes tens of thousands of accounts
2: Warren Buffett: cutting jobs is standard capitalist formula
1: Neoliberal Investment Banker Macron Defeats Openly Xenophobic & Racist Le Pen in French Election

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5: WATCH: New Zealand’s Underground Vogue Scene

“Fucking up the patriarchy, one Caucasian space at a time.”

For a growing community of young LGBTQ Māori and Pacific Islanders in Auckland, the vogue scene is a place of expression and sanctuary. In this first episode of our new Zealandia series, VICE meets some of the scene’s breakout stars to understand how their personal journeys intersected with a dance movement that originated in 1980s Harlem.

Vice News

4:  UK: Facebook deletes tens of thousands of accounts

Facebook has deleted “tens of thousands” of accounts and made changes to its newsfeed algorithm in an attempt to battle fake news, responding to criticism over the distribution of false information on its massive network.

Facebook has come under intense pressure to tackle the spread of false stories, which came to prominence during the US presidential election last year when many inaccurate posts were widely shared on it and other social media services.

Facebook suspended 30,000 accounts in France ahead of the first round of its presidential election last month and uses outside fact-checkers in the country.

The UK called snap general elections in June, and Germany is set to vote in September.

In the UK, Facebook launched a British newspaper advertising campaign to warn users of the danger of fake news, the latest drive by the social media giant to tackle malicious information ahead of the national election.



IN THE NORTHERN suburbs of Atlanta in February, days after President Donald Trump went on a 3 a.m. Twitter rant to defend his crackdown on “illegal criminals” (“Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!”), the first batch of immigrant arrests for the day started rolling in just after peak rush-hour traffic. City police in the town of Norcross that morning pulled over a Latino man for driving too closely behind the car ahead of him. He didn’t have a valid driver’s license, and officers could not confirm whether or not he was in the United States legally. He was taken into custody on the spot and hauled to the county jail down the road to wait until federal immigration officials arrived.

By 10:09 a.m., a second immigrant man was booked into the county jail. This time, a deputy from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office picked up a Mexican man for texting while driving. Bond for his offenses topped $850. But getting released from jail was not an option — Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security, had a 48-hour window to come and transfer him to an immigrant detention center in south Georgia, located 200 miles away from his home.

Four minutes later, in came a third inmate, another immigrant caught driving without a license. Then came a fourth. And later a fifth. And a sixth.

2:  Warren Buffett: cutting jobs is standard capitalist formula

Warren Buffett has defended the Brazilian buyout house with which he attempted to take over Unilever, by saying 3G was only following a “standard capitalist” stance to doing business by slashing costs and cutting staff.

Buffett’s investment group Berkshire Hathaway and 3G, backed by the Brazilian billionaire Jorge Lemann, own 51% of Kraft Heinz, which made a £115bn approach to household groups company Unilever in February.

But the offer for the Anglo-Dutch maker of Marmite, Flora and Ben & Jerry’s was abandoned only 48 hours later – when Kraft Heinz gave up on its chances of pulling off the second-largest corporate deal in history.

The Guardian  

1: Neoliberal Investment Banker Macron Defeats Openly Xenophobic & Racist Le Pen in French Election

Former investment banker and political centrist Emmanuel Macron has been elected president of France in a landslide victory over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. Macron won over 66 percent of the vote. Even though Le Pen lost, she received nearly 7 million votes—more than any other candidate in the history of her party, the anti-immigrant National Front. Le Pen had campaigned on an openly xenophobic and racist platform, calling for France to crack down on immigration and leave the European Union. Macron ran on a pro-trade and EU agenda. We speak to the French human rights and civil liberties activist and researcher, Yasser Louati. He recently wrote an article titled “French Elections: Marine Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron? Hitler or UBER?”
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