At a time of rising sea levels due to climate change, Phil O’Reilly wants to build an underwater stadium in Auckland?


Of all the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard in my life, Phil O’Reilly’s latest brainfart has got to be one of them…

Auckland, how about an underwater waterfront stadium?

An underground waterfront stadium is being put forward for Auckland.

The stadium, which is the brainchild of Auckland designer Phil O’Reilly’, has been dubbed ‘The Crater’ and would sit on the waterfront but would be sunk underground to avoid being a visual barrier.

In a submission to Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, O’Reilly said the stadium could easily incorporate an all weather slide-over roof which could also be repurposed as a park or public space when closed.

…it’s almost as if Phil O’bloodyReilly has never heard of climate change before…

Climate Change Is Melting Antarctica From the Inside Out: Study

Two recent studies published in the journal Nature detail Antarctica’s internal melting while explaining its consequences.
Scientist have discovered that Antarctica, like Greenland, is melting from the inside out because of climate change. The drainage of huge quantities of water threatens to exacerbate rising sea levels, which could result in the flooding of coastal cities worldwide.

Two recent studies published in the journal Nature detail the melting and explain what it could mean for sea-level rise.

Satellite and military aircraft photos documented hundreds of meltwater channels around the perimeter of Antarctica in the first study. Streams deep within the continent’s frozen interior were detected. Ponds of meltwater surpassing 4,000 feet above sea level, where no one expected to encounter liquid H2O, were also catalogued.

…the pollution we cause is creating a runaway warming of the planet which we can’t predict other than it will be catastrophic to some parts of our civilisation.

Wanting to plonk an underwater waterfront stadium on the Auckland waterfront when our future will see more and more extreme weather events and a dramatic jump in sea levels looks like a recipe for a mass drowning.

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It’s simply unbelievable that this is the future vision of our leaders.


  1. Well, think of it, it could serve as a giant bath tub, or swimming pool, when temporarily letting seawater flow into it, to provide for shark free “safe swimming” for locals and tourists, in the off season rugby and cricket times.

  2. To be honest, all major development projects alongside the waterfront of Auckland’s CBD, and some other areas that will likely be prone to future flooding, should be laid to rest, it is simply short sighted, idiotic planning, to build apartment blocks and commercial buildings there.

    • @ Mike in Auckland …

      All part of the Key/Hide “awesome” supercity plan. Thought out by noddies with no concept of the effects of climate change taken into consideration!

      • Bloody fool is just another empire builder when Kiwis are living in the cold outdoors What a plonker.

      • I like that ‘ noddies’…

        ” Thought out by noddies with no concept of the effects of climate change taken into consideration! ”

        You can imagine on entering it you will have appear on a big screen :

        ” In the unlikely event of meltwater entering the stadium , please don your life-jackets and put on the breathing apparatus located directly in front of you on the next row of seats ”…. ” please enjoy your time with us at the Seaview stadium ”….

  3. Being a obedient little slaves to Phil Goff will Greater Auckland (previously called transport blog) now redraw a third version of their so-called “congestion free network” to include Goffs underwater stadium?

  4. With mutterings and witterings among the insurance fraternity about the future of non-insuring homes along beach fronts and river edges I can see this new stadium will end up being not insured – I wonder how the council will feel about that.

    Also I wonder how many among the possible spectators will not be happy sitting in a death trap surrounded by water – will it have a covered top otherwise it will flood when it deluges down like it does frequently here in Auckland. Its an April Fool’s sort of an announcement if you ask me.

  5. This may be an unfair generalisation – but are our business ‘leaders’ (hate that word) actually dumber than the rest of us?

  6. It’s a great idea! It also could serve as a sewerage treatment plant or a water treatment plant, olympic swimming pool too when its not in use…re-purposed,muti-function sinkhole stadium!

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